Continuum Aviation: A Preferred & Reliable Aviation Support Group In India & The Subcontinent

Harinderjeet Singh Commar,Chairman & CEOOver the last few years, India's aviation market has grown at an average rate of 20 percent per annum, amongst the fastest in the world. Not only commercial aviation, but the domain of private aviation/general aviation (GA) are segments of the industry that have indeed witnessed the highest demand. Being favored by the wealthy community of the HNI's, NRI's and corporates, the demand for private jets was rising until the COVID-19 disrupted the entire eco-system. Yes, the pandemic has changed everything.

While flying may have resumed gradually with India opening up routes both locally and with air bubbles internationally, the concerns around `safe travel' not only remains but has taken on increased significance in a post Covid -19 world. The need of the hour is a reliable aviation partner that can provide what high end travelers need the most right now, which is high quality safe services and top level security. Offering the same is Continuum Aviation Private Limited (CAPL), a New Delhi-based ground support agent in India and the Subcontinent.

CAPL was incorporated in the year 2014, with an objective of supporting the aviation industry by offering best-in-class ground handling services to its private/general aviation customers. Today, under the aegis of Harinderjeet Singh Commar, Chairman & CEO, CAPL the firm has emerged as one of the leading ground handling services providers in India and the Subcontinent that exclusively caters to the travelling demands of the global non-scheduled private jet operators.

Transparency & Commitment
CAPL offers a wide range of services that are focused towards ensuring an optimum experience to the customers. From on-ground requirements to weather services, travelers can be rest assured that their partner (CAPL) is always available to cater to their every need in such complex missions. Further leveraging its deep know-how about the aviation realm the firm has developed proven expertise in rendering permits, ground support, catering, allied services, flight planning, transport, aircraft security and assistance & support, all under one roof.
Today, where most of the aviation ground support agents are plagued by unrealistic expectations and translucent communication, CAPL emphasizes on a crystal-clear interaction with clients, where Harinderjeet and team consult them with respect to the authentic scenarios, offer them an actual insight into the planning and strive hard to offer with the best alternative solution (if client's requirements are beyond expectations or not achievable). "We never say `No' to our customers, rather we provide them with the best alternatives. We never commit something and back out; that's not the ethos of CAPL. We standby absolutely dedication to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Transparency is our strength and we endeavor to stay true to our customers," -according to Harinderjeet.

Commitment is the base of the organization and the firm has gained trusts in customers leveraging the same. Safety & security is another factor that is the forte of CAPL. The organization goes beyond the norm to ensure and offer the safest & secured services to the customers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPL did not just take measures to maintain the hygiene, sanitation, and health safety, but trained all the staffs to deliver the top-quality experience to the customers, even post limiting interactions with them to abide by Covid-19 restrictions. CAPL has attained all security clearance from Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and all regulatory approval from Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Apart from that, one more facet that enables the firm to stand apart from the crowd is its capable, experience and dedicated workforce. APL comprises of a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals, who take care of the entire process while maintaining tranquility.

CAPL Has Decided To Lead The Way And Simplify The Logistic Process And Movement Of The Vaccine Around The Country

A Bright Future Awaits
Observing that immunization against COVID-19 involves several challenges, including logistics and supply chain for distribution of vaccine in the country, CAPL has decided to lead the way and simplify the logistic process and movement of the vaccine around the country. With such dedicated offerings & commitment, CAPL has managed to build a PAN Indian presence, having offices in all major Indian metropolitan cities including, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore; with the capability to do operations in all the airports spread across India. Apart from that, the company has also built a strong presence across the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

CAPL has plans to expand its offices in Colombo in Sri Lanka soon to be followed in Dhaka in Bangladesh. Domestically, the organization has a plan to significantly increase its on-ground presence in Rajasthan and other tourist hot spots across India where there is strong in-flow of tourists. Furthermore, committed to continuing its good work, CAPL is working towards being the best, leading and largest ground handlers in India.

Harinderjeet Singh Commar, Chairman & CEO
A professional with unmatchable leadership quality, Harinderjeet is a dedicated entrepreneur renowned for his excellence in leading organization. He aims to revolutionize the general-aviation industry through his venture CAPL.
Head Office: New Delhi