Castlight Health: Relish the Bliss of a FunTasktic Organization

Vijay Simha,    Head of India Operations

Vijay Simha

Head of India Operations

If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself”, said J. Willard Marriott, an American entrepreneur and businessperson. This precisely reflects the workplace culture at Castlight Health– a leading connected healthcare navigation company, helping it stand out from the crowd.While other technology companies prioritize long working hours and high production, Castlight has created a work culture centered around an employee’s creativity, vitality, and flexibility. The company offers a positive and enthusiastic employee-friendly work culture with a bundle of cushy benefits.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with luxurious office space in the Hi-Tech City of Hyderabad, Castlight Health is on a mission to make navigating the healthcare system as simple as possible so that people can live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Castlight is driving some of the most exciting innovations in nextgen connected healthcare navigation and re-imagining the future of healthcare with cutting-edge technologies. The Castlight India office is equipped with cutting-edge amenities, parking, and food courts, perfect for any 21stcentury business. Travel is effortless for the employees as the office space offers good connectivity to other major parts of the city via road and metro.

The R&D center of Castlight Health India is crucial in innovating and developing solutions that will propel its leading connected healthcare navigation offering in the US. “We started with a 100-people team. We have been investing heavily in expanding our R&D capacity in India. We have already increased our staff by nearly 50 percent in the last year, and we expect to add more employees to the existing team before the year-end. We will keep investing in India and hope to expand the company in 2023 and beyond”, says Vijay Simha, Head of India Operations, Castlight Health.

Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
Castlight India is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. The organization has the right mix of people in its personnel and makes everyone feel comfor
table being their true, authentic selves. Castlight India has passionate and experienced professionals running crucial operations. Most of the leaders are home grown leaders who are immersed in the Castlight culture. These leaders use their experience and expertise to hire top talent, keep them engaged and motivated with highquality innovation and work continually to retain them.

We are employee-centric and believe in the absolute wellbeing of the workforce as our people are the key to our success

Investing in Employee Career & Personal Growth
Workplace motivation is essential for any company’s long-term success. Motivated employees are vital in helping an organization achieve its goals and objectives. Hence, it has become a critical responsibility for business managers and management committees to identify the motivating factors that will impact their employees. Castlight invests substantially in its employees to keep them abreast with the latest and evolving technologies. The organization is committed to innovation and encourages employees to spend a percentage of their time developing and testing new technologies. It creates an atmosphere for the engineers to ideate, collaborate, and find solutions to the most intriguing challenges. Cast light encourages and rewards its people for coming up with innovative ways to solve complex problems.

“Our people are our greatest assets. We are employee centric and believe in the absolute well-being of the workforce as our people are the key to our success. From the early stage of Castlight Health India’s inception and throughout the current pandemic situation, we have been very empathetic and have helped our employees in every way we can. And during these testing times, our employees have stood their ground and have proven that they are highly motivated, engaged, and committed to Castlight India”, says Swetha Kumili, HR Head, Castlight Health.

Organizational Culture in the Pandemic World
The Covid-19 pandemic shook up the whole world, altered the work dynamics and workplace rules or flexibility, and increased the focus on individual health and well-being. Therefore, Castlight focuses on three crucial aspects – building positive company culture, encouraging worklife balance, and providing opportunities for learning, development, and growth in the workplace. By fostering a healthy work environment, even when remote, the company ensures that employees equally prioritize the demands of their role or career and their personal life. Castlight has postponed the RTO (return to office) so that employees are more at ease and confident in their ability to return to work. Currently, the hybrid model of working is voluntary. Employees who believe they can work flexible hours or work from home, take time off to deal with family concerns, or work around their personal needs are more loyal and satisfied, which leads to increased productivity and employee retention.