Café Nutrition: Building a Healthier & Happier Workforce

Sangeeta Kalwani, Co-Founder & Principal Business Strategist , Arati Shah, Co-Founder & Principal Nutritionist

Sangeeta Kalwani, Co-Founder & Principal Business Strategist

Arati Shah, Co-Founder & Principal Nutritionist

Given our demanding professional lives, most of us are embroiled in an unending tussle with the clock. Struggling to pay ample attention to every single aspect of life we often end-up neglecting our body’s nutritional needs, which ultimately leads to weight gain and loss of health. Taking advantage of this, fad diets and quick fixes have gained popularity. While capable of enabling weight loss these diets often cause more harm than good. Arati Shah Co-Founder & Principal Nutritionist at Café Nutrition, an exclusive counseling and diet planning center, believes that fad diets do offer faster results but health is hugely compromised in the process. “It is not sustainable to be on these deprivation diets or low carb diets for too long,” she explains. Armed with a holistic understanding of nutrition Café Nutrition promotes eating right and wholesome foods in order to maintain good health.

Functioning on the belief that good food is fundamental to optimum health and well being, Café Nutrition’s professional team designs customized, nutritious and delicious meal plans which are well integrated to different cultural preferences and fitness goals. Founded in 2014 by Arati and Sangeeta Kalwani, the company designs nutrition plans for varied objectives such as weight loss fat loss & muscle gain, and medicinal therapy. Lending its expertise to various demographics such as women, children, sports persons school going students and corporate professionals Café Nutrition’s all women’s team is working towards fostering a healthier India.

Complex Challenges & Simplistic Solutions
We all aspire living a healthy life and eating well; however demanding jobs, long commutes and multiple responsibilities make it tough for us to eat right at all times. It is also not practical to have a different meal plan for every different family members. Café Nutrition takes these factors into consideration and thus keeps its solutions as simple as possible. “We provide simple solutions that fit within our clients’ lifestyle framework,” adds Sangeeta Kalwani, Co-Founder & Principal Business Strategist, Café Nutrition.

Unlike other players in the market that largely focus on weight loss, Café Nutrition’s diet plans are driven towards fostering health and fitness. Embracing our heritage by going back to our Indian roots in terms of eating coupled with inclusion of all food groups motivates clients to discover a way to not only lose weight, but also keep it off permanently. They are freed of their indulgences and comfort eating is greatly reduced. More over, these diet plans fuel the body with all the right nutrients leading to enhanced energy levels absence of disease
greater focus, sound mental health good skin and hair.

Nutrition for the Corporate Professional
While the west has moved to a more proactive approach towards healthcare in the corporate sector in India, we still wait for a doctor to instruct us to focus on our health and nutrition. Working to bring about a change in perception, Café Nutrition’s corporate wellness program enables employees to achieve a healthier life while also helping companies to take steps to improve their employees’ quality of life and happiness.

Café Nutrition runs a nutrition desk at the workplace, where employees can take their nutrition concerns, conducts webinars and sends out monthly nutrition newsletters

The firm has put together a well thought out and holistic program with an array of steps the first of which is understanding the employees profile. Post a meeting with the HR to ascertain the age and concerns of the participants the firm then conducts a nutrition screening camp to calculate participants’ body composition. Based on the results the team conducts either one-on-one consultation or group talks. The team also trains cafeteria staff and conducts periodic checks to help maintain high levels of hygiene and safety.

Café Nutrition runs a nutrition desk at the workplace, where employees can take their nutrition concerns, conducts webinars and sends-out monthly nutrition newsletters. Armed with experienced clinical nutritionists, Café Nutrition’s corporate nutrition plans are designed keeping in mind several clinical issues such as diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension, among others.

Additionally, the firm has developed a unique inhouse tool that lets users calculate ‘My Nutrition Score’. The diagnostic tool that functions as a phone application requires users to answer a few questions regarding their eating habits and thus provides them with comprehensive and easy to understand report on their nutrition score.

The Human Touch
While reaping the benefits of technology, Café Nutrition believes that a personal touch is paramount in the area of diet counseling. “In both the areas of personal nutrition programs and corporate wellness solutions, the major factor contributing to our success has been the human element,” says Sangeeta. Café Nutrition’s team builds meaningful relations with its clients and connects with them through calls and messages to ensure that they are motivated to achieve their weight loss or fitness goals no wonder the company has worked with top companies in pharma, finance, insurance, manufacturing and services industry.

A venture that had seen the light of day in a small garage has today grown leaps and bounds. Functioning from an office in an upmarket Mumbai suburb, Café Nutrition’s revenue has witnessed a 30-40 percent YoY growth. The team is now focused on extending its corporate wellness solutions to more companies across India and establish Café Nutrition as a company of choice for providing value added nutrition solutions across sectors.

Arati Shah, Co-Founder& Principal Nutritionist (R)
Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a Post-Graduation in Sports Sciences and Nutrition, Arati has amassed two decades of rich experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics. She heads the nutrition team at Café Nutrition and takes personal interest in each and every client.

Sangeeta Kalwani, Co-Founder & Principal Business Strategist(L)
An IT professional with an International Professional Diploma in Nutritional Studies, Sangeeta drives the vision and strategic growth at Café Nutrition by developing newer areas and innovative service delivery, product development & partnerships.

Office: Mumbai

Offerings: Weight Loss Nutrition Program, Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Nutrition Program, Medicinal Therapy Nutrition Program, Women’s Health Nutrition Program, Child Nutrition Program, Sports Nutrition Program, School Nutrition Program, and Corporate Wellness Solutions.