Esri India Technologies: Endorses the Best HR Practices for Employees Well - being & Quality of Life

Agendra Kumar,President

Agendra Kumar


Being successful means being happy, is one of the biggest fallacy we have been living with. Truth happiness is the key to success. A recent TINY pulse survey on employee satisfaction and engagement reveals that the correlation of happiness is more dependent on the perception of one’s coworkers versus one’s direct supervisor(s). It also states that happy employees are up to 20 percent more effective in the workplace than unhappy employees. However, in today’s commercial ecosystem, wherein proffering a different yet extraordinary result outweighs others, the millennials look for an ideal company that values their employees & performance, keeps them happy and tenders them freedom. Esri India Technologies - a market leader for Geographic Information System software and solutions, has been a perfect example of a company whose guidelines are channelized towards making employees happy. “Happiness is our thread of unity that binds all Esrites. Being happy at our organization extends to all facets - mental-physical, heard-spoken and feltseen,” avers Agendra Kumar, President, Esri India Technologies.

Esri delivers a combination of industry knowledge and global & country research expertise. The company onboards passionate professionals who desire to embark on the happy journey of expanding own along with GIS technological frontiers. The year-round recruitment process ensures that no fresh & intelligent mind is left behind during campus hiring. Its healthy mix of juniors and seniors empowers young talents to aspire and learn best practices from their leaders. Alongside, Esri India ensures an unbiased format of promotions and appraisals as well. This equal opportunity employer has two role change (promotion)cycles in a year, which is a structured intervention that considers 360
degree feedback and ends up with an independent panel interview. For the promotion of Super Stars who fall slightly short of the intra-organization tenure eligibility, the role change is assessed by considering over all work experience. For the young, rising stars or those who fall short on the tenure criteria, but have been blazing their way to raise the bar for others, the fast track options help them rise the ladder. It is not rare to find someone in sales team who would have started out as a developer at the company, thanks to Esri’s IJP opportunity, which has in turn given re-birth to array of talents with underlying capabilities.

Happiness is our thread of unity that binds all Esri’tes. Being happy at our organization extends to all facets - mental-physical, heard-spoken and felt-seen

Exceptional HR Practices
Esrites are entitled to crunch of benefits such as leaves (without bifurcation), executive health check-up, yearly sponsored vacation, high medical coverage at subsidized premium (for self & family), flexible work timing and special skills allowance (above CTC). In addition to these mandatory HR policies, Esri India puts forward gamut of unique benefits starting from birthday, anniversaries, wedding and children scheme to fully & partially sponsored certification and higher education course. “Our female employees enjoy maternity leave (as per Govt. norms), work from home option, crèche service and tailor-made mentorship and leadership grooming programs,” adds Agendra Kumar.

Abreast of following all the regulations & HR policies, Esri India is determined in motivating its workforce and thus shares success stories of Esrites(role models) who have made positive contributions by going above and beyond the call of duty and recognizes the best performers of the year and long service awardees in the annual parties. By inviting all the family members to join the party and anniversary celebration and organizing painting competition for children, it cares to make the ceremony a memorable one.“Our open
culture, flat management structure
and innovative HR practices have made us the ‘Most Preferred GIS Company to Work for’and'Preferred Employer of Choice',as rated by GIS Development,”asserts Agendra Kumar.

Helping employees to strike a better work-life balance and create joyful workspace, Esri India always urges them to spread happiness and inspires them to smile, show others how you are doing and if you see someone with small happy, walk-up and get them big happy(Smile o Meter).“It is with the belief that when we see ourselves smiling, we get the confidence that All is well, so let the smiles go viral,” says Agendra Kumar. The company even conducts various wellness (Wellness @ Work) and impactful activities (High Energy Shots) such as yoga, health talks, zumba sessions, and flash mobs to orient employees on a healthier lifestyle and revitalize them with extra energy enabling them to focus and perform better in their day-to-day activities. These sessions allow employees to come out of their workspace, clear their heads with a different outlook and manage the stress and challenges /problems. In each endeavor, Esri makes sure that its employees are solely focused on achieving a better health, both physical and mental, precedes and succeeds happiness. In fact, the venture has introduced I speak app - a survey based platform to understand Esri’ite happiness.

With such exclusive steps, there is no doubt that Esri India is one of the most preferred companies to work for when one is looking at growth in both personal and professional front!

Key Management:
Agendra Kumar, President
Agendra Kumar is the President of Esri India, a joint venture between ESRI Inc., USA and NIIT Technologies Ltd., India. Esri, headquartered in California is the global leader in GIS software. He has over 25 years of experience in IT business management and has served as the country head of several multinational technology companies.

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