Divami Design Labs: Realizing Futuristic UI/UX Designs with Cutting-Edge Technology Ink

Naveen Puttagunta, CEO & Founder,Prathima Inolu, Chief Designer & Executive Director

Naveen Puttagunta, CEO & Founder

It was in 1990s that Don Norman coined the term 'user experience' discerning the great connection between human interface, technology, and usability. Collectively joining the dots of design, graphics, physical interaction and interface, user experience in the modern-day context is constantly developing. No longer associated with certain industry champions, UI/UX today has become a field of interest for nearly everyone in the technology circle and design domain. One seasoned professional constantly evolving its designs with disruptive ideology is Divami Design Labs, a Hyderabad based UX/UI boutique services firm, designing experience beyond reality. Under the dynamic leadership of Naveen Puttagunta (CEO & Founder) and Prathima Inolu (Chief Designer & Executive Director), Divami has been delivering UX Strategy, User Research, UX & UI Design, and UI Development services for a diverse set of customers since ten years.

Amongst the first ones to introduce UI/UX in the Indian tech grid, Divami has initially made its mark working with US-based tech startups. With this constantly evolving ecosystem, the company has expanded its servicing to Indian market (both startups and larger corporates) with consumer portals, mobile apps, SaaS & cloud service platforms, e-commerce, social media and digital transformation projects. Having rich experience in diverse industry verticals, ranging from healthcare, financial services, logistics, media & entertainment and a healthy ratio of startup to corporate clientele, Naveen & Prathima and other senior management owns deep technical background and creates niche with tech entrepreneurs. “We'get'technology and so entrepreneurs feel that we are able to come up to speed withcomplex ideas and technology, and understand their vision very quickly, which makes us a natural choice for software product companies,” confirms Naveen.

The Blueprints of Excellence
The reason that Divami has been able to win their customer's hearts is that they not work on their problems but also take its complete ownership. “Client satisfaction is not just driven by quality and timeliness. It comes from empathizing with your
customers and their respective users. We earned our reputation one-project-at-a-time by completely owning to our clients’ problems, such that they are free to focus on their vision,”says Naveen.

Alternatively, Prathima explains about Divami’s key to success saying, “Our priorities have always been clear. Values, uncompromised quality and human-centric approach stand are our cornerstone”. She attributes client’s praise and success to the strength of their stringent process and methodology that has been rigorously fine-tuned over 10 years. She also believes that the framework is something that Divami adopts for the required project and make necessary changes as and when required because every project is different and every business idea is different. Agreeing happily is Sanjay Das(COO, Semantify) who testifies, “They (Divami) were very flexible and dynamic. They had an objective in mind to deliver a successful UI/UX project. They are very flexible at meeting what we wanted in terms of design, making changes, and working with our team. ”

"Divami stands out by providing end-to-end services with an interrelated approach, right from conceptualization to execution"

Pixel Perfect Execution
Vis-à-vis other studios offering individual services, Divami stands out by providing end-to-end services with an interrelated approach, right from conceptualization to execution. Be it contriving UX strategy, UX and UI design, or UI development, the company joins the strings of each service with one another to formulate a complete delivery strategy. “The UX strategy is incomplete without design & design is incomplete without a strategy – they are interrelated,” affirms Prathima.

Divami coins strategies and solutions through deeply understanding end-user pain points and requirements. Each design is uniquely contrived via thorough business understanding, creating user personas and key problem analysis, thus every interactive design travels through the extensive research process. As a cherry on top, Divami extends support and assistance to their client development teams even after delivering final designs until the products or applications are rolled into production. Another of Divami’s strengths is its in-house development squad, who realize the designer’s vision into pixel perfect screens and applications to ensure correct implementation of the intended blueprint.

NextGen Future in Making
In a field that struggles with
availability of good designers and developers,Divami shapes its talent in-house, keeping its values at core. “Although we hire grads from prominent schools, they are rarely ready to work directly on projects. With rigorous training programs, we have been very successful in turning fresh grads into very effective designers and developers who can deliver great results,”says Prathima. Owing to their work with many tech companies, Divami designers and developers are highly experienced in creating UIs for products based on latest technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Services, and Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain.

Divami relies on building long-term relationships, examples of which are Semantify, Transworld, Tata Capital and Airtel, and continues to score revenues on a steady scale. Envisioning becoming a global leader in Human Technology Interaction space,the company is constantly eyeing advanced technologies and changing user behaviors for developing accessible and conscious UX in future endeavors. “As the world changes with technology, we want to be in the driving seat to ensure that we’re going to a better place through that change,” concludes the maven duo.

Prathima Inolu, Chief Designer & Executive Director

Key Management:
Naveen Puttagunta, CEO & Founder
Owing to his 25+ years of experience in UX,databases and availability domains, Naveen knits together UI/UX requirements with the latest technologies and designs solutions at par excellence. He is determined to make Divami a pioneer in Human Technology Interaction domain.

Prathima Inolu, Chief Designer & Executive Director
An expert UI/UX designer, Prathima blueprints out-of-the-box ideas and gives life to those ideations through right implementation. She is instrumental in providing vision and design direction for Divami.


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