DMI Housing Finance: Leading the Digital Revolution to Make Homeownership Affordable for All

 Rajul Bhargava, CEO & Executive Director,   Pooja Malik, Group Head - Human Resources

Rajul Bhargava, CEO & Executive Director

Pooja Malik, Group Head - Human Resources

Digitization can be transformative for industries. From fostering seamless business operations to transforming workplaces into hubs for connection, collaboration, and innovation, technology plays a pivotal role. The housing finance industry is no exception. DMI Housing Finance stands at the forefront - leveraging technology to enhance productivity, ensure customer satisfaction and prioritize employee wellbeing. In doing so, it underscores its commitment to value generation and sustainable growth. Let's delve deeper into what sets DMI Housing Finance apart.

Tell us about DMI Housing Finance. Delineate its approach to client management and products & services delivery.

As a company, DMI Housing Finance is missioned to provide housing for all, offering various home products. Home loan options include construction, purchase, plot purchase, topup loans and extension loans, all streamlined through our advanced digital platforms. Being at the forefront of the adoption of digitization and automation, we are one of the few HFCs that have developed its LOS (Loan Origination System) and LMS (Loan Management Systems) in-house. This approach has significantly decreased loan sanction time and increased customer ease. Our customers are the heart of our business - we strive to make housing affordable for all – and we cater extensively to first-time homebuyers. Today we operate with an average ticket size of 15 lakhs.

Describe DMI Housing Finance's emphasis on work culture.

DMI Housing Finance uses digitization and automation to empower employees and encourage an open-door policy of direct communication with senior management, aligning everyone to a shared vision. DMI has been an employer of choice in the housing finance industry. We always stand with our teams, especially during tough times like COVID-19. Even in a young company such as ours, we have more than 50+ employees working with us for over 5 years; it speaks loudly of our work culture.

Creating a positive work culture is a top priority. The company achieves this by organizing team offsites and implementing various reward and recognition programs. Additionally, the leadership team regularly visits branches to motivate employees. The company's cautious risk strategy, supported by digital analytics and automation, has resulted in a healthier portfolio, which has helped reduce the burden of non-performing assets (NPAs). This has also motivated the field teams to focus more on quality and efficiency.

Why should candidates consider joining DMI Housing Finance? What are the key factors making the hiring process effective at the company?

DMI Housing Finance’s foundation has been laid entirely with the idea of facilitating housing for individuals across different
income and economic strata. This mission is augmented by a solid foundation of technology to enable us to offer creative and tailor-made housing credit solutions to customers. For professionals with a sense of purpose, DMI Housing Finance provides a platform to positively impact the lives of aspiring homeowners.

Built on the pillars of empowerment, transparency, and fairness, we provide a magnitude of opportunities to further professional aspirations, innovate and grow with our organization. Our hiring process also echoes these attributes, focusing on bringing together like-minded yet diverse professionals. With a structured method of communication of role descriptions, goals and company values, we hire professionals for their intent, abilities, and aptitude.

What is DMI Housing Finance doing to retain the employees and reduce the attrition rates?

As employers, we believe a progressive organization is built on 'people' and their ability and intent to propel the organizational goals and strategy. Our investment in learning and development and our efforts to co-create a workplace based on the ethos of diversity, equity, and inclusion are testaments to our commitment to furthering our employees' careers. Further augmented by technology and cohesive collaboration, we can provide our employees with an enabling environment to innovate and effect change, in addition to furthering their professional aspirations by virtue of not only vertical but also horizontal developmental opportunities.

Built on the pillars of empowerment, transparency, & fairness, DMI provides a magnitude of opportunities to further professional aspirations, innovate & grow with the organization

As people-focused employers, we are not oblivious to attrition and channel our efforts into continually recognizing our people through rewards, recognitions, benefits, and cross-functional opportunities. Thus, we enable a high performing culture and a drive for results.

Also, given the increasing competition today, how does DMI Housing Finance ensure that its employees upgrade and upskill and stay ahead of the competition?

DMI Housing Finance is committed to providing a workplace where our employees can be the best version of themselves. Our comprehensive and curated training programs, across all levels, are built on the recognition and appreciation of our employees' diversity of thought and potential. We offer training programs, workshops, and exclusive online courses through internal LMS (Learning Management System) to help employees enhance their skills and stay updated on industry trends and advancements. Additionally, high-performing and high-potential employees can access mentorship programs, leadership development initiatives, and opportunities for cross-functional collaboration to broaden their knowledge and expertise. By investing in continuous learning and development, DMI Housing Finance empowers its employees to adapt to evolving trends and excel in their roles, ultimately contributing to the company's success.

Pooja Malik, Group Head - Human Resources

Tell us about the further steps/strategies the company is looking toward to make DMI Housing Finance the best workspace to work in.

DMI Housing Finance today fosters a dynamic, inclusive work environment promoting innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Our output-focused organization propagates agility across levels by providing flexible work arrangements, including hybrid work options and flexible working hours.

We are committed to co-creating the organization with our people, enhancing employee benefits, investing in development programs, promoting an inclusive work culture, implementing innovative technologies, gathering employee feedback, and prioritizing work-life balance. We aim to create an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to perform at their best.