ChipOnTime: Helping Bridge The Gap By Connecting Talents In The Semiconductor Space




From manufacturing to sales, every job vertical has experienced growth due to new developments in applications, systems, hardware, and software. However, much of the allure within these jobs incline toward high-profile software oriented companies. A survey conducted showed that over 77 percent of respondents believe that there is a talent shortage in the semiconductor industry. Without system engineers, chip designers, most of these technology based companies cannot operate hence it is important to simultaneously bridge this gap. Bengaluru based ChipOnTime is embracing a vision of connecting talents in the semiconductor space and continuously enriching talent's skill sets to deliver high quality outputs and provide extended technical support to its customers for their Time-to-Market needs on priority.

The team at ChipOnTime has a vast 25-years of semiconductor industry experience in complete product life cycle handling multiple Turn-Key, ODC, T&M projects from End-to-End, Back-end solutions for various tape-outs. From 130 nm to 3 nm tech nodes methodological experiences, more than 30-tapeout experiences, each one in the company's core members have a rich set of experience in various top semiconductor companies in the last two decades and have given numerous contributions to the ecosystem.

As A Service Provider
ChipOnTime has a promising connection with the experts in the industry, leaders in the business and a lot of well-wishers across the globe. "We are destined to provide our best in class services to the Semiconductor customers who have presence in all the key geographical locations viz India, US Europe, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan," says Rajarathinam, Co-founder at ChipOnTime.

The company's end-to-end services include,
ASIC Design service, Block/ Sub-system/SoC Level RTL Verification service, Gate Level Simulation [GLS] service, Design For Testability [DFT] service, Physical Design [PD] service, Static Timing Analysis [STA] service, IR Drop Analysis [IR] service, Physical Verification [PV] service, Analog Layout Design service and RF Layout Design service.

We are destined to provide our best in class services to the Semiconductor customers who have presence in all the key geographical locations viz India, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan

At ChipOnTime, the core value of teamwork is an important aspect of its success. "On one hand, we work hard to ensure that the ChipOnTime culture of collaboration and innovation is highlighted in everything we do and on the other, we provide multiple avenues for our people to be happy and healthy both inside and outside of work," adds Rajarathinam.

Chipontime As IT Stands Today
According to Mr. Rajarathinam, the decision to begin a company along with his friends came about in 2019 after 20+ years of experience in the industry. So, he moved to Bangalore and with his friends decided to start ChipOnTime. The management at ChipOntime is highly experienced, motivated and strongly committed to the Semiconductor industry.

At ChipOnTime, the company follows a human resources strategy to attract, retain and develop high performing individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This helps the company create a world class team characterized by open communication, constructive conflict, mutual respect, trust, and a willingness to relinquish individual control to achieve superior results collectively.

Since its establishment, the company has been growing reasonably at a good rate in terms of fetching bulk programs and individual deployments across the industry with huge support based on its competent talent pool. Going forward, the company wishes to expand further and establish itself in Hyderabad and Chennai, continue to focus on helping startups with a stellar team, and grow organically. "The aim is to expand, grow, with stability," concludes Rajarathinam.