Catalyst Sourcing : One stop solution for Sourcing, Consulting & manufacturing for overseas SME customers

 Jitendra Mishra,   DirectorPricing of sourcing and consultation in the manufacturing industry is a major challenge faced by several businesses. Several consulting firms and suppliers of manufacturing parts and goods are not transparent giving rise to several impediments to growth of a business. In addition to that, needless to say that manufacturers in other countries are much more polished in terms of professionalism and that gets them the edge in the competitive era. Thus assisting the Indian businesses to set the mechanism and fundamentals right, Catalyst Sourcing offers its unparalleled sourcing and consultancy services to its clients. ‘Transparency and agility is what our clients look for and we endeavor to offer the same with our expertise and boost our clients’ businesses with ease’, says Jitendra Kr Mishra, CEO, Catalyst Sourcing.

Catalyst Sourcing majorly focuses on offering global sourcing solutions and networks to its clients. It has indepth understanding and reach into the markets of India and four other countries such as Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Turkey. The company is having its own sourcing team in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Turkey and is also providing sourcing solution from these countries.

The organisation excels in automation inspection sourcing and consultation. Founded in 2012, sourcing, consulting and partly manufacturing are the three main roles played by the Catalyst Sourcing. The firm offers Automotive, Tractor, trailer, agricultural machineries, Aerospace, defense, hydraulics, equipment for construction business and also for the power sector industries. The
dealings are mainly done in laser cutting, casting, Forging, fabrication, Stamping, Fasteners, CNC machined parts, Rubber-plastic and Auto electrical parts, based on customer requirements.

The organisation focuses on providing the best sourcing solution at the most reasonable price and stands ahead of its competitors with its aim to enhance businesses of Small Medium Enterprises.

Procurement Consulting Services is also provided by the company that includes expenditure management analysis, supplier diversity risks assessment and management, mitigation plan and analytical and commodity analysis and more. Supply chain assurance and post development activity that the company takes up for its clients ensures seamless workflow of the supply chain on behalf of the client. Along with these, there are a few other services that the company offers including the Design Team Solution with their dedicated experts hailing from Germany providing key design solutions, quality assurance including supplier on board audit and third party inspections.

‘We work towards excellence and thus have added sales and liaison to our service line,’ says Jitendra Kr. Mishra, CEO, Catalyst Sourcing. The company believes that India being a developing country is lacking in proper resources and technology when compared to the international market, especially in terms of agricultural machinery. Thus it ensures that marketing for high technology manufactures from across the globe may improve and develop the technology used in India and contribute to agricultural growth.

Catalyst Sourcing’s growth has been consistent over the years. Although in the initial days, the company only operated in the domestic market, currently, it works in the International market with a huge client base. The team consists of 18 highly experienced professionals and 9 independent business consultants abroad.

We are already doing business in the USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe including countries like Italy, Germany, Hungary, UK, and Turkey. With its excellent services it is now working with more than 44 satisfied clients.

The future of the company seems bright with a few significant plans of expansion. Catalyst Sourcing is currently eyeing at fuelling its contract manufacturing section and curating a new portal for customers to directly understand pricing and benefits of sourcing. In the last four years, the organisation has brought business worth 1400 crores to India.

In the last four years, the organization has brought many businesses in India especially in the Automotive & Agriculture machineries sector. Even in Covid situation, it has have brought business of 200 corers in last five months and 100 crores business is under progress for Automotive sector. Now aiming at 1000 crores business every year for Indian MSME to promote “Make In India”.