Digiripple Media Marketing LLP: Making Brands Discoverable, Shareable and Memorable at Real Time

Vikalp Srivastav, Founder,Gaurav Sharma, Founder

Vikalp Srivastav, Founder

Gaurav Sharma, Founder

With the ease of accessing the internet, grows the digital connection between the populace and the outside world. The thrill of experiencing the virtual world by just the click of a button is intriguing and the increasing numbers of internet users certainly justify it. Walking out from the era of printed media television, FM and many more, advertisement is now experiencing exposure to the modern world by the introduction of digitization. Quite well immersed in the lives of the general public digital platforms are more preferred by the current generation which has driven digital marketing towards its ultimate success. Capable of reaching out to maximum consumers of the internet, digital marketing is currently on a boom with a 30 percent annual growth rate in India alone. Estimating the statistics and the increasing social media channels and portals along with the highspeed digitization, digital marketing will experience a definitive elevated growth. Recognizing the imminent uprising of digital marketing in 2015, Vikalp Srivastava and Gaurav Sharma established Digiripple Media Marketing LLP in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. By performance based advertising strategic selling of behavior, and consistent effort to make the brand discoverable, Ripple D.M.E the brainchild of Digiripple Media Marketing, has emerged out as the biggest digital marketing company of Uttar Pradesh.

Unlike the presence of MSME now Digiripple Media Marketing bootstrapped itself from financial problems without any government assistance back in the initial days of the company. Incubated by Software Technology Park of India(STPI), the media marketing company slowly surfaced as an online elucidation for digital marketing. Providing outstanding services in social media marketing, content marketing online branding, SEO, email market ing, PPC ads online ads, mobile marketing, content design, UI design, web design, GUI design, content development and many more, Ripple D.M.E is working smoothly to achieve proper recognition of customer’s brand. Carefully picking and choosing elements that are specifically relevant to the business of the client the digital advertising company invites mainly prequalified traffic to the customer’s digital arena.

Talking about the existing issues and measures taken by the firm to tackle them, Vikalp Srivastava, founder Digiripple Media Marketing conveys,” According to every body’s perception digital marketing will give you some kind of effect. What we realized here is that we were able to give a lot of leads and a lot of inquiries to our clients but the clients were not able to convert them into paying customers. Though we were giving much needed ideas and efforts proper conversion of those efforts was not happening on behalf of our clients. So we
figured it out and considering it as a problem area decided to work upon it. We set up a call centre for our customers, where we call them up with the leads and ideas. By this arrangement we started giving businesses to our clients.”

Ripple D.M.E helps the customers with innovative techniques to create and design customized digital marketing equation to grasp real online opportunities

Imparting the Digital Footprint
Due to the strategic role played by it in brand recognition and promotion, Digital marketing has become an unavoidable factor of advertising for every organization. Initiating SEO and SMM campaigns, along with a fresh talent of SEO specialists, Ripple D.M.E helps the customers with innovative techniques to create and design customized digital marketing equation to grasp real online opportunities. The most recognized and eminent digital marketing marquee of Uttar Pradesh has the credit of organizing the largest annual conference of Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India (SGEI),‘ENDCON– 2016’in its bounty. Citing the impeccable arrangements executed by Digiripple Media Marketing in ‘ENDCON - 2016’, Vikalp quotes,” The fraternity of doctors are always far from the grasp of communication via the internet. They are never online, neither they are active on social media. Looking into the circumstances, we had to create a kind of a scenario where doctors can be interactive and start engaging with our brand. So we created a live twitter war on which anybody posts something and that goes directly on the live screen. This created a lot of buzzes and we were able to reach out to 1 million people in that campaign. So that is one of the projects that I am proud of.”

Considered as one of the highest game changer in digital marketing of current era Digiripple Media Marketing possesses a highly admired set of clients with names such as Prayagraj police United College of Engineering and Research, United Medicity, and World gastroenterology Institute (WGI Hospital), Mumbai adorning the list. Admired and appreciated for its immense contribution in the field of digital marketing and advertising industry Digiripple media marketing has been awarded the 'Uttar Pradesh brand Leadership Award by ABP News. Adding another feather to its cap the company is going to be felicitated with ‘India 5000 Best MSME Awards’in December 2019.

Waiting for the glorious future with high hopes, Vikalp adds,” Digiripple media marketing is going in the business of Production,concurrently contributing in the business of education and digital advertising space. At present we are growing at a rate of 20% per year and in the next five years we are thinking of achieving a growth rate of some where around 30% per year. The total budget of advertising of UP cross somewhere around 5000 crore. More or less 5000 crore advertisement happens here in our company alone. We are right now digital ad spend is somewhere around 14% of this total amount. And in the upcoming five years, I am expecting that this digital spend will go up to 25%. Evaluating the current landscape in the next decade or so it will be at 40% of the total advertise and spend in Uttar Pradesh. So which is a very positive sign and we're looking towards it.”

Vikalp Srivastav, Founder
Over 5 years of experience within the online marketing domain Vikalp has created and led multiple successful online marketing and advertising campaigns both large and small.

Gaurav Sharma, Founder
A B.Tech in Production Engineering Gaurav has a strong affinity towards digital marketing. Starting his professional career as Quality Assurance Engineer in automobile industry for 2 years he founded his own digital marketing agency which is successfully running for 5 years.

Offerings: social media marketing, content marketing, online branding, SEO, email marketing, PPC ads online ads, mobile marketing, content design UI design, web design, GUI design, content development

Offices: Allahabad
Awards: India 5000 Best MSME Awards, Uttar Pradesh brand Leadership Award