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The current UX/UI scenario in India has changed since the industry has matured to realise the value and potential of UX in online and offline businesses. Today, customer is the king and it is pertinent to satisfy them and make them happy to get better conversions.

TECHVED delivers Global Quality UX Design and Research solutions to the top corporates and helping them transform their digital businesses by increasing their success matrix

However, the challenges on the customer side lie in their inability to differentiate between the right UX specialist and run-of-the mill design companies. Shedding light on Mohar V, Business Evangelist, TECHVED Consulting India, says "When you go to quacks for getting your services, in the bargain you tend to lose more customers and your conversion rates are instantly dropped out. We extensively run campaigns to make people aware about User Experience Design, market about our proven scientific methodology that leads to better conversions."

Mumbai based TECHVED Consulting India through its UX Design and UI development services caters to clients' from various domains helping them achieve their business goals like increase web conversions, lead generation, reduce bounce rate. The company is known to be entrenched with an experience of working across various domains like BFSI, eCommerce, Health, IT, Telecom, Retail, FMCG and many more. TECHVED delivers Global Quality UX Design and Research solutions to the top corporates and helping them transform their digital businesses by increasing their success matrix.Techved was set up in 2007 primarily with the motive to transform Indian digital assets through customer focused designs. Since then, the company has grown multi-folds in terms of talent, recognition and revenue. "Initially, when we started it was quite challenging to make digital teams understand its importance since it was perceived as cosmetic. In the wake of corporate struggles to find the right technology for their product development, UX looked
Mohar V,Business Evangelist

Mohar V

Business Evangelist

like a long shot. User Experience for Digital Assets was not considered as a strategic need for the business. However, being in the space since a decade and delivering the right strategic solutions to corporate conglomerates have reaped huge benefits," avers Mohar.

Delighting Customers with Delightful UX
The core of Techved's brand persona is its UX powerhouse that delivers great UX/UI Solutions for all digital needs and empowers various enterprises. When a corporate is on boarded, team TECHVED guarantees an increase in conversions and customer satisfaction through its User Experience Design Solutions. Unlike other design houses and Ad Agencies, the company does not restrict themselves to executing but providing consulting solutions that eventually lead to product innovation."We at TECHVED believe that a superior customer experience can lead to making or breaking your product. Our tagline signifies that our team believes in delivering premium user experience solutions, always!," he mentions.

The list of TECHVED's target customers include large corporate business houses, ecommerce companies and BFSI who are looking for leveraging from online business or make their presence in this era of digital revolution. The company has been into existence as UX Consultants from the time when UX was juvenile in Indian markets. "We are perceived to be UX thought leaders as we always foresee the future of digitization and reflect the same ideology through our UX design. Our clients are our best advertisement. We also ensure that our market presence stays intact by reaching to the right target audience with a right message at the right time. Our strategy lies in engaging the audience through all possible digital platforms using a mix of
traditional and new age marketing tools," adds Mohar.

The silver lining of TECHVED is its reliable and professional services. TECHVED has been honoured as the Innovative User experience Design Company, Business Excellence in Innovative Website Design, Excellence Award for Design Innovation and many more. The company is known for taking awareness of UX/UI to people at large through their contributions/ publications in esteemed international UX Magazines. "We also host a quarterly event called 'The UXploration' to interact, discuss and enlarge the UX fraternity in India. It is a highly coveted event attended by various UX firms and content writing teams," informs Mohar.

Undeniably, TECHVED is one of the best places to work for UX design, learning and design innovative solutions. A team of 100+ people spread across Asia are regularly trained to be adept on the latest tools and technology. Every new candidate gets hands-on training by working in conjunction with a senior colleague until they get acquainted with handling individual projects. TECHVED gets plenty of online applications for UX roles from India and across the globe. From a career perspective, the brand recall in the community is quite strong and to sustain it, team TECHVED runs employment campaigns in the search of best talents.

Touching lives of the people all over the globe, TECHVED aims to be world's biggest and most respected Usability Consulting for UX and Digital transformation in the years to come. Values of high quality, ownership, on time, and thinking beyond form the crux of TECHVED's guiding principle and they stand by their value system to achieve excellence.

Key Management
Mohar V, Business Evangelist
An experienced Business Evangelist, Digital Strategist and a UX Design Thinker, Mohar has over 19 years of extensive experience in various aspects of enterprise vide Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design, Technology Innovation, I.T. Management including SAP ERP Implementation, Software Development, Databases and Project Management.
Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Dubai, Shanghai and Melbourne