Contentholic: India's Leading SOP Writing Agency & Academic Content Development Company

  Suneet Kumar Singh,      FounderPost-COVID, India has been witnessing a huge surge in demand for foreign education, especially for higher studies or specialization courses. Foreign universities have been accepting Indian students in great numbers for studies however many students face challenges in their visa application process. Many applicants have to deal with refusals and rejections even with great profiles and work experience. Why? Because of poorly written Statement of Purpose(SOP)or motivation letters. The consultants who do applications tend to follow a templated SOP for every candidate. Due to their lack of understanding of the significance of creativity in SOPs, their candidates face visa rejections or refusals. Thus, it is vital to have creative unique, and professional SOPs for university admissions and visa applications. This is where a professional SOP writing agency comes into the picture.

Enter Contentholic
Founded in 2011 by Suneet Kumar Singh, this Delhi based academic writing agency offers assistance to students with their visa applications, dissertations, and research writing for Ivy League and premium B schools. With a key focus on SOP writing, personal statements, and essay writing, Contentholic creates precise and quality content for students who struggle with academic writing needs.

When he incepted Contentholic, content writing and its scope were unknown to the majority of people in India. What started off as an initial vision to offer the best quality writing services to corporates, startups and individuals gradually shifted to the academic writing domain. Interestingly, Contentholic was the first formal SOP Writing Agency in India that started offering SOP writing services and the full range of academic writing services in India, and abroad. Recently, Contentholic has also been awarded for being 'Most Reliable Academic Writing Agency in India' by Bollywood Actress and BJP Leader Jaya Prada at Indo Asian Business Excellence Summit 2022.

USP of the Company
At Contentholic, every application is handled with the utmost consideration and is ensured
to cover all the aspects needed to convince the visa officer. Thanks to the experienced and creative team of the company, every application stands out from one another. Their expertise brings out the unique story of each student and presents their decision to move abroad for studies in the best possible way. The USP of the company is the quality of its SOPs and essays freshly written, customized draft, unique story line, and plagiarism free write ups. Besides, an application goes through three steps including writing, proofreading, and editing before it is released for submission.

Being in the creative writing domain, the company often faces challenges in terms of recruiting quality writers and increasing competition. Suneet adds how difficult is it to find someone who can deliver creative content every day and how they lose resources since they fail to meet expectations. On the other hand, there have also been instances where competitors are found using Contentholic samples for their clients. Amidst all this Singh admits half of the clients/ students who approach them are from reference now. This cements the fact that Contentholic will continue to be the leading SOP Writing Agency in the country despite the challenges and high competition.

We are the leading SOP writing agency in India and the most relied agency for Canada visa applications and refusal cases of study permits, spouse open work permits, dependent visas, and so on

Furthermore, the company is on its way to becoming a student recruitment and education consulting company. Considering their clients' requests to handle the rest of the application filing processes for the student visa, the team took their time to understand the landscape in depth. As a result, they launched a consulting company named Eduplor which currently helps students to shift to Canada and Cyprus. Going forward, the company plans to expand its consulting services to other countries.