E-Waste Recyclers India: An Ethical Company Treating E-Waste in the Most Environment Friendly Way

Sunita Arora, CEOIndia as a country is transforming from being a developing nation to being a developed nation. The country is adopting technology & electronic devices at the core of every sector it can from government to private sectors and individuals alike. On the other hand, the increasing penetration and decreasing cost of internet, and lifestyle changes are two important reasons resulting in the rising smartphones and electronics markets. However, in the process, the nation is generating about 4,00,000 tons of waste annually, which is increasing at the rate of 10-15 percent; seventy percent of which comes from the government institutions and business houses alone. India E-Waste Management Market Outlook 2021 too anticipates India’s e-waste management market to increase at a CAGR of 26.5 percent over the next five years. However, the real concern is the unorganized nature of the e-Waste sector that releases toxic gases and materials openly to the environment creating health havoc for the generations to come. On the other hand, Indian soil is largely treated as an e-waste dumping ground by several countries, which further elevates the alarm.

With self motivated team of expert professionals along with highly advanced technological recycling processing tools and infrastructure that provide cost effective and timely services to its customers. E-Waste Recyclers India (EWRI) puts equal emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as taking care of the environment, health and safety standards. Following this philosophy has turned this 2010 founded company as one of the leading player in India offering services from collection, recycling to safe disposal of electrical & electronics scraps.

Studies claim that around 63 percent of these electronic wastes can be recycled for use, thus putting less stress on the environment. “We obtain and recycle phones, computers, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, monitors, IT equipment & accessories, storage media, UPS, scientific & medical equipment amongst others that has been discarded
or regarded obsolete,”says Sunita Arora,CEO,EWRI.

EWRI ensures that in its process of storage and transportation of e-waste, it does no damage to the environment, while at the same time it ensures that the recycling process do not have any adverse effect on the health and the environment

The Unique Approach
The company strictly adheres to the standards and guidelines prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), and is certified under Environmental Certifications quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007, and Environmental, Health and Safety Management System Responsible Recycling (R2). EWRI even obtains authorization from the concerned State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) in accordance with the procedure under the rules, which puts them under the spotlight of being one of the most ethical and vigilant e-waste management companies. The company ensures that in its process of storage and transportation of e-waste, it does no damage to the environment, while at the same time it ensures that the recycling process do not have any adverse effect on the health and the environment. “In the whole course of e-waste management, there is generation of residue which is disposed by us in an authorized treatment storage disposal facility. In final culmination, we maintain record of e-waste collected, dismantled, recycled and send it to authorized recyclers in statutory forms stipulated by the CPCB and file annual returns,” adds Sunita.

While the ever evolving technology trends have pushed corporates and individuals alike to upgrade their devices (especially smartphones) and electronic appliances frequently, many fear about their data security, which puts them on back foot. With further penetration of IoT, the situation will worsen as more smart devices will be connected through internet, generation gigantic sea data every minute. But under its well designed flow from query to destruction, EWRI does cent percent data destruction through wiping /
degaussing, thus ensuring no leakage of your valuable asset.

Creating Awareness
Working on the mantra of adaptability as per the market conditions, EWRI feels it’s the company’s responsibility to use its experience and prudence to create awareness among the clients about the best opportunities that can provide fruitful results in most efficient manner. Hence it is innovating new methods to spread the short term and long term benefits of mechanical recycling of waste electric and electronics equipment amongst the consumers and production house. The company also leverages social media platforms and organizes various workshops to seek contribution of all in proper handling of e-waste.

The company even emphasizes on keeping its employees abreast with the latest technology developments within the industry through various tools akin to networking, seminars, books & magazines, newspaper and TV/radio. However, in the domain that EWRI functions, ensuring a safe working environment for employees is paramount. Hence the company creates a healthy workplace by providing employees an atmosphere where they can feel safe, comfortable, valued and assisted. “By using our management abilities, we address needs of our valued employees, anticipate issues and stress teamwork among them,” concludes Sunita. Such measures have resulted in cent percent revenue growth of the company in the recent times, and to further keep rolling, it is looking for future funding that would provide the requisite fuel.

Key Management:
Sunita Arora, CEO
Sunita, a graduate from Delhi
University, is active social activist as well as a proponent of the green concept of sustainable development. She has studied the relationship between environment and development and worked to create public consciousness about the need for sustainable development.

Office: New Delhi (Headquarter)

Facilities: Mathura (UP) & Sohna (Haryana)

Collection Centres: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow , Kolkatta, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Cochin, and Goa

Offerings: Sourcing & Collection, Sorting & Grading, Dismantling, Shredding, Disposal