design. codes: Deliver Scalable Solutions And Measurable Results

Subhomay Banerjee,Co-Founder

Subhomay Banerjee, Co-Founder

There's something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. Prasit Bhattacharya and Subhomay Banerjee met through a common friend while appearing for a job interview. Both of them were there to apply for the same position and instead they got into a lengthy conversation about how things could be done differently and eventually decided to start something on their own together. This marked the beginning of Both Prasit and Subhomay combine their knowledge and passion for web technologies to deliver scalable solutions and measurable results to businesses - right from building web applications and software to providing custom solutions.

Recognized to be one of the best startups in outsourcing solutions, offers outsourced remote staffing solution for SMBs, Startups, Enterprises and Agencies. “We are doing this by bridging the quality-cost gap. Automation results in transparency and that impacts the costs and billings directly. Our clients understand that we charge the right amount to get the job done perfectly and nothing more,” informs Prasit.

While most of the competitors are either selling legacy/outdated technology to clients to keep up the margin or are showcasing the latest technologies at exorbitant price points, team designs. codes act consistently throughout the project lifecycles. “Clients prefer to work with us because of the complete transparency right from day one and over time they start valuing us more than just outsourcing partners once they see that we are always willing to go the extra mile for their success,” Subhomay says.

Deliveringa Seamless Experience
The need of the hour for
organizations is staying ahead of
the curve in terms of technological innovations and retaining and enhancing the manpower resources while having to recruit top-level talent continuously. Team strives to proactively assist its clients to undergo sound hire. “Our interview to hire ratio is almost 30:1 for certain job roles however we do not intend to comprise on quality at any point in time.

" Starting with the UK as its focus country to begin within 2014, at present is working with clients in 23 countries across five continents "

Also, continuously upgrading the skill set of our team members ensures that we are able to work on and offer our clients the latest cutting-edge tech stack. Open door policy at work and treating everyone with the same respect ensures that the team members are always equally engaged,” he mentions.

In fact, the team takes immense pride in providing a scalable solution to all of their clients under all circumstances and not just quick fixes. Often the clients come in with requirements where they have a clear need for the present but not the future. The analysts at understand not only the business requirements but also the industry trends. “Our consultative approach help clients assess their needs better. The suggested tech stacks and system architectures are always planned and designed to take into account all future requirements that might come up and not only getting rid of the present bottle necks,’he adds.

The project managers, business analysts, development team leads are segregated in different teams based on their expertise and preference for specific industries such as healthcare, insurance or tours and events. Eventually, a lot more care and love go into each project resulting in on-time delivery,seamless communication and high level of customer satisfaction.

Also as a start-up, the company values human interactions and that is at the core of its work culture. “We pride ourselves on the fact that everyone associated with is passionate about what they do and not only
the pay cheque. This over time has resulted in 83 per cent repeat hire and 49 per cent referral rate. While attrition is a major challenge in the IT industry, ours is among the one of the lowest,” states Prasit.

The Growth over the Years
Starting with the UK as its focus country to begin within 2014, at present is working with clients in 23 countries across five continents. They are looking to double the workforce within the next two years to ensure that it has enough resources to continue serving its clients without time lags. The team is guided and mentored on various aspects of growth and sustainability by industry veterans. “What really is gratifying is the fact that some of our longstanding clients turned out to be the best mentors,” Prasit asserts.

For the coming years, the company has planned to strengthen its presence and increase its market share in the UK where it is already operating out of Bristol. It is also looking to have a bigger presence in the Schengen countries by the end of 2019. “We work on cutting edge technology and are looking to expand our tech stack further to best serve our clients. We are looking to hire more AI, Machine Learning and SAP professionals throughout 2019 and beyond,” concludes Prasit on a positive note.

Subhomay Banerjee
Apart from defining the strategic roadmap for the business along with Prasit,as aco-founder of, Subhomay takes care of the technology and finance. “You could say that’s somewhat like being the CTO and CFO at the same time. The only reason I am able to do this is that I am equally passionate about both and it doesn’t really feel like work when every day you get to do something you love.”

Prasit Bhattacharya
Prasit’s job could be described quite simply - delivering growth. That applies not only to the bottom-line but also to the growth of the team members, market reputation, and business verticals. “I am responsible for the overall marketing, sales and service delivery here. As a CEO I delegate a lot of work but I do have hands-on knowledge of all aspects of our business.”