CoverEdge Marketing: Wheeling End-to-End Integrated Logistics Services with Holistic, Industry-Focused Approach

Rahul Mohan,Director

Rahul Mohan


According to the Global Ranking of World Bank’s 2016 Logistics Performance Index, India has jumped to 35th rank from 54th rank, exhibiting an overall excellent logistics performance. With this highest jump in the history, India’s logistics infrastructure is wheeling on progressive tracks and is soon to enter new growth spectrum driven by huge demand and supply. Well, the presence of efficient infrastructure and robust logistics management systems drives seamless movement of goods and aids economic welfare. Likewise, implementation of integrated logistics plan with consolidated approach is what coats the perceptible bottlenecks and CoverEdge Marketing meets all the benchmarks through its integrated logistics solutions and cold chain services.

Headquartered in Mumbai with warehouses and distribution facilities strategically located PAN India, CoverEdge offers a complete set of cost-effective, specialized services and stands apart with its strong expertise in handling a diverse portfolio of products under one roof like Food Products, Pharmaceuticals, Herbal products, Paints, Personal Care, Health Care, Skin Care & Cosmetics, Electronics and Surgical Equipment among others. Ensuring nationwide support for efficient distribution by strategically locating its warehousing and distribution facilities all over India, the 2012-established, privately owned company keenly develops customer-oriented logistical solutions with a clear goal of creating added value for its customers. Driven by highly experienced and skilled team of professionals, CoverEdge holds core logistics competence in multiple spheres such as multi-level marketing, retail surgical equipment, paints and electronics, amongst others.

Rahul Mohan, Director, CoverEdge Marketing, affirms, “We believe in developing strong long-term relationships with our clients and customer satisfaction is non-negotiable for us”. While establishing dependable corporate identity is the company’s foremost mission, providing solutions at the right price is what highlights
CoverEdge’s industry-focused expertise and client-centric, holistic approach.

"We believe in developing strong long-term relationships with our clients and customer satisfaction is non-negotiable for us"

Seamless Trust from Origin to Consumption
Right from warehousing solutions (including cold storage), distribution, forward/reverse logistics, last mile pickup & delivery to kitting, packing & programming, cash management services, tax & compliance management, retail sales & distribution and custom clearance, the company caters to all clientele requirements with immense promptness, efficacy and absolute professionalism. Besides, it also provides value-added services like freight forwarding, trading and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for top-notch process integration.

Elucidating on CoverEdge’s unique proposition, Rahul asserts, “CoverEdge provides consolidation services that improves reliability and reduces supply chain costs for our customers keeping into consideration TAT (Turn Around Time). We consolidate and manage the movement of merchandise to distribution centers and retail outlets domestically, regionally and across the country”. Topping that is the company’s prowess in assimilating changing trends through latest technological integration and utilization of process-driven softwares such as Tally and Microsoft Dynamics, followed by client specific/need-based software applications. CoverEdge undertakes online tracking and barcoding assistance for making processes energy efficient and deliverables systematic.

Etching ISO certification, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and quality checks in its operational framework for cold chain servicing, the company ensures internal and external audits, timely risk identification and action deployment, regular staff training and technological investments. Since, standardization accounts growth, the company performs preventative routine maintenance strategies, evaluates best economical transportation options and possesses knowledge of all regulatory standards.

On the Path of Seamless Movement
Withstanding CoverEdge’s exceptional professionalism is the vast client portfolio that includes
industry panjandrums like Vestige Marketing, Cosmic Nutracos Solutions, Lotus Surgicals, Vestige Best Deals and Advent Holistic, to name a few. While Vestige Marketing testifies to CoverEdge’s high standards of quality, business ethics and integrity, Cosmic Nutracos extols the company’s efficient integrated logistics model that assures smooth functioning and holistic solution delivery. Along with offering unique professional touch, the company also focuses on CSR participation via its individual NGO named Vestige Heart to Heart Foundation and has also joined hands with Lions Club of Bombay Willingdon Crescent for the distribution of health and hygiene kits to schools, orphanages (girls’ shelter), blind & cancer patients and old age homes on regular basis.

Strategically stationed in Bhiwandi, Nagpur, Siliguri and New Delhi, CoverEdge outshines as one of the most accessible logistics providers by offering experienced staff assistance to its clients, even at warehouses located outside city limits. Besides SOPs, the company invests heavily on in-house training sessions to refresh and train employees, and keep them abreast with latest technologies and industry trends.

Recording 80 percent annual revenue growth with zero debt, CoverEdge envisions becoming a globally relevant and trusted name synonymous to exceptional and quality servicing. Willing to invest in cold chain refrigeration facilities further, Rahul concludes by stating, “With the introduction of GST, the landscape of cold chain services has become very accessible and friendly. Since the era of consolidation has begun, the approach has become more feasible”.

Key Management:
Rahul Mohan, Director
Owing to his vast experience in logistics and supply chain industry, Rahul seamlessly integrates market dynamics with effective business strategies to escalate CoverEdge’s growth graph. He is determined to evolve CoverEdge into the best logistics partner known nationwide.

Bhiwandi (HQ), Nagpur, Siliguri & New Delhi

Warehousing Solutions, including Cold Storage, Distribution, Forward/ Reverse Logistics, Last Mile Pickup & Delivery, Kitting, Packing & Programming and Cash Management Services, amongst others