Delphinium Technologies:Focused on Bringing-out State-of-the-art EDA Technologies

C D Susheel Kumar and JU Nambi ,Directors & Co-Founders

C D Susheel Kumar and JU Nambi

Directors & Co-Founders

Electronic design automation (EDA) shrinks development cycles for the software industry. With delivery times getting shorter and quality more stringent, more chip designcompanies in India are investing in EDA solutions adding to the fact that more complete designs are being done out of teams based in the country. However, the task of managing disparate design teams, keeping track of huge amounts of rapidly changing design data, and collaborating with a host of disaggregated design chain partners are just as overwhelming. This in-turn increases the pressure on EDA companies, the resultant of which is the shift in focus of EDA firms to provide a multitude of design tools and products to close the productivity gap. Foreseeing this direction, C D Susheel Kumar and JU Nambi (Directors& Co-Founders) ventured Delphinium Technologies to bring inunique, advance and cutting-edge EDA technologies to the Indian electronics engineering industry. “We represent four top notch point solution EDA companies and each of them comes with capabilities unique to them, in their respective domains,” quips the duo.

This Bangalore-based company leverages its acumenabout modern, integrated and dynamic EDA solutions and works with companies based on the latest Portable Stimulus Standard, Next Gen Interconnect Solutions, Advanced IDE Solutions and 3D Field Solver Simulation Based Analysis Solutions to forge
EDA tools. Indeed, Delphinium employs only point EDA technologies that tend great enhancement in quality of the designs, thereby ensuring better productivity along with high quality in short turnaround time. “We focus on identifying the latest and unique EDA technologies and then foresee how this would enable the design and verification teams working in the Indian electronics industry,” proclaims Susheel.

Indeed, Delphinium employs only point EDA technologies that tend great enhancement in quality of the designs, thereby ensuring better productivity along with high quality in short turnaround time

Enhancing the Customer Experience
Challenging the existing inertia of accepting new technologies for use in the design & verification industry, Delphinium took the vow to bring out state-of-the-art EDA technologies enabling clients to meet their design goals.The company achieves this by forming constant interactions with the potential customers and highlighting the advantages of using the EDA tools that improve their productivity and equip them to craft better design, thus resulting better product in the market. Delphinium has brought inseveral globally recognized tools to manage and improve the process.

The 2014-founded Delphinium shifted several gears over the years, and grew many-fold to become a trusted & end-to-end technology platform offering various EDA tools & solutions.On the other hand, a dedicated & risk accepting core team and co-founders (having 17 years of experience in the EDA industry) effectively focus on promoting the state-of-the-art EDA tools. The company develops a
thorough in-depth training programme for enhancing the customer experience and to keep employees updated with latest technologies &trends. Explaining further, Susheel says, “We believe customer support is the key to growth of the company and the individual, so we insist on constant interactions with the customers from our employees”. The company not only trains its associates but also conducts various seminars & workshops to leverage the engineering community with the latest techniques in the industry.

Providing comprehensive and best quality EDA tools & solutions that allow companies to better design their goals, Delphinium today caters to a worldwide network with time definite services, and this insight on needs of tomorrow set the company apart from its competitors. Having cutting edge technology in its DNA, the company will continue to focus on customer satisfaction and bring the best in class EDA products to the Indian Electronics Engineering Industry.

Key Management
C D Susheel Kumar,Diector& Co-Founder
Aseasoned professional with 22 years of work experience in regional & international sales, business development, key account management and team management in the various fields, Susheel started Delphinium Technologies with a vision to promote latest EDA technologies.

JU Nambi, Director & Co-Founder
Holding a masters degree in engineering and having vast experience in architecture, design, verification and system design, Nambi manages the technical activities in Delphinium Technologies.

Offices: Bangalore & Coimbatore
Offerings: EDA tools & solutions