Classic Agency: A Frontrunner In Running Successful Outdoor Advertising

Kajal Nath,Proprietor

Kajal Nath


The vastness of outdoor advertising plays a significant role in the advertising sector for reaching a wide range of audiences at a time. Not being limited within the boundaries of personal gadgets like mobiles, television, radio, and others, outdoor advertising has the power to spread brand information anywhere in the outdoor space. From posters, billboards, hoardings, transit, cinema advertising, outdoor advertising has a lot of options to reach out to a huge audience.

There are lots of players offering outdoor advertising but a few deliver the best-in-class of the same where Classic Agency stands out to be the one. With a comprehensive consultative approach, the company applies all its years of experience to provide a thorough advertising plan and work in a step by step manner to bestow an outstanding result to its clients. Headquartered in the Nadia district of West Bengal, Classic Agency creates campaigns for medium to small budgets and succeeds in reaching the target groups with low exposure in outdoor advertising campaigns.

"Our core focus is to provide incredible services in outdoor advertising and out-of-home media across the eastern region of India," says Kajal Nath, the proprietor of the company. As the world today is accustomed
to traveling for occupation or other relevant needs, outdoor advertising has paced its value at a larger scale especially for small and medium to large size businesses. Outdoor media has a broader reach with the privilege to bring attention to the masses.

"Outdoor advertising is a great medium to reach out as many as people targeted for campaigning and promotion. It can also be used to target specific demographic areas such as income and ethnicity," she adds. Classic Agency doesn't believe in the `one size fits all' theory as it has created a lot of campaigns that have gained success even with medium to small budgets. The company also offers different types of outdoor campaign options including the full palette of out of home media strategies.

Running an outdoor campaign is a complex, time-consuming, and expensive process for business owners, brand managers, time-pressed media buyers, and advertisers.

Being a pioneer in this aspect, Classic Agency simplifies the navigation process and saves time with thorough research on available media for its client by centralizing the point of communication to a single expert partner. "Starting from creative conceptualization to logistical execution, we offer-seamless and innovative campaigns which deliver brilliant outcomes," confirms Kajal.

The dedicated, experiential, and experienced team under her contributes to the next-level to bring life to the concept and ideas that are approved by the clients. The team is well versed in the market trends and the latest consumer behavior. With its best knowledge in this aspect, Classic Agency researches and implements how to create memorable interactions ensuring customer satisfaction with its dynamic creativity and campaign. Adding to her previous statements, Kajal also said, "We work on experiential marketing and take pride in getting the job done in the right way." The company's holistic approach towards any campaign ensures initiation, conceptualization, and running of a campaign successfully with no compromise over the quality of work provided. Delivering the best-in-class outdoor advertising campaign, the company has served brands like LIC, Exide, Greenline, Sleepwell, Simoco, and many others. Providing an outstanding service in Kolkata and Guwahati, Kajal is affirmed to spread her business over Orissa, Bihar, and Assam in the long run.

Location: Kolkata and Guwahati
Offerings: Outdoor advertising to a large section of audience