Blue Binaries Engineering and Solutions: NextGen Mobility Services & Solutions

  Srinivas Aravapalli,       CEOThe effects of the COVID-19 are finally wearing down and just like other industries, transportation and mobility verticals are showing great signs of improvement. Due to the advent of niche technologies like IoT, Automation, Smart Mobility and Machine Learning, the mobility solutions companies worldwide are investing on diverse mobility solutions, with each one trying to grab a piece of the market share. As per a recent study by Markets and Markets, the global Mobility-as-a-Service market which was worth $3.3 billion in 2021 is expected to reach $40.1 billion by 2030, growing a CAGR of 32.1 percent during the forecast period.

Additionally, trends like Electrified Vehicles, ecofriendly mobility solutions, autonomous driving vehicles, and Government initiatives across the world to reduce carbon footprints has further fueled industry transition. As a result of such encouraging factors, a multitude of companies are involved in thorough R&D to come-up with innovative and efficient mobility solutions. BlueBinaries Engineering Solution, a Chennai headquartered mobility solutions company with offices in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Pune & Thiruvananthapuram), Germany, UK and the US, has been at the forefront of the designing and developing mobility solutions through its services and cutting-edge technology solutions.

NextGen Mobility Services & Solutions
BlueBinaries Engineering offers a wide range of cutting-edge mobility solutions in the areas that includes Vehicle E/E Engineering, Software Development and Validation, to name a few. "We established trust with great names and teams who came on board and created a niche for BlueBinaries in the areas of E/E architecture, Digital Cockpit & Connected Technologies, Electrification, ADAS/ Autonomous Driving Systems and Lighting Systems. We reimagine mobility experience and are solving tomorrow's problems today. This is our vision for the future where we relish the status of being a trusted mobility partner by delivering services and developing technologies to build future mobility. We wish and we are the intelligent brains behind those futuristic technology that caters to every demand of nextgen mobility such as software driven vehicles, zonal architectures, electrification, shared mobility and many more”, says Srinivas Aravapalli, CEO of BlueBinaries.

Other solutions from BlueBinaries are E/E Architecture Design & Development (Distributed, Domain Centric and Zonal Centralized), Digital Mobility (solutions to deliver security and fluidity to drivers and operators, by optimizing realtime performance and data analytics, by offering connectivity and automating driving) and Vehicle Diagnostic Solutions (Independent architecture, platform driven by standards and cloud connectivity). "One of the key elements of our success, apart from being tech savvy company, is that we are agile to accommodate the OEM requirements and
supplier mindset to bring-in the possibilities of solving complex problems with ease. Our business models have been crafted and curated so that we cover larger client groups across the globe", explains Srinivas.

Gathering Limelight through Profound Industry Practices
BlueBinaries primary source of appreciation stems from its capability to deliver to diverse client needs, be it an existing technology, upcoming technology or even a first in the industry product. The team at Blue Binaries consists of seasoned experts and thought leaders who possess niche skills that enable the company to offer solutions beyond the current industry advancements. The company has an enhanced industry understanding through its ability to proffer end-to-end vehicle programs right from concept to launch, As a result, there were many instances where Blue-Binaries expanded upon the client's initial requirement, proposed higher value offerings and driven enormous growth & market differentiation for its clients.

"We are able to support our customers from our global engineering centres with ready-to-use concept designs and off-the-shelf solutions. Our fully equipped Test labs enable validation from Software to Single ECU to Full Vehicle Level Validation enabling us to deliver safe and reliable products to our customers. Our greatest strength includes extensive test libraries with unique test scenarios for all domains, highly reusable test arti facts and a ready-to-use test infrastructure that enable us to give mobility transformation a further push. Our achievements like 45,000+ test scenarios in which, 70 percent are automated conveys our credentials in test and validation practice", Srinivas further adds.

BlueBinaries today acts as a technology partner to its clients by enabling them to stay relevant of the changing industry trends. The company's differentiator is its ability to design & deliver end-to-end Technology and are aligned Software Driven Vehicle(SDV) for OEMs and System suppliers. "The key growth driver for BlueBinaries lies as we involve in developing both onboard and off board software moving from peripheries to the centre of OEMs and Suppliers strategies. With its in depth and rich experience and expertise, BlueBinaries is ideally placed to address challenges brought in by the ever increasing software content in vehicles and its ecosystem. This ensures that growth is an inevitable consequence of our increasingly essential capabilities", adds Srinivas.

"With our deep domain understanding and years of involvement with long term and transformation projects, BlueBinaries is equipped to design and co-create products and services that help our clients to navigate complexity and make the transformation to smart mobility solutions easier. BlueBinaries leverages work experiences across Autonomous, Connected, Electrification, AUTOSAR, Cybersecurity, OTA technology to enable our customers to navigate through the technology disruption in the mobility industry. Our primary focus is to develop, configure and integrate software on various hardware platforms for multiple automotive domains. We have the much needed credentials and global exposure to reimage the mobility experience to execute everything from product concept stage to Production stage", quotes Srinivas.

Future Roadmap
When asked about the future plans for BlueBinaries, Srinivas quotes, "Our vision is to be a trusted mobility partner by delivering services and developing technologies for the future mobility industry. Our Mission statement can be summarized in three words Initiate, Inspire, and Innovate. With this, we aim to harness the power of innovation to engineer the future of software defined, intelligent vehicles based on our E/E architecture solution and Mobility Platform. We are determined to build a unique mobility experience through innovative technologies. We are committed to shaping future mobility that actualizes a fascinating customer experience. We have built up a strong basis for this over the last few years. It's time for us to walk towards our goal of becoming a NORTH STAR by spearheading the next wave of the mobility revolution".