CNB Technologies: Invoking a Tech Revolution in the Logistics Industry

Nitin Sirohi & Rajesh Kumar,Co-FoundersThe logistics industry plays a significant role in building a thriving economy. For decades, the Indian counterpart of the sector has been running on manual and traditional means which often leads to operational inefficiencies. Given the sheer scale of operations being managed by logistics players, it is pertinent for them to strive for operational optimization in order to stay ahead in the market. “We believe that technology can be the key to unlocking operational optimization in the port and yard industry,” says Rajesh Kumar, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer at CNB Technologies, a technology provider in the Real Time Tracking Systems space.

Fuelled by his conviction, Rajesh along with Nitin Sirohi, Co-Founder & COO, CNB, are on a journey to modernizing the port yard ecosystem. Leveraging new age technology tools such as AI, big data over an IoT platform, the Bangalore headquartered organization has developed solutions that track & identify containers at yards, ports and through transit. Armed with a plethora of state-of-the-art solutions for ports, yards and warehouses along with proprietary products such as iHawk, SmartGate and SmartTransport, CNB has earned the coveted spot of a disruptor in the Indian logistics industry.

Solutions for Optimized Operations
For years, entities such as yards and ports have worked in silos with no data being shared between different stakeholders. The little data that was being accumulated was being entered manually through human intervention, which led to scope for error. Through years of extensive research, Rajesh and Nitin identified that the industry was in need of solutions that could not only streamline the entire lifecycle of a container but also enable accumulation of error-free data from the location. Building on their technical prowess, the duo thus designed solutions that track and optimize the movement & operations at the yard. The container can also be tracked while it is in transit from one point to the other and the data collected is shared with the various stakeholders. This allows for optimization of the entire container lifecycle while also adding an element of predictability in operations. “The data that we generate from these various entities is used by numerous players such as liners freight careers, exporters and others. Therefore our solutions share the generated data and provides value added services to end users,” explains Rajesh.

One of CNB’s flagship solution is SmartPort an IoT platform that enables efficient
handling of container cargo at ports. A solution in itself, SmartPort renders real time accurate locational data of containers and real time status of port inventory without disrupting the operations. Functioning with zero human intervention, the solution fosters appropriate resource planning in order to make ports congestion-free.

We are also the only solution provider to be ahead of the curve, so clients can always upgrade to superior products

Targeted towards optimizing the functioning at yards, CNB has developed SmartYard, a standalone solution that collects data through sensors, analyzes it for gate automation and thus enables accurate planning. Additionally, the company also offers HAWK enterprise, an IoT platform with enhanced sensors that improve location accuracy, provide height component of location and map all equipment. Another version of this solution is HAWK Standard that tracks & traces containers in yards and provides real time block-wise inventory and empty slot status.

Ensuring Accuracy & Efficienc
Founded in 2009 CNB has amassed an enviable roster of clients that include prestigious names such as Gateway Rail Concor APM Terminals Hind Terminals, HoneyComb Logistics Seabird Marine Navkar Corporation and Parekh Group among several others. However it is interesting to note that the firm’s initial journey towards proliferating its solutions was not the easiest owing to the traditional mindset of the logistics industry. “Often times when we pitched a product that optimized operational efficiency at yards and ports, clients did not pay much heed to us because they were unaware of the benefits that technology could bring to the table,”narrates Rajesh.

But with time, clients realized that in order to stand tall in face of a new wave of competitors, they would have to cutdown operational costs and increase operational efficiency which would only be done by adopting technology. Another factor that spurred CNB’s growth was the ingress of young entrepreneurs who were well versed with global trends and thus were in tune with the advantages that cutting edge tech solutions could lend to the business.

When the global standard for tracking solutions was 92-95 percent, CNB launched its IoT platform that operated at 100 percent accuracy at almost one fourth the cost. Being the only cost effective and accurate solution provider of its kind in the market, CNB gradually grew from strength to strength. Today,the firm boasts of a 100 percent client retention rate, which is unheard of in the industry. “Owing to the accuracy of our data and our stellar capabilities once our solutions get embedded within a client’s ecosystem, they do not feel the need to move away. We are also the only solution provider to be ahead of the curve, so clients can always upgrade to superior products,” says Rajesh.

Having conquered the Indian market and growing at 300-400 percent YoY growth rate, the firm is now gearing towards growing its geographical presence. CNB has already received its first international project in Bangladesh and is eyeing the African and Sri Lankan market for further growth. Additionally, CNB is sharpening its prowess in terms of managing containers throughout their lifecycle and rendering astute value added services to the logistics industry.

Rajesh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO
An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Rajesh develops and executes CNB’s business strategies, strategic partnerships, market positioning, branding and client relationship management in the domestic logistic industry. A perceptive business leader and a team player, he has been instrumental in ensuring CNB’s rise to the top of the industry.

Quick Facts:
Offerings: iHawk, SmartGate, SmartTransport, SmartPort, SmartYard, Hawk Enterprise, Hawk Standard

Offices: Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, NCR, Mumbai, Mundra