Dimple Mirchandani: A Young Entrepreneur in Pursuit of Her Passions

Dimple Mirchandani ,VCsThe members of a business class family are often born with a risk-free career. Most of them merely complete a facile academic degree to happily join their family business, buy the best affordable car, get married and pass the executive chair to the next generation. But some breeds are repellent to this run-of-the-mill business-chain regardless of gender, just like Dimple Mirchandani who carves a meaningful life out of her entrepreneurial journey by pursuing her passions. Immensely attributing the success to her mother who always accentuated that her daughter could achieve no less than what her brother could, 27-year old Dimple artfully managed to convert her twin passions into business by venturing two successful organizations - Holistic Nutrition ( a Delhi-based healing & fitness startup) and Secret Dresser (a pre owned luxury fashion and accessories startup).

The Business Blood
Though Dimple belongs to the well-known Lalwani business family, her success anecdote is entirely a different story. Post her schooling in New Delhi, she flew all the way to University of Manchester, UK to complete her graduation in the field of Accounting & Finance. Further finishing a few additional accounting courses from London, Dimple started exploring the realm of her passion. She first achieved an International Certification as a Nutrition & Health Consultant from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York, US), and then a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford Learning (UK).

There was no one stopping her; Dimple explored many other fields and pursued certifications in Astrology, Tarot Reading &
Numerology, abreast of international certifications in Yoga training, and Diamonds &Gemology (from GIA). Apart from academics, this wonder girl even learned kickboxing, and also plays piano. “Even though I had done a lot of certifications, I knew it demands a lot more to become a leader. If I had found it comfortable under the shades of my family, I wouldn’t have become an independent entrepreneur,” she adds. Dimple started her first venture in 2015 under the shade of her family, but as soon as she earned experience in running an organization, her decision was to explore more.

The willingness to take risk combined with her confidence, Dimple’s calculated risk didn’t go in vain, as the company has become one of the favorite destinations for designer apparels lovers within months from its inception

When she launched Secret Dresser in 2016, the pre owned luxury fashion & accessories e-Commerce was an alien concept in India, and thus it was not surprising that her friends and family posted queries over her decision to start a preowned sales portal. But, in fact, she was well-acquainted with the fact everybody suffers with their barely used old luxurious apparels so as she does, which occupy the shelves for years.

The willingness to take risk combined with her confidence, Dimple’s calculated risk didn’t go in vain, as the company has become one of the favorite destinations for designer apparels lovers within months from its inception. Nevertheless, her success is never luck of the draw; in fact, she crafted an expert team dedicated for the product’s quality check, verification and authentication. “If the product comes one percent under the standards, we do not list it for sure,” adds Dimple. Many VCs recognizing the company’s potential, now she has a decent amount of funding offerings in
hand, which she might use in the future for realizing the expansion plans.

Today, being in pursuit of her PhD, Dimple as a woman entrepreneur perceives no invisible barriers above her. “I used to hear business talks in my family from my childhood. Though initially they were may be a little hesitant about me venturing out being a girl, but once I started doing really well, they were extremely happy to support & act as my pillars to go further,” asserts Dimple. Manifesting maturity beyond her young age, she is an excellent decision maker who lends her ears to everyone around her circle, though finally takes decisions based on her own intuition.

Spirituality Being the Way to Go
“The turning point of my life was actually when I got into meditation and started doing yoga. That helped me listen to myself & discover my potential. When you can listen to yourselves, the mental struggles are gone forever,” reminisces Dimple. She never thinks too much and complexes her mind, instead goes with the flow of the wind, which makes her decisions fresh & agile. She says, “The word weakness doesn’t exist in my dictionary. If I find that I can’t do a task in one way, I definitely find out another way to do it”. On the other hand, failing is just a way to learn & grow in life.

“Eating well and living a balanced life are the greatest strengths that anyone can ever have,” Dimple continues. An early riser, Dimple starts her day with meditation, which is followed by a morning walk and then 45 minutes of yoga. As she juggles between her offices, she doesn’t have any fixed office timing. A book lover, she suggests a couple of books to the budding entrepreneurs – The monk who sold his Ferrari By Robin Sharma, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. “Whenever I am off from the office, I make sure that I indulge in recreational activities, such as playing piano, music, swimming or anything that takes me away for a while,” she concludes.