Digitant Consulting: Carving the Digital Marketing Footprint in India

Gayathri Choda,Founder & MD

Gayathri Choda

Founder & MD

It is no secret that inbound marketing has completely transformed the way we do business to stay competitive. Gone are days when marketing were done through trade shows, huge email blasts, telemarketing and traditional advertising. In today’s economic climate, organizations have realized the importance of inbound marketing and truly focus on certain priorities (converting leads into customers, growing traffic to the website, increasing revenue from existing customers, and proving the ROI from the marketing activities) to establish their brand name and survive the competition. A recent study by State of Inbound (2017) found that 63 percent of marketers believe that generating traffic and leads are top challenges as these required careful planning & research, and strong web presence, which digital marketing can address. “We thoroughly audit the website of the clients and notify them where they and their competitors are on Digital Marketing proficiency curve and even provide them the list of services that they would require to drive traffic for their businesses and enhance their visibility and thus conversions,” explains Gayathri Choda, Founder & MD, Digitant Consulting.

The goal at Digitant Consulting is to proffers custom, rapid inbound marketing services to match each client’s unique needs. In fact, Digitant Consulting has an innate knack to listen carefully & understand clients’ requirement, and then create & execute solutions that complement for meeting the goals of inbound marketing. The ultimate objective of the firm is to assist B2Bclients to gain greater internet exposure, build a strong SEO search engine presence, increase their website traffic and receive a greater ROI. The company ensures that wherever its client’s consumers are looking for them, whether on social media, Google, Quora, YouTube, online article or newspaper, they are present on that platform. Explaining further, Gayathri says, “We as a company have the capability of working on any digital marketing
platform, but our core idea has always been ‘Do what’s best for the client’”. Digitant enjoys a committed, long term relationship with customers and intends to continue the same by achieving maximum lead conversion and delivering high-quality solutions in the most effective way.

Digitant Consulting has an innate knack to listen carefully & understand clients’ requirement, and then create & execute solutions that complement for meeting the goals of inbound marketing

Robust Solutions
The company's in-depth expertise in marketing automation and content generation services enable organizations to automate their various digital marketing solutions (emails, social media, website action and others), create brand name, establish easy engagement with their consumers, shorten sales cycles and convert their consumers into promoters of their products & services. Digitant facilitates creation of website content, blog post, white papers, case studies and datasheets that help clients to establish connection with their consumer and raises their trust quotient as an authority in their field of business. Besides, the company deputes its associates (who work along with the client) at client location and even assist them to set-up their in-house team, thereby enhancing their inbound marketing strategies. “Nowadays, everybody is a digital marketing provider but we are trying to build a system where people can get certified and verified with us as we have very strong training &certification program, once they are verified with us then they can take up the inbound marketing services with our clients” explains, Gayathri.

As the intension to deliver clear data analytic report, Digitant Consulting identifies vital sources of pre existent data and performs deep analysis of those data (using tools like Google Analytics & RAVEN) to help customers by recognizing their core metrics for analysis. The company enhances the power of traditional reports by centralizing the data assets through consolidated report dashboard that aids customer to identify bottlenecks, drop-off points, scrutinize the sales & marketing issues, perform full cycle of testing, comprehensive content analysis and digital
marketing auditing. Further more, Digitant's partnership with HubSpot and Google helps clients to shape their businesses in the best possible way. This Hyderabad-based company applies all its security endeavors and strategies to shield the most confidential business information by signing non disclosure agreement with their clients and following an ethical approach of not tieing-up with two clients of same domain in the same region.

Big Things Ahead
Digitant runs on the spark of a young energetic team filled with passion, client-focused, hungry for learning new things and very clear expectations from a business perspective. The teams of experts are passionate to create success stories for the clients and they achieve this by evaluating their strengths &challenges, giving accurate assessment, designing an actionable strategy, and finally implementing it with full support from all the available resources. The firm provides great chance to learn and improve knowledge and expertise for their employees, by arranging weekly sessions where employees are free to share their wisdom on recent industry trends and also encourages them to take up various certification programs. These sessions are filled as newsletters that have a subscription of over 80 thousand people.

Digitant Consulting is an organically grown company and has been profitable since inception, having 100 percent growth year-on-year. In the coming future, the company aims to automate its audit process and highlight its Digital Marketing Talent solutions. Additionally, the firm is also trying to create ecosystem where the clients can actually hire the talents who are trained, certified, verified and being approved by the Digitant experts.

Key Management:
Gayathri Choda, Founder & MD
Having immense experience in digital marketing and data analysis, Gayathri identified a gap in the market for an agency that could both educate and entice clients to make the move to the digital age and hence ventured Digitant Consulting.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarter), Bangalore & U.S.

Offerings: Inbound Marketing Services, & Digital marketing Talent Solutions