ChicMic: Developing Games for Success

Manish Gulati,Co-Founder & CEO

Manish Gulati

Co-Founder & CEO

It’s a great time to be in game development, especially with the big bets of future technologies like Augmented Reality(AR)and Virtual Reality(VR) becoming mainstream, and with the arrival of platforms like ARKit(Apple)and ARCore (Google). Abreast of ample business opportunities, this landscape on the other hand probes publishers into a diverse set of challenges ranging from innovation, versatility, and quality of deliverables to changing ethos of users, which make it indispensable to discern beyond freelancers. Indeed, developing a game and developing a game for success are two entirely different aspects and this is where experience & capability comes into play.

Helping its clients make success out of these novel opportunities with its deep rooted experience is Mohali- based ChicMic – a leading innovation driven Game & Application Development studio, which has delivered more than 300 games (available in stores like Apple, Google Play and Amazon) with multi-million downloads for its clients across the globe within five years of its journey. The deep know-how of ChicMic has played a pivotal role in comprehending the ever changing ethos of gamers, and thus developing trend-setting games (including multiplayer and AI based games) in every genre such as Arcade, Sports, Puzzle Trivia, Card, Board, Strategy, Educational, Casino, and Casual games for various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Facebook, Web, PC and Mac. “Right from conceptualization & development to uploading on app stores and analyzing the app for performance & after tweaks to make it a success, we do it all for our clients’ games to reach the potential they deserve,” asserts Manish Gulati, Co-Founder & CEO, ChicMic.

The Success Recipe
In fact, with the rising dynamics of digital realm, 'success' now has a lot more coordinates. Perceiving this dire need, ChicMic believes in going the extra mile to satisfy the clients beyond 100 percent. Originated from the impeccable game development skills of Manish and shaped into an organization with the futuristic vision of Priti Mittal (Co-Founder & COO),the company today has diversified
into end-to-end digital services including Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, Design Services and Quality Assurance. However, ChicMic’s road thus far was paved with disparate challenges like any other startup. A question that kept popping up was, ‘Why would anyone hire their services when there were established service providers in the industry?'

The deep know-how of ChicMic has played a pivotal role in comprehending the ever changing ethos of gamers, and thus developing trend-setting games (including multiplayer and AI based games) in every genre

ChicMic started solving the puzzle by hand-picking a bunch of enthusiastic programmers and trained them to perfection under the aegis of its wizard CEO, which in turn played an instrumental role in the way forward. “Establishing our name in the service industry was a big time challenge. We solved this by developing our own in-house games and publishing them on the App Stores, which helped our clients to evaluate our expertise,” reminisces Priti. ChicMic won the battle, as those stand-alone games savored overwhelming response with millions of downloads, and in turn attracted giant publishers to publish its games. Since then, the company has never looked back. “Developing our own games gave us that extra-edge over the established MNCs who (mostly) rendered game development services as an extended arm, since we understand the mobile game industry completely and know how things work here,” she adds.

Today, while developing games using the popular cross-platform engines like Unity and Cocos2d or native development, ChicMic adopts agile development methodology (scrum) and follows a delivery model focused on quality, turnaround-time (TAT) and clients’ satisfaction. It’s quite amazing the way it customizes this methodology to travel in line with the clients’ discrete needs. Manish says, “We don’t ask our clients to adjust into our structure, but we adjust our methodology to fit into their requirements”. By ensuring intact engagement & uncut communication with clients in the development process, and being completely transparent to stakeholders, it further enriches the process to ascertain a high quality final product with predictable delivery & costs.

"We treat each project as if it is our own," Manish adds. Further
more, with its expansive know-how, ChicMic whole heartedly helps aspirant new publishers with the entire planning process, and if their initial budget is low, it guides the clients to invest in specific areas of the game via multiple phases after scrutinizing the response, alongside giving inputs for monetizing & promoting the game.

Taking the Bull by the Horns
While remaining bootstrapped, ChicMic today is investing a lot in Machine Learning in order to build intelligent apps (mostly based on Core ML by Apple),in addition to developing usable & immersive apps & games focused on AR. This in turn demands consistently keeping its 60+ people strong workforce abreast of the latest technologies and trends. With a vision focused on self-training, ChicMicians consisting of developers, graphics designers, testers, game designers and project managers, take the bull by the horns, persistently developing complete app/game using the latest technology updates, and thus understanding the pros and cons before offering the latest services to the clients. “Our work culture can be summed up to two facets: Happy Clients and Happy Employees,” adds Priti. En route to future, ChicMic’s expansion blueprints include setting up direct sales offices in countries like Australia and the U.S. for targeted sales, and expanding its portfolio as per market demands by diversifying into enterprise app development. Lucidly, future looks bright.

Key Management:
Manish Gulati, Co-Founder & CEO
With over 17 years of experience in the IT industry and acute passion for mobile gaming, Manish spearheads ChicMic’s technical aspects and drives the team's training session.

Priti Mittal,Co-Founder & COO
Being a management graduate with abundant experience in IT industry, Priti is responsible for driving company’s vision & goals with her time and team management prowess.

Offices: Mohali (Headquarter) and Melbourne (Sales-Office)
Awards & Recognition (2017):
  • ‘Ludo game’ developed by ChicMic crosses five million downloads
  • Android app 'Clap to Find' by ChicMic crosses one million downloads
  • ChicMic serves Fortune 500 clients
  • Finance app developed by ChicMic is ever growing with 100,000+ Daily Active Users

  • Rated as Top Rated Agency on Upwork