Enerzia Power Solutions: Incorporating Latest Technologies To Bring Revolutionary Changes In The Indian Power Solutions Industry

Subramani Anbanandham,Founder And CEO

Subramani Anbanandham

Founder And CEO

The global power monitoring services industry is a booming market segment which is set to reach 5.2 billion US dollars in value by 2024. Operating out of Chennai, Enerzia Power Solutions is a pioneering power monitoring firm that is operating with a unique vision to make a better planet by their smarter, greener and greater solutions and sustainable growth. The biggest challenge for any facility is to maintain an efficient power networks and their energy consumption. Acknowledging this fact, Enerzia Power Solutions and their team of engineers will maintain their clients' electric facility with efficient troubleshoot methodologies and services along with good reporting hierarchical systems. Offering top-notch services has not only helped the company to create a positive reputation in the industry but it has also helped them to create a niche in the market.

Creating A Better To-Morrow With Sustain-Able Development
Thinking smarter and going greener is Enerzia Power Solutions brand campaign and the company differentiates itself from the rest of the competition by offering first-rate client-centric services. To cater to the needs of their clients, Enerzia Power Solutions has created a diversified service portfolio that includes offerings like Electrical HT/LT Turnkey electrical projects, Annual Maintenance Contract of Electrical systems, Energy Audit, Electrical safety audit, Thermography, Renewable power projects, Industrial Facility services, and Infrastructure development to name a few. Apart from that, Enerzia Power Solutions also offers class-leading products such as Energy Saving power products, Water saving technologies, Switch gears and relays, Solar & renewable products, and Environment friendly bio-degradable products supplies.

Operating with a USP that focuses on the 5s model of Specific, Simple, Superiority, Speed, and Satisfy has helped the company to be specific in customer requirements, makes simple yet effective solutions, mark their superiority by offering excellent products & services, and execute in speed, while at the same time satisfy their clients' needs. Enerzia Power Solutions is also an EA-graded electrical licensed contractor which enables them to execute projects upto 33kv systems and is also ISO 9001:2015 certified for improving and monitoring all areas of business. Apart from this, the company is also a registered member of FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations) which helps the company to export products in international markets.
Adding further about their business operations and how they have been able to cater to the needs of their clients in an efficient and effective manner, Subramani Anbanandham, Founder and CEO, Enerzia Power Solutions, says, "At First, our power solutions are very efficient in suppressing harmonics flows in electric current waves which can be found mostly in factories, industrial facilities. Secondly, our automatic sense infrared induction water saving device is a waterproof device which reduces the tap water consumption by almost 90 percent and it's the most widely recommended products for the COVID-19 contactless solutions. Meeting customer preferences and maintaining a relationship is the biggest challenge in any industry. It's not about selling; it's about identifying the customer's priorities and our ability to resolve their problems. Our customers' main preferences are our problem-solving ability, our manpower skills, our disciplined approach, adapting the latest systems and compliances, and continuous support and the speedy response to name a few. In a long way of perfecting business, we are constantly reviewing our customer strategy every year and trying to keeping up with the market and their expectations".

Offering top-notch services has not only helped the company to create a positive reputation in the industry but it has also helped them to create a niche in the market

Innovation Is Key To Excel
In the power solutions industry, innovation is a routine aspect of the business and Enerzia Power Solutions have been constantly innovating to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve and be always on top of their game. Giving further insight into the recent innovations made by the company, Subramani adds, "Recently we have innovated our low pass filters for attenuating high frequency noises in electronic components. These unwanted noises (harmonics) shall be eliminated from the power supply thus increasing the quality of the electrical system. Our next innovations are in water management systems and in this solution, we try to save 90 to 95 percent of waste water by retrofitting taps with our stainless-steel adapters. Also, we are researching in order to come up with new products in infrared induction water saving device. We are constantly innovating new solutions in power quality and water management systems and through this, our ultimate aim is to reduce the power and water consumption in all the areas of commercial, industrial and residential premises".

As a testament which showcases the quality and expertise of Enerzia Power Solutions, the company has been included in the 2020 5000 Best MSMEs in the country and Subramani Anbanandham has won the India 500 CEO Awards 2020. The company's eye for perfection and the attitude to consistently improve has helped them to not just create but maintain an impressive clientele that includes companies like CBRE, JLL, MICROSOFT, DELL, RENAULT-NISSAN, NTTDATA, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, ATOS-SYNTEL, INDOSPACE, DB Schenker, and MADAVIN among many others. As of now, Enerzia Power Solutions have achieved consistent growth in the industry and in the last three years the company has recorded a growth rate of 30 percent year-on-year with their current turnover of clocking in at USD 0.8 Million. As far as the future is concerned, Enerzia Power Solutions have plans to increase their sales in domestic and in international markets and by 2024 reach over 40 countries with a sales target of USD 10 million.

Subramani Anbanandham, Founder And CEO
He got his electrical engineering degree from RMD Engineering College in 2006. He began his career as a data entry operator at IPF online at 2006 and then worked as a Sales executive from 2007 to 2009. He has the Vision to make Enerzia Power Solutions to be a leader in green economy and to become a fortune 500 company not later than 2040. For his excellent service feedback and quality, he has been nominated and recently won the India 500 CEO awards in MSME category.