Catalyze Center for Learning: Preparing Students for a Successful Future

Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy, Founder & CEOIt was 1993 when Rajashree Krishnaswamy was pursuing her Master degree in Biochemistry and at the same time was a teaching assistant in Michigan State University, USA. As time passed, she graduated from college and found an opportunity to work with Biocon India. Later she joined Kemin Industries, USA. As a biotechnologist, she loved her job,but she always nurtured her passion for teaching. In 2004, she decided to pursue her PhD. During this period she had an opportunity to interact with students which helped widen her views on education. In the 14 year gap from 1993 to 2007 she realized that technology had changed the world in many ways.

The education system was still rooted in conservative class room deliveries amidst the technological advancements. She realized that class room learning cannot cater to the individual student’s capability and learning needs as the teacher teaches all students the same way.

Rajashree realized that very little had changed in pedagogical
approaches in 14 years. She established Catalyze Center for Learning with a vision to combine the power of education and technology to create a change in the education space. CCL’s vision of providing personalized education to students across the globe enhances the student’s true potential by unleashing their learning capabilities with one-on-one live online tutoring with highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Crossing the Sea

Initially CCL had their own share of challenges since inception. The entire concept of online tutoring was way ahead of its time, awareness of this concept among parents was low, as they were tuned to the traditional face to face tuitions. Educating them on the new technology was one great deal and assuring result was another.

Today, people are comfortable with technology leading to wide acceptance of online tutoring. Explaining the drastic transformation of online tutoring Dr. Rajashree speaks, “Today we have acquired students from across the globe. There are students from US, UK, Europe, UAE, Vietnam, Jakarta, and Japan. Everyone is reaching out to CCL and we are completely focused in delivering personalized tutoring programs to students, to enhance their true potential. Since geography is no constraint, the scalability and potential is enormous.”

Growing 20 percent YoY, at present, the company has more than 4638 students enrolled and 157+
tutors across the globe. The verticals offered are classes to school students (After school help) for Indian (CBSE, ICSE and State) as well as International curricula (IGCSE, Cambridge A level, IB, K12 and Australian), competitive exams such as IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and Advanced placement amongst others. This also includes spoken English class to enhance English speaking ability and has no age bars.

Empowering Women – The Journey Continues

CCL, empowering women, provides work from home opportunities and has a virtual office culture. Dr.Rajashree believes empowering women is critical to the country’s socioeconomic growth and overall progress. Women who are a part of Catalyze have both teaching and administrative roles which unleashes their talent and potential. “I feel that personalized education is the future and in 20 years most of the core learning is going to be through the screen. Because students these days have individualized thinking and learning abilities. Through personalized learning, one can attain the desired mark and success is inevitable,” concludes Dr. Rajashree.

Growing 20 percent YoY, Catalyze Center at present has 4638+ students enrolled and 157+ tutors across the globe