Capacloud: Cloud Nine for Creative Environmental Enthusiasts

Jayabrata Bhaduri, CEO & MDNo matter how interesting a job is, it tends to get monotonous after a while, and with it declines productivity! To eschew this and to grab the attention of potential employees, organizations are uplifting their employees with games &celebrations, which aren’t much helpful to the employees’ career. But the innovative minds of Capacloud have introduced a win-win policy that gives every employee the liberty to spend 20 percent of their time everyday in innovating their own project, which not only excites them but also ameliorates their everyday project with out-of-the-box ideas, not to mention the long-term benefits to their careers &Capacloud.“We groom our employees to become natural innovators who can connect a thousand creative dots. The idea of Capacloud is creating a planet-positive corporation & clan of individuals passionate to design and develop amazing physical products that never existed before,” expounds JayabrataBhaduri, CEO& MD, Capacloud.

It’s hard not to have your breath taken away by the company’s lively ambience enriched with automatic, low-maintenance vertical gardens controlled by Capacloud’s patented technologies such as IoT-based remote. Its open environmenten courages communication amongst employees and has surprise perquisites such as fitness studios & elevation zones. Further more, as the company is located in the IIM-Calcutta campus, the employees can access its huge infrastructure including the huge lounge, basket ball stadium, music clubs, auditorium, theatre hall and so on.But the most beautiful part is that Capacloud is working towards a social cause and better yet making profit out of it. Hence, it’s a golden opportunity for people who are inclined towards saving the planet, while building a promising career.

Capacloud rises above the negative sentiments around the job security in start-ups caused due to the recent recession turmoilby creating a strong employer brand image. Every employee propagates the company’s culture & values to potential employees. “We take
numerous interns from leading institutes, who engage with our workforce, share their values and ultimately fall in love with our organization. Not only they join us but also turn into our brand ambassadors in their campus,” says Jayabrata. As the company seeks innovation in every aspect, the candidate’s ability to solve a given problem innovatively creates a strong impact during recruitment.

From day one, every employee understands that they’re sending a broader social message – protecting the environment – which is crucial to Capacloud’s culture & ethos.

Immense Growth Opportunities

From day one, every employee understands that they’re sending a broader social message – protecting the environment – which is crucial to Capacloud’s culture & ethos. Team work being its culture’s most treasured aspect, Capacloud has cultivated a hierarchy-less, close-knit, family-like structure that provides ample scope for growth.The company that provides various perquisites to experienced employees, who work as part-time consultants, obviously bestows its full-time employees with stock options and projects them as future leaders in networking/industry events. Unlike other organizations where growth is stalled after a certain point, Capacloud’s employees are encouraged to take ownership and become leaders through trial & error, which enhances their domain experience and confidence to lead & motivate their workforce.

Its collaboration with various agricultural universities, IIM-Calcutta, IIT-Kanpur and National Institute of Design-Ahmadabad, gives a rare opportunity for its people to thrive under the guidance of intellectual people who are key members of Capacloud’s management committee. Besides the courses related to their job role, they’re given stress-buster courses like meditation as well.“Work in Capacloud is like having seven weekends every week where we enjoy work as much as after office hours,” says an excited Prosanta Das, Fresher, Capacloud.

Out-of-the-Box Perks

The company has innumerable perksakin to flexible working hours, work from home option, weekend lunches & spring sessions, where
every employee can freely express their ideas. Capacloud keeps them sharp with six months appraisal cycle (with salary hike) and cross-functional exposure that gives them birds-eye view of Capacloud’s work & challenges. The company frequently organizes lunch/dinner parties with employees’ family members, who know each other well. This explains why the company hasn’t lost a single employee since inception. Moreover, discussing company happenings during these get-togethers has brought Capacloud some great creative ideas from its employees’ wives & children.

“Our organisation strives to become an equal opportunity player in every aspect. We regard our employees solely based on their talent irrespective of their religion, caste, gender or creed,” remarks Biswajit Das, HR,Capacloud. The company has implemented a counter culture antonymous with mainstream corporate work culture. Its product design sector – the most crucial part of its entire project which is typically perceived as the bastion for men – has the most number of female employees and is headed by a woman. Capacloud’s sexual harassment policy is strong enough to result in employment termination of even the CEO.

Started selling its product in 2016, this 2014-born company intends to expand its territory to other metros and reach Rs.10 corer in top-line revenue by the end of 2018 has set a target of spreading to Middle East, Singapore & South East Asia and achieve revenue of Rs.100 crore.

Key Management
JayabrataBhaduri, CEO & MD

Having spent around nine years in various corporate roles, Jayabrata founded Capacloud with the focus on reducing air pollution in cities across the world.

Clients: TATA Steel, Kalaari Capital, Haldiram Group, Lemon Tree Hotels, Fox &Mondal, and HIDCO


‘Most Promising Start-up in West Bengal’by Govt.of West Bengal

‘Delhi Urban Lab Challenge Winner’by Uni versity of Chicago

‘India’s Top 30 Technology Start-ups’ by Your Story

Special recognition by USA Consulate India