Coforge: Investing in Domain Specific Skills to Ensure Higher Productivity and Better Retention of People

Sudhir Singh ,CEO & Executive Director

Sudhir Singh

CEO & Executive Director

While it is difficult to set a clear benchmark of an ideal workplace, one can understand that success can be measured with the level of an employees’ satisfaction and professional growth that ultimately reflects in the business performance of the company. Having a clear focus towards employee growth, Coforge strongly believes that "Coforge is People. Coforge is Growth." The company's objective is to build a capable talent reservoir that can drive business growth and establish deep and trusting relationships. This focus on growth is reflected in the high growth rate of approximately 38% witnessed last year, and Coforge is now almost a Billion-dollar company with plans to become a 2 Bn Dollar company in the next few years.The company's focus on people is reflected in one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry, which stands at 15.8 percent in Q3FY23.

Sudhir Singh CEO & Executive Director, Coforge, mentions, “An organization that enables growth for all stakeholders and has a work culture that fosters trust, pride, and a deep sense of belonging makes for a great workplace. At Coforge, we engage with emerging technologies which makes for very rewarding work. We believe that creating a great workplace is a continuous journey of adaptation & evolution but with a few constants staying laser focused on making our customers successful, delivering
sustained superior performance, and always keeping our most important asset at the center our employees!”

Coforge is a leading global provider of digital services and solutions that help its customers at the intersection of domain knowledge and emerging technologies to provide tangible business impact. The company has built industry, technology and academia partnerships across digital, cloud, data, automation, and cyber security that provide early access and a competitive advantage to build new and reimagine old experiences on behalf of their customers.

Coforge's most valuable asset is its people and their ability to execute and deliver

The company’s guiding principles have fostered a rich legacy of a learning culture and their ‘People First Approach’ serves as the foundation for the organization. Based on three key factors Engagement, Satisfaction, and Capability Building, the company’s initiatives are focused on creating learning opportunities for its employees. Ensuring the well being of its employees is also one of the key focus areas of Coforge. Coforge urged staff members to use the EAP if they were experiencing emotional distress. To offer workers more financial assistance during difficult times, an Employee Welfare Trust was also set up.

Coforge made the first move towards transforming the workplace into a digital environment. It created an internal process for talent acquisition and onboarding that incorporates background checks, access to IT systems, and project deployment. Employees at Coforge are considered the company's best brand ambassadors. The business has an employee referral program in place and instead of the surge in general hiring seen over the last two years, the company anticipates a more niche and demand based hiring approach in 2023. By creating an inhouse developed cloud based solution called iCATS, the firm has successfully used technology to streamline talent acquisition and management. The success of Coforge has been characterized by its ability to deliver superior results while maintaining stability and consistency.

Looking ahead to 2023, the company anticipates a more niche and demand-based hiring approach, while also growing its presence in Tier-II cities and worldwide locations. The company is committed to utilizing talent from various geographical areas and supporting its employees at every stage of their careers. Currently, the firm has a presence in 21 countries with 25 delivery centres across nine countries.