Eastern International: Pioneers in Offering Innovative Products to the Equine & Pet World

Mohammad Anas,   PartnerShahid Aslam, Founder of Eastern International, believed, `If everybody else seems to be doing it one way, there might be more opportunities the other way.' In early 1992, to his surprise, he found that people were limited to manufacturing only leather products like bridles, halters, and saddles. There wasn't a single player in the market manufacturing textile products for the equestrian industry. Thus to seize the opportunity in the Indian market, he started Eastern International in 1992 with the simple production of horse rugs from canvas fabric. His passion for his work and the exceptional quality of those products soon echoed his name in the industry. In 1993, the Kanpur-based company exported its products. Innovation, quality, teamwork, and respect segregate the company from the crowd. This has also helped the company to become one of India's first, oldest, and top equestrian manufacturing companies. Shahid's son Mohammad Anas, a Partner of Eastern International, joined the company in 2013. Since its inception, Anas and the team have been working hard to bring new innovative products to the equine and pet world and have created a worldwide network to help convert your imagination into actual creation.

A Myriad of Innovative Products
With innovation and excellence imbibed in its DNA right from inception, Eastern offers a wide array of products for riders and horses. Horse rugs, boots & bandages, halters & ropes, saddle pads, girths, and other accessories are a few examples of horse products. Breeches, t-shirts, coats, chaps, boots, and other accessories are available for riders. The company also manufactures
belts, halters, bridles, and other leather products. Eastern makes innovative products every year for the industry. The company recently created a new horse rug made from recycled plastic bottles, which is healthy for the environment and the horses. Additionally, Eastern created a unique fabric with excellent breathability, waterproofing, antibacterial and wicking quality. Also, the company has manufactured brand-new textiles for saddle pads that include extra features for sweat absorption.

Fast developments customer satisfaction, good communication and understanding is the key which is deeply ingested in the roots of our company

"We are one of the oldest companies and hold the most experience in the industry in manufacturing equestrian products. Our company is well own and trusted by several big brand in the industry. This is because of the last development process we offer and wide variety of products to choose and design from. Many of the products we produce are still not available with other suppliers due to lack of proper technology and the workman ship. Fast developments, customer satisfaction, good communication and understanding is the key which is deeply ingested in the roots of our company” says Mohammad Anas.

Overcoming Challenges like a Pro
After establishing a strong foothold in the market, Eastern still faces challenges relating to new developments and getting skilled labor, local supplychain etc in Kanpur city. As fortune favors the bold, the company overcomes these glitches with the help of its inhouse production team, along with 20+ suppliers in China and 15+ suppliers in Taiwan. Eastern also has agents in China and Taiwan who search fabrics and cutting-edge technologies for it. For the labor issue, the company runs a small institute for its factory. The company hires a few unskilled laborers, trains them for about a year, and employs them to work in the factory once they finish training. With a well-knitted team of 300 people, Eastern plans to open a new factory and make pet textile products shortly.