DXCorr Design: World-Class Physical IP Solutions with an Employee Collaborative Approach

P. Naga Srinivasa Reddy, DirectorBengaluru's bustling information technology (IT) corridors may well be a thing of the past as the Covid-19-led work from home (WFH) requirement reduces the need for large office spaces, thereby sending out a ripple of change in how India's technology capital operates. However, at the heart of it, Bengaluru still remains every job seeker's first priority due to the impact it has on the country's digital economy, and the life it offers to the working professional. Recalling the yesteryears of Bengaluru's busy city lights, the Director of DXCorr Design Inc., P. Naga Srinivasa Reddy says,"Bangalore The TecHalli being the home to techno logy, the country's electronic city, played a major role in making India digital". Rightly so, the surging demand in gadgets like mobiles, smart watches, tablets and other devices has led to escalating demand for semiconductor related products which has been fulfilled by the ‘Silicon Valley' of India. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with the major R&D offices at Bangalore and Kolkata, DXCorr is an independent IP company that designs carefully crafted physical IPs of the highest quality using cutting edge technology. The firm is on a mission to create and deliver the best physical IPs to the world's leading design houses using the latest foundry
technologies. DXCorr retains the spirit of Bengaluru's high octane yet employee friendly work culture.

DXCorr emphasizes employee participation on all levels, with a professional yet casual workplace, wherein employees often have the opportunity to take on new projects and additional roles irrespective of their experience. "We believe in the motto ‘People over process'. We encourage people to think of ground breaking ways of solving problems and ensure that they contribute by sharing their thoughts and making indepen dent decisions while having an open-minded and creative approach," adds Srinivas.

A Culture of Respect in a Collaborative Work Environment
DXCorr maintains an environment of mutual trust & respect and cultivates a culture of responsibility, where employees are given the freedom to solve problems in unique ways without imposing any sort of strict regimen of thought. At the same time, DXCorr strives to provide adequate guidance when required to ensure that employees make independent decisions and have a broad minded approach. This philosophy helps build trust and prevents any sort of micromanagement that could derail creativity and independent thought.

Unlike most hardware organizations, DXCorr's leadership team is composed of individuals who prefer taking personal responsibility by working on the crux of the problem to ensure that projects are completed with quality. There are no strict hierarchies. Project execution is not a top-down process but is instead a parallel process where multiple ideas are given equal weight age and the one that is most relevant is adopted irrespective of the origin. "Our leadership is in the trenches with the troops, providing an approachable work atmosphere. There are no armchair generals in DXCorr," exclaims Srinivas.

As an organization, DXCorr aims for technical advancement while operating in a Research and Development mode. The firm believes in the freedom of thought and focuses on innovation. More than ever, DXCorr provides opportunities for learning and development in the workplace. Employees can access resources for learning & guidance and can contribute in any field according to their interests. As evident above, DXCorr does not follow a hierarchy for communication, i.e. every employee can communicate directly with the CEO if required. In summary, DXCorr strives to create a positive workplace while continuing to recognize the talent and hard work of its employees.