Classteacher Learning Systems: Innovative and Interactive Solutions for Schools

Over the past one decade Information Technology has breached Education system with mobile technology getting deeper into the system.

Classteacher represents a balance between the realities of the different kinds of learners, the classroom environment and the possibilities being created by technology

As a result today all the major institutes across the world are either using or planning to switch to education tablets or other smart tools. Classteacher Learning Systems sensed this as an opportunity and thus stepped into the market to address these rising demands of the education sector.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Classteacher Learning Systems are pioneers in interactive classroom technology in India, offering digital classrooms solutions to over 1500 schools, 2 million students and 75,000 educators all across India. Founded in 1999, by two professionals on a mission to revolutionize the process of teaching prevalent in the country; Classteacher has endeavored to blend constructivist pedagogy, innovative learning techniques and advanced information and communication technologies to offer innovative, scalable and affordable solutions to the education community.The initial days at Classteacher were momentous. During early 2000, the initial challenge was to share a vision based on technology with the school community and to inspire teachers to be part of a change in teaching, learning and communication. Over the years, Classteacher has been empowering technology solutions for schools in the K-12 segment for more than 12 years. Classteacher is of the first companies in India to introduce Digital White Boards; develop and introduce digital content and Classpad Tablets and the only company to have a complete range of solutions in Digital Interactive Classroom Program, Classpad, Assessment Program, Digital Math Program, Digital Science Program, Online Program and Digital Language Program.

Well positioned as a thought leader and innovator in technology driven school education solutions, the solutions offered by Classteacher
Rohit Pande,CEOare meant to empower educators as well as learners to improve learning outcomes. The company offers turnkey products for classroom teaching and learning with state of the art classroom equipment, softwares and teacher training. "We are agnostic to whether this learning happens on interactive boards, tablets or phones or whether in classrooms, Labs or homes. Our solutions work on interactive boards, tablets and phones and provide a seamless experience for educators, learners and parents to integrate across," informs Rohit Pande, CEO, Classteacher Learning System.

Empowering Technology Solutions
Technology, especially telecom and information technology have affected the education industry at a very large scale, changed the whole face and system of education worldwide. Today more and more schools and other educational institutions are involving new information technology into their process of educating their pupil.

Known for empowering technology solutions for schools in the K-12 segment, Classteacher provides products namely ClassKonnect, Classpad and Curriculum Library.Through the classroom management software, Classteacher enables teachers to share resources easily and instantly with students in their class. Teachers can share their own screens, send content such as class notes, revision notes, mind maps, and class work; create and assign tests, and set and evaluate formative and even summative assessments for students.

Classteacher represents a balance between the realities of the different kinds of learners, the classroom environment and the possibilities being created by technology. With this, they constantly strive to make education accessible to every
student according to his/her individual intelligence level and talent. Explaining further, Rohit says, "Our target customers are schools, students and teachers and we are positioned as a leading source of educational innovations in their minds. We mostly work on organic word of mouth to grow within schools. We constantly try to innovate digital strategies to expand our user base. Our satisfied teacher, principal and student base is our strongest ambassador".

Success Speaks!
With over 160 people across multiple locations in India, Classteacher serves more than 1 million learners in over 1000 schools and have launched multiple innovations in education technology. No wonder the company has been recognized with awards in various national and international forays.

Classteacher continues to innovate at the cutting edge in edtech to incorporate emerging developments in VR/ AR, learning analytics, machine learning and bots to create programs that shall transform school education. The focus is on creating products which combine the latest technology with an elaborate framework to ensure better absorption in school systems. These products shall not only significantly mould the teacher-student equation, but also have a large impact on parenting and school management. In the years to come, team Classteacher envisions powering the next generation of digital education in India and across other geographies by being able to integrate the science of technology with the art of good teaching and learning. "As we scale further, we expand not just our workforce but also the generation level of our solutions. The challenge is to assimilate both of these together in new as well as existing clients," concludes Rohit.

Key Management
Rohit Pande, CEO
Prior to founding Classteacher, Rohit worked with Accenture in India. Rohit mentors the product development team and is responsible for the growth of the company into newer areas through organic as well as inorganic means and is involved with building the "Classteacher inside" brand. Rohit holds a Bachelors in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a Management Degree (MBA) in Finance and Strategy from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.