Bizwin Consulting: Committed to Perfecting Sales Effectiveness

Susheel Nagarajan,  DirectorModern business is highly competitive and success comes to those who understand the customers and markets better. Sales are the lifeblood of business, and selling is both an art and a science. Bizwin Consulting helps B2B companies increase sales by providing professional guidance and end-to-end sales support. Incorporated in 2016, and headquartered in Bengaluru, Bizwin Consulting is specialized in sales management consulting. Apart from Bengaluru, the company has its presence in New York and Stockholm. The organization is led by Aurijit Ganguli and Susheel Nagarajan, directors of the company.

Bizwin comprises an expert team of ten people with vast experience, in managing leadership roles, in world class companies. The average work experience of the team is 25 years. Knowledge and experience are the core strengths of the team. Empathy, energy, excellence, effectiveness and ethics are the core values of the company.

"We are one of the very few consulting companies in the world, which offer strategic, tactical, and administrative aspects of B2B sales consulting under one roof", said Aurijit Ganguli.

Implementing Exceptional Strategies for Assured Results
Bizwin has developed a unique methodology to support its B2B clients. It covers the entire gamut of sales, right from demand generation to sales closure. The framework is called 'SAGE' and the methodology 'ADVICE'. The SAGE-ADVICE combination helps to maintain sustainable performance, improves leads, and provides nearly accurate sales fore casts. This results in lowered costs and assured results.

Bizwin's flexible and result-oriented approach, domain knowledge, range of solutions, focus on execution, and the SAGE-ADVICE methodology form the unique selling propositions of the company. Depending on the client's requirements, Bizwin's engagement runs for periods ranging from six to twenty four months.

Sales consulting, Value selling and Sales training are the three solutions offered by Bizwin.

Sales consulting deliver comprehensive solutions in addition to hand-holding the clients for achieving the targeted goal. Diagnosis of the problem, holding detailed discussions, counselling, conducting work shops, changing methodologies, monitoring metrics and improving effectiveness are the various steps involved in the program.
Value selling is a highly sophisticated program offered only to a select group of eligible clients. It is a combination of powerful techniques and creative practices designed exclusively for margin expansion of large, successful, and professionally managed companies that are already in the top bracket.

Bizwin's solutions offer a competitive advantage, stimulate growth, and ensure that clients are benefitted, both in the short and long terms

Bizwin also offers inclass, online, and recorded training programs, to various companies.

In association with NASSCOM, Bizwin has been conducting work-shops for the executives of SMEs for the past five years.

SALES360E includes AI-driven mobile platform which helps to identify knowledge gaps and build the next generation workforce.

The modules are fast-to-consume, personalized, well-reinforced, gamified, and can be easily monitored. The contents offer updated, practical, and proven methods for time bound results.

Result-oriented Approach
Bizwin utilizes a six-point approach to resolve clients' problems. Capitalizing on specialized tools, the company studies the client's portfolio. Bizwin does not believe in lecturing or churning out lengthy reports. Bizwin's solutions are simple, novel, ethical, result-oriented, and easy to apply. The company optimizes the process and skills, and supports the client till the targeted results are achieved.

Bizwin has several success stories. An example is that of a Bengaluru-based software company bogged down by weak demand, long sales cycles, and slow revenue growth. Bizwin helped the company increase leads, improve revenue and proposal conversion rates, while significantly reducing the cost and collection period.

Aurijit Ganguli, Director
Bizwin works with various segments of the economy such as information technology, consulting and professional services, manufacturing, healthcare and banking.

Bizwin has worked on several projects in India and a few in the United States. Post Covid, the company plans to expand its services to the world market. It is also planning to launch a full-fledged, cloud based product called 4 Cast360 in the area of sales forecasting.

Bizwin works with various reputed organizations and count Oracle, Harita-NTI(TVS Group), TeamLease, Prestige Group, PSG group, Cosmo Films, Web Werks and many more as its valuable clients.