Creative Synergies Group: A Global Leader In Digital Integrated Product Development And Digital Plant And Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi,CEOThe global digital revolution has opened up significant opportunities for companies with cutting edge-technologies to leverage their best practices and transform the world. Similarly, the wide range of application arenas has accelerated the convergence of product/process engineering, embedded systems and application software.

Applications range from smart products, smart plants, connected devices to communications, avionics and passenger information systems, for example. The implementation of these systems is virtually endless since a wide variety of innovative products and processes exploiting next-gen technologies is introduced to the global market every day.

Creative Synergies Group (CREATIVE) has become a leading global Digital Engineering and Embedded Systems brand by serving more than 50 Fortune 500 customers worldwide in the Transport, Infrastructure, Hitech, Industrial, Consumer and Aerospace industries. To collaborate with multi-national giants on their digital transformation path, the company has made substantial investments in cutting edge tools and frameworks.

Recognized as a global leader in Digital Integrated Product Development and Digital Plant and Manufacturing Engineering, by synthesizing game-changing solutions capitalizing on next-gen technologies like Automation, IOT/IIOT, Data Analytics, AI/ML, AR/VR, Cloud, 5G and Blockchain, CREATIVE has built on its foundational strengths in the convergence of product/process engineering, embedded and software technologies.

Hyper-competitive forces in today's rapidly evolving marketplace have forced CREATIVE's clients to re-invent and continuously tweak their Digital Engineering and Embedded Systems strategies. Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, Founder, Creative Synergies Group says, "The relentless pursuit of expanding market share and profitability has mandated clients to compress design cycles, achieve faster time to market, reduce costs and substantially expand their Return on Investment in product development.

This situation has been further exacerbated by recent challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CREATIVE has capitalized on its leadership in driving the digital engineering and embedded systems revolution towards Industry 4.0 and enabled its clients to realize their product development goals through a broad spectrum of high-end digital services leveraging the convergence of product/process engineering, "embedded and software technologies" to embedded systems and software technologies.

Also, by updating and automating vital production assembly lines with a broad range of robots and cobots, CREATIVE has enabled
clients to turn business challenges of 2020 into significant opportunities by assisting them in resolving social distancing constraints. These revolutionary strategies for manufacturing and process automation would give customers unparalleled insight into extremely granular technological process parameters, increase the efficiency of their operations, and pay very rich dividends by dramatically improving their return on investment over the next decade. In the product engineering space, the company has very closely collaborated with clients to develop new lines of business with COVID friendly products and Products as a Service (PaaS).

Passion For Innovation Delights Clients
CREATIVE's passion for innovation in digital engineering and embedded systems technologies and services is very visible in the company's support of its very diverse global client base throughout the lifecycle of their products and processes - right from concept to commissioning. The digital company specializes in delivering excellence in the areas of Digital Product Engineering, Embedded Systems, Application Software, Digital Plant Engineering, Digital Manufacturing Engineering and Product Support Services.

With a capable and reliable partner with integrity, CREATIVE's clients can focus on their core competence: strategy, customer engagement and program management. Meanwhile, the company carries all the burden related to the client's complex technology and engineering problems in an environment of ever-changing technologies and tools. Clients truly appreciate and recognize this level of commitment and performance from CREATIVE which has been a big driver for the company's substantial growth.

CREATIVE's cutting-edge solutions enable clients to perform virtual validation and optimization of manufacturing systems before the start of production, thereby helping them minimize costs, field failures, product realization cycle times while improving productivity. "The company has been consistently rated at the top in competitive benchmark studies and 95 percent of CREATIVE's clients rate it well above 4.7/5", adds Dr. Gandhi. The company is a proud partner for several blue-chip companies including General Motors, Nissan, Komatsu, Fiat Group, Mitsubishi, Yara, Mercedes, Kobelco, Volkswagen, JGC, ABB, Hitachi, Magna, Kubota, Terex, Carl Zeiss and ThyssenKrupp.

The company has been consistently rated at the top in competitive benchmark studies and 95 percent of Creative's clients rate it well above 4.7/5

`Can Do' Culture Makes The Difference
CREATIVE's global network of dedicated professionals with unrivalled technical knowledge and a drive for out-standing delivery is continually focused on helping clients significantly exceed their performance targets. Their endless curiosity and hunger for new ideas enable clients to address business challenges have resulted in a `Can Do' culture of innovation that is permeated throughout CREATIVE's global operations. Driven by the passionate and charismatic leadership of serial entrepreneur Dr. Gandhi, CREATIVE's consistent successful outcomes have resulted in expanding relationships with strategic customers in the Transportation, Infrastructure, Hitech, Industrial, Consumer and Aerospace verticals and steady acquisition of marquee clients.

CREATIVE's phenomenal success and unparalleled growth are a direct consequence of its leadership in game-changing leading-edge digital technologies, a thorough understanding of global requirements and an established track record in consistently delivering high-performance worldwide. CREATIVE is poised to reach new heights in the next decade by spearheading digital engineering innovation with next-gen technologies.

Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, CEO
With an impressive background as Professor and Researcher at Michigan State University, Dr. Gandhi is a well-known veteran in engineering services arena.

Office: Michigan, US (Headquarters), Deutschland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Bangalore and Pune

Offerings: Digital Product Development, Embedded Systems, Application Software, Digital Plant Engineering, Digital Manufacturing Engineering