EPHY Healthcare Solutions: Making Healthcare Revenue Cycle Business Seamless with Innovative Technology-Enabled Solutions

Devarajan Chengalvarayan,Founder & President

Devarajan Chengalvarayan

Founder & President

Revenue cycle management is unquestionably the most integral part of a Healthcare industry. Over the years, healthcare providers have been facing pressing issues in revenue collection. Legal ramifications and evolving regulatory landscape in the healthcare industry make it difficult for healthcare providers to collect their pending dues impacting overall collection percentage. Additionally, lack of qualified professionals to tackle the management functions, intense market competition and the use of outdated technology to maintain the revenue books adds to the entire problem. To sustain the market and avoid losses, healthcare providers need technology enabled revenue cycle management solutions. This is where EPHY Healthcare Solutions comes into play.

The team at EPHY is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing end-to-end technology based solutions for better financial outcomes to their potential clients in the healthcare industry. Headquartered at New York with state of the art Delivery Center at Hyderabad India, EPHY Healthcare Solutions has been intensively supporting many US healthcare providers for more than 10 years. Headed by the dynamic Devarajan Chengalvarayan, Founder and President, EPHY Healthcare Solutions is a one stop destination for managing revenues better by leveraging cutting edge technology solutions with a bundle of talented resources and their years of expertise in minimizing healthcare cost and optimizing the overall cash flow. With more than 23 years of experience in the US healthcare & IT sector, Devarajan Chengalvarayan, who is popularly known as Dev in the industry has curated this organization which pioneers in the offshore healthcare outsourcing segment.

Improving Revenues with Advanced RCM Solutions
Dev says determining the exact client pain
point is what EPHY focuses on. Key points about any client including the number of inhouse staff, practice setup, current financial status, the IT and revenue cycle platform and its efficacy are taken understood and analyzed before offering any value based solution to our clients. In order to improve the revenues, EPHY team of experts keeps abreast on the new trends & changes in the Healthcare industry and suggest/assist the client in building a value based model to enhance the overall practice efficiency. Dev says one such value based suggestion was implementation of CCM / RPM /Tele visit screening procedures which has added value to the practice efficiency and improved the overall collections of the practice. The team at EPHY analyzes each encounter, identifies potential opportunities for cash, make account level corrections to maintain the integrity of the practices revenue cycle model.

Apart from gaining the trust of our clients, EPHY's unique model emphasizes on motivating and training employees to work with more efficiency and a sense of responsibility

EPHY Healthcare has augmented a Patient Follow up collection model where most of the process including the Payment Gateway has been automated in order to leverage the gap in the Patient collections and improvise the overall collection percentage. This HIPPA compliant organization is offering top-notch coding services across all specialties. Not only does the team of AAPC certified coders offer unmatched coding services, but also suggests the best personalized value-based coding solution that can help the client to gain a higher percentage of revenue. “Starting from documenting patient charts, Verifying Daily Eligibilities, Billing of claims, Collection of unpaid dues with insurance/patients, we get it all covered for our clients”, says Devarajan Chengalvarayan, Founder & President.

Standing Ahead of Competitors
What sets EPHY apart from other competitors in the industry is its unique model of handling clients & providing value based services enhancing the practice collectibles. The company's complete transparent automated operational model enhances client satisfaction and thus helps the organization grow quickly. Apart from gaining the trust of the clients, EPHY's unique model emphasizes on motivating and training the employees to work with more efficiency and a sense of responsibility.

“Our main objective is to add more value to our clients’ business. To achieve that we keep on updating ourselves in terms of technology and innovations”, Devarajan concludes.