DRSB Law Chambers: Eliminating the Legal Hitches through Expert Representation

Dr. Shashwat Bajpai,Proprietor
Dr.Shashwat Bajpai, Proprietor

In business world, contracts and partnerships are very common. Intended to promote the growth, contracts and agreements can also be a risk factor to a company’s development, if the clauses are not drafted carefully. In order to facilitate growth, companies need to think beyond the business terms of the contract and consider various scenarios of enforcement, especially in legal terms. In today’s turbulent market competition, it is wise to seek expert advice about dispute resolution before enter to an agreement. Combining the 3 decades old generational experience in law with the understanding of contemporary business needs, DRSB Law Chambers is rendering resourceful assistance to clients in Dispute Resolution and Arbitration planning with an aim to enable the parties to work outside the courtroom to resolve the dispute and reduce the financial risk.

The DRSB Law Chambers is a third generation law firm specializing in commercial litigation and arbitrations with a generational experience of 30 years, offering transactional, regulatory,advisory and dispute resolution services. Their area of expertise spans across various segments such as Domestic and International Arbitration, Civil Dispute Litigation, Direct Taxation, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Company Litigation, Contract Law Disputes& Conveyance, Information Technology,and Telecommunications Law. The firm’s well-knit network of lawyers and professionals ensure quality of service, instant response and proficient dealings with clients. Dr.Shashwat Bajpai, Founder& Proprietor, DRSB Law Chambers mentions, “Our USP is the mix of exuberance of youth with the calmness of experience. We have several young aspiring associates as well as experienced legal minds spanning 30 years plus of court experience as mentors, grooming the young talent and assisting the client/s. Our wide network of lawyers and professionals, transcending state and jurisdictional boundaries, instantaneously allow the Chambers to provide pan-India legal services for clients.”

A Group of Experienced Arbitrators with Expertise in Dispute Resolution
The Law Chambers is led by Dr. Shashwat Bajpai, a B.A.LL.B,(Hons.)law graduate, who has completed his Master’s degree (BCL)from the University of Oxford,UK. He holds a Ph.D. degree inLaw from the National Law University Delhi(NLUD). Dr.Bajpai, who is leading the DRSB Law Chambers’ flagship offering-
Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, is
MCIArb, an accredited Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom (CIArb UK); and is also an FICM-MCN Accredited Member and a Representative Neutral to serve as an Arbitrator, Mediator and Ombudsman & a Certified Honors’ Badge Holder in International Commercial Arbitration.

"DRSB Law Chambers Is Rendering Resourceful assistance To Clients Indispute Resolution And arbitration Planning With an Aim To Enable The parties To Work Outside the Courtroom To Resolve the Dispute And Reduce the Financial Risk"

Dr.Bajpai holds the position of Joint Secretary of the SCL(Society for Construction Law-India),and is a life-member of ICA(Indian Council for Arbitration). He is also a Member of the Core Committee of CIArb Young Member’s Group(YMG),and a member of the ICC YAF(International Chamber of Commerce-Young Arbitrator’s Forum).

Distinguished by its comprehensive dispute resolution services, the Chambers offers a variety of Domestic as well as International Arbitration services including drafting and conveyancing of Notices Invoking Arbitration, Statement of Claims, Statement of Defence, Counter-Claims, Filing of section 11 petitions /applications for Appointment of Arbitrator(s)before the High Court/s; Arbitration Petitions, OMPs, CS(OS), FAO(OS); Applications for Sec 9 and/or 17 Interim Relief and Appeals u/s 37 of the Act; Proceedings in re Enforcement and Execution of Arbitral Awards u/s 48; etal. “Challenge to Arbitral Awards under the newly amended Section 34 of the Act has been a joyous rigmarole to say the least but the byzantine affect of Section 87 of the amending Bill 2018, pending before the Rajya Sabha, is slated to further complicate matters, especially in light of the Apex court’s admonishment of the Section in BCCI V. Kochi Cricket Club,” says Dr. Bajpai. The firm’s experience in tackling various business issues on a regular basis coupled with the hard-work and dedication of the team gives them a unique edge over other competitors.

Established in 2011 (formerly Bajpai & Co, since 1995),DRSB Law Chambers is on the panel of several Construction & Oil & Gas Companies for their Arbitration and Litigation matters and is a part of numerous ongoing and completed arbitrations for many reputed clients such as Jagson Drilling & Shipping Co., IOCL, Pradeep Oil Corporation, Jagson International Ltd.,Suprajit Engineering Ltd, Hindustan Ventures Ltd.,Navnirman Highways Constructions Ltd.,VLS Investments, State Urban Development Agency(SUDA)and many more.

Additionally, the team works on international Arbitrations and disputes, with particular reference to the FIDIC suite of contracts
representing both the Public Sector Undertakings(PSUs)as well as private contractors. As of now, the firm is focusing onkey segments of Construction and Oil& Gas Arbitrations - Arbitral proceedings and consequential litigations under (Engineering Procurement& Construction)EPC,(Build Operate Transfer) BOT,BOOT, Turnkey Contracts involving several issues including non-payment, extension of time(EOT)clauses, variation orders, defects, liquidated damages and so on.

DRSB Law Chambers lawyers have been recently engaged in a successful representation of an Oil & Gas Co. before the Hon’ble Supreme court in a Special Leave Petition filed against a Delhi High Court Judgment refusing to appoint Arbitrator under a Sec 11(6) Application including questions of law in relation to appointing of an arbitrator beyond expiry of 30 days and currently representing it in the 120 Crore Arbitration matter against the Government Unit before the Sole Arbitrator Hon’ble Mr. Justice KS Radhakrishnan(former Supreme Court Judge).

The Chamber counsels have successfully represented a construction MNC against a foreign Heavy Load Carrier/semi-submersible heavy lift vessels Company in an SLP before the Supreme Court, in re enforcement of a foreign Award passed under the LMAA(London Maritime Arbitration Association)Rules, relating to quantummeruit claims and Award being beyond scope of the Arbitration Agreement u/s 48 of the Arbitration Act.

Currently the Arbitration team is handling an ongoing complex case representing an Oil & Gas Co.,Jagson International Ltd., before the Bombay High Court in an Interim Section 9 petition against a Maharatna PSU in re
an interim stay order on encashment of the Performance Bank Guarantees, relating to the alleged liability arising from a separate contract (than the one for which the PBGs were given), wherein the liability was a custom duty one that arose due to the termination of the contract. The matter remains subjudice.

Dr Bajpai holds the distinction of being appointed as one of the youngest sole arbitrator by the Delhi High Court, in an arbitration dispute between two private construction companies(KSS Petron v. Punj Lloyd). Delineating on future plans of DRSB Law Chambers, Dr.Shashwat says,“Since the time of this appointment 4years back by the Delhi high Court, our Arbitration focus has been swayed towards Construction and Oil & Gas disputes and we shall strive further and better to make the Chambers a legal hub for Construction and Oil & Gas Arbitrations and Dispute Resolution. Our future roadmap further involves the plans to get affiliated with foreign Arbitral Institutions like SIAC,ICC and LCIA for disseminating Arbitration knowledge by holding Seminars, workshops, lectures and more.”