Webstream Communications: Virtual Events & Webinar Experts

The future of communication and interaction is here - believes the team at Webstream Communications. Integrating cutting edge technology and top notch communication stratagems, Webstream Communications empowers companies to drive audience participation and engagement at a physical event & beyond.

With the help of its outstanding leadership, dedication to excellence, and an inherent innovative spirit, Webstream has successfully added close to 800 prestigious clients to its name

With state of the art, professional & enterprise class Webcasting, Video Conferencing and Voting Pad solutions, Webstream has assisted over 800 leading Indian and Multinational Corporations to transform CMEs, KOL Webinars, Town Halls, Product Launches, AGMs, and Conferences into high audience response events.

Complementing Webstream's core offerings is a comprehensive range of services that exponentially extend engagement beyond physical and geographic boundaries. Established in 2006 with presence across 109 cities in India, 5 countries worldwide and virtually across 93 countries through partners, the company has assisted their clientele in showcasing brilliance to their internal and external customers.

The journey of Webstream, as Adnan Gandhi, CEO, Webstream Communications, mentions, dates back to a time when he was the only one running the company. "My mother had given me three lakhs from her FD with which I started my venture. Initially, I was operating from home and was functioning as one man army. I knocked the pharma doors for almost 2 years before these solutions were accepted and then it was no looking back. Soon, people of high caliber joined the organization and things got streamlined," he says. Over the years, Webstream has carved a niche for itself as a leading webcasting, video conferencing and voting pad events company with a great degree of expertise in managing online events.

The company currently operates in several countries physically, and in even more countries virtually. Webstream is an organization that believes in customer satisfaction and works tirelessly towards
Adnan Gandhi,MD & CEO

Adnan Gandhi


achieving it. "Consistent reliability and clear focus are the corner stones of our approach which has brought us respect from our clients across the globe," avers Adnan.

Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity
Adnan believes there are abundant opportunities in India at present and Webstream has just scratched the surface. This is the era of digitization, the internet is here to stay and it is just getting better and better! "10 years back, no one would have wondered how live streaming could work. Thanks to all the telecom companies, internet bandwidths have become extremely stable. The connectivity strength is working as catalyst to help us develop platforms," he speaks.

"We have the platform, we have the medium and the medium can be very well, utilized across other sectors and Industries. We need to get creative to understand how these technology platforms can be used to minimize travel, to minimize cost, to do things faster at the same time," he adds.

An Array of Services
Signifying streaming technology with communication in its brand persona, Webstream offers excellent cost saving solutions for any form of event be it a KOL Webinar, a Town hall or a Product Launch with its High Definition Web casting, Video Conferencing and turnkey virtual event management solutions. This generates wider exposure within the clients' products or services.

Webstream has substantial experience in webcasting events and makes live streaming of events possible to any desired location all over the world. With its Online CME Platform, Webstream has executed over 4000 such events & counting with Professors and Experts based across 93 countries worldwide as well as with Domestic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). "What we bring to the table is an in depth understanding of the pharma & healthcare industry, their communication needs & of course the rich technical expertise
stemming out of the experience of conducting a variety of events over the years," states Adnan. In addition to this, Webstream's DVD Authoring Services make it convenient for Pharma Marketing Teams to create a post event collateral and send it across to HCPs in a flash drive with a custom menu design and interactive navigation controls along with indexing and slide synchronization.

Webstream also has an in house Medical Transcription Team that transcribes the content spoken at an event that passes through a multistep review process which helps in making sure that highest level of accuracy as well as quality is delivered to the client. "We have a team of in-house professionals who provide accurate and very quick projects with least turnaround time. The professionals in transcription team are highly trained and have great experience in the field of medical transcription. We believe in delivering enriched and accurate text content through efficient proofreading," he further adds.

Since inception, Webstream has majorly focused on Pharma and Healthcare sectors. Most of the company's business comes through referrals. The company has a very strong presence in the digital space and with the help of its outstanding leadership, dedication to excellence, and an inherent innovative spirit, Webstream has successfully added close to 800 prestigious clients to its name.

Currently, operating across 5 countries including India, team Webstream has plans to set its footprints to more countries to support and benefit more clients. "We plan to move forward slowly and steadily but with a very solid ground, thereby making sure that we do not do wrong expenditures and everything is well calculated," concludes Adnan.

Key Management
Adnan Gandhi, MD & CEO
Adnan is a visionary who has always seen the bigger picture and nailed every detail to create a company that sells a promise and not just a service. Adnan started working at a tender age of 15 and this lead to gaining a substantial amount of experience in varied sectors. Being a front runner in the online events business, he believes in providing a solution rather than a service.
Webstream Communications has won All India Achievers' Conference (AIAC) Award for excellence.

Webstream Communications was featured in CNBC Spotlight.