Damian Corporate: Promise of Unwavering Quality Interior Design

Kyle Pereira, Executive Director & Design Principal

Kyle Pereira

Executive Director & Design Principal

Experience can be touted as one of the most precious assets, especially in the business world. Kyle Pereira a third generation businessman and Executive Director & Design Principal, Damian Corporate, one of India’s premier interior design firm, agrees wholeheartedly. After all, his Mumbai headquartered firm stands tall and proud upon the solid foundations of five decades of industry experience. Founded in 1962 by the late Damian Pereira an astute businessman the Damian torch was passed-on to his son Anselm Pereira who led the company to greater heights and solidified its position in the residential and commercial space alike. 57 years down the line, the mantle has been passed-on to the able hands of Craig and Kyle Pereira, who have established Damian Corporate as a formidable player in the Indian interior design market. “Owing to our years of experience across different verticals such as industrial, commercial residential and hospitality, we have a wealth of experience that helps us deliver stellar results project after project,” says Kyle.

Damian Corporate is today a provider of turnkey design solutions that can be customised and tailored specifically to fit a client’s functional, financial and aesthetic needs. Having built on its various strengths Damian Corporate employs over 75 employees in its offices and over 100 employees on sites. The company boasts of having an expansive 25,000 sq. ft. showroom in Mumbai, a 60,000 sq.ft. showroom in Porvorim, Goa and a 30,000 sq.ft. dedicated manufacturing unit in Bhiwandi. With a strong presence across Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, this robust organisation is moving onwards and upwards.

Quality as a Differentiator
Cost has always been a major deciding factor for most clients. This propels various other players in the interior design industry to cut corners and compromise on quality, some times even without their clients’ knowledge. Damian Corporate understands that while this approach might save some money in the short term it would end-up costing us much more in the long run. Therefore the Damian brand has been built on the bedrock of quality and transparency. In case a particular client is very budget conscious, the firm would prefer to take a hit on its profit margin rather than compromise on the quality. “Quality is one aspect that we cannot compromise upon. These principles have been instilled in us by our father Anselm, who is known for his unwavering work ethic,”says Kyle.

While there are some clients who approach the project with preconceived notions and ask for certain specific brands of products to be incorporated, Damian Corporate strives to educate the client about various trends and solutions that might work more efficiently. For instance, a client might prefer the look of an Italian marble but would not have the budget to achieve it. The Damian Corporate team would then suggest an alternative like a vitrified tile finish which would give a similar look cost much less and support the local
economy as well. Undertaking a pure approach to work Damian Corporate is solely focused on delivering superior design engineering to its clients and handholds the client throughout the planning and execution phases alike.

Self Sufficient Manufacturer
Other than its proven expertise in interior design, Damian Corporate has also established itself as a manufacturer of modular furniture and partition systems for corporate office spaces. A market leader in manufacturing modular demountable partition systems the firm also specializes in rendering modular furniture systems such as workstations desks and conference tables, among others. While the firm imports lounge furniture from Italy and Germany it also holds the expertise to manufacture customised furniture at its sprawling 30,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility.

Damian Corporate is a provider of turnkey design solutions that can be customised and tailor made to fit into any client’s functional, financial and aesthetic needs

The firm earlier had to depend on several sub vendors for manufacturing its products. However, with its new manufacturing facility starting operations a year ago, all products are now manufactured under one roof. Armed with state-of-the-art machinery the manufacturing facility allows us to keep a close check on product quality as well as maintaining project timelines. In reference of procuring materials like glass, the firm specifically works with market leaders such as Saint Gobain to ensure that the material delivered maintain the highest order of quality and certifications. “The business relationships that our father has built with trusted vendors 30 years ago, continues untill today, thus allowing us to keep-up the quality standards, ” explains Kyle.

Sustainable Designs for a Green Tomorrow
Damian Corporate’s superior design prowess has been acknowledged by the likes of Adani Group, Reliance, WeWork, MTN, Vodafone, CoWrks, Wipro, Nissan, KPMG and Infosys, to name a few. These stellar projects have been conceived and delivered at the hands of an experienced and highly qualified team of interior designers and architects who possess diverse industry experience. A staunch believer in updating the team’s skillset periodically the Damian Corporate design team keenly follows European market trends closely and participates in global design conventions which help keep itself updated and motivated.

In keeping with the need of the hour to incorporate suitability in office space designs, Damian Corporate believes in optimising all the materials being used, thus creating the least amount of wastage possible on site. Additionally, the firm incorporates green technologies within its designs to improve the air quality within the space, and elements like motion sensor lighting systems help to reduce electricity consumption.“Our professional team of designers and innovators are constantly brainstorming and sharing ideas to provide our clients with the most efficient designs,”says Kyle.

“In the years to come, we are positive of witnessing innovative products and materials being introduced in terms of value engineering, and we further plan to implement them across all our product lines,” adds Kyle. Having registered 15-20 percent YoY growth over the past few years, the firm is aiming to achieve 25 percent growth in the current financial year. Furthermore, Damian Corporate is exploring investing its time and effort into the construction market and plans to venture into the real estate segment next year.

Anselm Pereira, Chairman
Under the mentorship of Anselm, Damian Corporate has transformed into an organisation that has expertise in the fields of architecture design, construction and hospitality.

Craig Pereira, Executive Director
Craig,who holds an MBA in business and is a qualified Interior Designer co-Leads business development along with Kyle and looks after operations as well.

Kyle Pereira Executive Director & Design Principal
Kyle, who heads design, marketing & co-leads business development at Damian Corporate, leverages his marketing and design experience from working with the likes of The Wadhwa Group and Radius Developers.

Offerings: Interior Design, Modular Demountable Partition Systems, and Modular Furniture Systems

Offerces: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Goa