Chaturveda: Empowering Farmers with Comprehensive Agro-Plantation Solutions

  Suresh Kumar Konanki,    Managing Director

Suresh Kumar Konanki

Managing Director

The mahogany forestry industry faces challenges in ensuring sustainable agroforestry practices while regenerating depleted soil and protecting the ecosystem. Chaturveda specialists are addressing these challenges by working with small landholders on contractual terms. As a mahogany plantation mobilization company, Chaturveda has 5000+ acreage spread across states in India, with 10 established branches. The firm’s primary focus is on rehabilitating waste degraded lands owned by small and marginal farmers through mahogany plantations, providing economic results within 12 years. Through reforestation efforts, the firm has successfully planted over a three million mahogany saplings across 2000 hectares in a year.

Equipped with experienced technical experts, Chaturveda offers doorstep services to farmers, aiming to promote their well-being while combating carbon emissions, ozone layer depletion, and agro-ecological imbalances. The company's efforts contribute to generating multiple incomes for farmers and address climate change issues, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity for a sustainable future. The company’s farmer oriented activities emphasize trustworthiness, longterm bonding relationships, and fostering good human relations.

“Our company’s motto has always been devoted to the economic welfare of the small and marginal farmers where sufficient infrastructure or awareness in new technologies are insufficiently available. We provide constant and stable advice and implementation programs for their all-round well-being by creating substantial economic returns through our innovative plantation technology”, shares Suresh Kumar Konanki, Managing Director.
Chaturveda ensures a seamless supply of healthy, nourished seedlings from their self-grown nursery to farmers' fields, prioritizing continuous monitoring, mortality assessment, and prompt replacement. The firm recently implemented a novel Regenerative farming strategy, focusing on increasing soil organic content and fertility while conserving soil and water through erosion resistance. Collaborations with companies like the Singapore-based UAL BIOTECH for micro-organic fertilizers aim to enhance organic farming impact, promoting biodynamic agriculture. Chaturveda is also striving to partner with government agencies like NABARD, AYUSH, and CMPB to facilitate extra income generation for farmers through internal cropping programs.“Chaturveda stands out from its competitors as the sole company providing comprehensive services directly to farmers, from seedling supply to environmental impact assessment, growth monitoring, and timely input delivery. We offer additional income generation through internal cropping and reimbursement of carbon credit funds. Such personalized support sets us apart from competitors, fostering a strong and trusted relationship with the farming community”, further speaks Suresh Kumar.

Chaturveda is striving to partner with government agencies like NABARD, AYUSH, and CMPB to facilitate extra income generation for farmers

In addition to offering offline services, Chaturveda is currently developing a user-friendly mobile app to enhance accessibility and enable online enrolments for interested farmers. This digital platform will provide detailed infoation about the company's policies, further bolstering its reputation across the nation.

Chaturveda's exceptional contributions in the field of Agro plantation have earned the company recognition as an eligible participant for the esteemed Millionaire Farmer of India Award 2023, solidifying the firm’s standing in the industry.

Future Roadmap
With so much already accomplished but a stronger desire to propel ahead, Chaturveda has a mission and ambitious approach to create opportunities and sustainable profits for the farmer community. With over 5000 acres already crossed, the company’s target is set at 100,000 acres of afforestation with timber plantation to support biodiversity, alongside 10,000acres of scalable regenerative agriculture, particularly in grains and cereals for food safety. Chaturveda is also developing a virtual platform to facilitate food grain exchange among farmers and promote the sales of safe food products to neighbors. Growing awareness of sustainability, health, nutrition, and climate change mitigation, coupled with supportive policies, incentives, certification programs, supply chain transparency, and research investments, are anticipated to drive the demand for regenerative agriculture products and an important part of the firm’s future strategies.