Dealberg: An Epitome of Perseverance & Patience

Abhishek Emmanuel, Founder & CEO,Suma PV, CBOH.jackson brown, Jr. a well renowned american author once quoted, “never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts”. This quote in fact stands as the missing piece of the puzzle for many startups today. They mostly lack patience to handle the fleet of challenges involved in the startup world and easily tend to give up on their dreams. But this was not the story of dealberg the brainchild of abhishek emmanuel(Founder & CEO)and suma PV(CBO). Dealberg had a really good start in 2016 with a little investment, successful ongoing operations and a decent growth. But in 2017 the company faced a lot of struggles with regards to employee attrition, customer attrition, and many more. Yet, extensive perseverance and patience of the duo as well as their team helped them overcome these challenges and regain their business. The duo adds, “we were able to handle dealberg without funding for a while, but now we have raised $1 million, redesigned our offerings and stand at a strong position across the B2B marketplace”. Today, dealberg functions more like a bridge to connect big brands with SMEs so that they do not have to compromise on their purchases with dealers and local shops, most importantly on price and quality.

DealBerg is a B2B platform that enables enterprises taste the e-Commerce ease and experience while being more efficient in their procurement activities. It enables the clients enjoy the similar joy-filled experience of the ‘e-Commerce way’ of procuring goods for their organizations with greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever before. “We connect brands & SMEs, enable them to order their requirements at the best prices possible and get the orders delivered to their doorstep,” adds Suma. The company is all set to transform the way businesses buy and procure in India with the most robust technology intervention in transforming the way businesses procure, not only their day-to-day business needs but also large bulk purchases in the most efficient way.

The Support Expert
Committed to create the new era of revolution in B2B space, DealBerg enhances the reach for the brands and increases accessibility of products for the customers. Working as a support function for the procurement specialists, DealBerg empowers them to avail best products right at their doorsteps. “If you are a corporate, business entity, distributor, or reseller, here we come to serve you on anything and every thing that you may wish to buy,” explains Abhishek. To
adhere to your promise of seamless experience, the company’s buying platform not only lets customers buy what they need but also provides great visibility of spend management reducing their costs and spends at the same time.

But if you think that it’s just a platform to do business, you are wrong. There is more to DealBerg, which is all equipped to provide an outstanding experience to corporates and their employees. It is a rare and powerful combination of a three product built Dealberg, REWARDS, and SELECT. While Dealberg serves business/corporate in their internal procurement activity handing perfect audit control process for them, right from ordering to delivering the products to their doorstep, REWARDS encourages startups & SMEs to keep rewarding their employees and engage them with a lot of recognitions for the good work they do. Doing away with the expensive reward & recognition programs Dealberg REWARDS helps SMEs and startups use the rewards & recognition platform for free.

On the whole, we serve a corporate on a 360 degree view of angle, both employer and employees

Well-known brands usually come-up with ‘employee privilege offers’, where they run exciting and unmatchable offers internally in several corporates. However, one cannot expect an employee to go through every brand website or store and check what he needs to buy. This is where DealBerg’s SELECT comes as an avenger. A rarest of the rare concept,SELECT gets the best offers from brands directly to the employees of corporates. It offers consolidated offerings from such brands directly to the employees which ensures every brand is right in front of them, just a click away. “On the whole, we serve a corporate on a 360 degree view of angle both employer and employees (through their employers and directly). Thus DealBerg stands as a preferred brand among corporates,”adds Abhishek.

Despite such a huge array of offerings, DealBerg is committed to quality at every step. As it directly deals with brands all the products are procured straight from their warehouses which is an assurance of quality. Despite this the company has its own internal quality assurance practices in place to ensure right product is delivered to the right customer at the right time.

The Challenges on the Way
Unlike the B2C concept B2B marketplace drives on credit, which is indeed a big challenge for a startup like DealBerg that is just three and a half years old. But to mitigate this challenge, the company has planned for support from NBFCs, where they offer credit lines to SMEs based on their eligibility and credit worthiness. “By this, a lot of customers can get benefited and at the same time, a freehand to Dealberg too in serving these customers,”Suma adds.

This tech company that has built all the three robust technology products inhouse has already served 4,000 customers across India with revenues adding up to $5 million. “After so much of ups & downs, challenges, and scarcity of funds we raised $1 million investment from a group of investors,” concludes Abhishek. DealBerg is all set to raise another $5 million fund in the next three four months. With its powerful tool and funds arriving soon, the company is all set touch the turnover to $50 million annually by 2022.

Key Management:
•Abhishek Emmanuel, Founder & CEO
•Suma PV, Co-Founder & CBO

Quick Facts:

Office: Bangalore

Offerings: Dealberg Reward & Select

Awards & Recognition: Awarded the Emerging Startup of the Year 2016-17 by Deccan Herald