Excelledia: Upbringing a Powerful Workforce in India

Muhamed Farooque ,CEOAccording to our Honourable President Pranab Mukharjee, our strength in the next few decades depends on the availability of a vast youthful workforce that is suitably skilled. Since the fastest growing economy of India is grappling with the highest skill gap to be industry-relevant, we are in dire need of organizations to address this issue. Observing this major disconnection between Corporate/Industries and Students, Excelledia Quality Consulting, a Qatar headquartered leading Management Consulting firm, diverted its attention to India to bridge this gap. Being an Indian, Muhamed Farooque (CEO) determined to smoothen the journey from gaining a Degree to Employment and Entrepreneurship by applying the most advanced tools and techniques for uplifting employability.

Contributing to Social & Economic Development Worldwide

Established its presence in Qatar, UAE, UK, Singapore& Malaysia within a short span of five years, Excelledia takes pride in its marvellous R&D department, which brings the best frameworks and business practices to every region it forays into; resulting in the success of organizations throughout. The company's contribution to many of the national strategic programmes of different countries counts well for upbringing a powerful workforce in those nations. Parlaying that successful experience has given Excelledia a lot of strength and confidence to extend it to India.

Excelledia has formulated a strategic approach to address the needs by implementing different projects and programmes, which
best suites the biggest Indian market. Developed after intense R&D utilizing the expertise of the best available resources at a global level, this approach covers the entire journey to enhance employability and to create successful entrepreneurs. Excelledia's international presence, client and resource base was an immense value-add for this initiative.

Excelledia has already designed programmes to address the needs of commercial businesses and industrial zones, which would help these units to improve their business performance as a whole.

Valuable Offerings

The company has already designed programmes to address the needs of commercial businesses and industrial zones, which would help these units to improve their business performance as a whole. This would cover the entire business cycle, analyze, improve and burst out of the traditional business lines & methods and empower them to embrace the modern world. The best part is, Excelledia doesn't charge for these programs unless until it proves the worth of the same, instead of making great verbal commitments.

A side from striving to reform the placement structure of universities to address student needs, Excelledia India offers Employability Programme and Business Incubation Center. The company is specialized in Consulting, Training and Business Analytics in the areas of Business Process Improvement, Business Advisory Services, ISO Management Systems, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, Psychometric Testing Projects, and Project & Risk Management. Additionally, Excelledia works intensely with sustainability projects addressing the social,economic needs of the society as part of its social responsibility.
Showering in Tons of Support

Reaching out to the masses and spreading the message on its initiatives was quite a challenge for Excelledia. Besides utilizing social media, the company also started meeting different state governments for their cooperation for these initiatives. Tremendous credit to its structured approach of addressing the need of the nation to enhance Employability quotient, at present Excelledia is receiving tons of support arising from different governments, Universities, Colleges and even individuals.

Rather than depending on a top management who does everything right, Excelledia believes in empowering the workforce by delegating the authority and responsibility. This counts on its business big time. Being specialized in workforce development, obviously Execelledia ensures that its employees attend all the required courses to enhance their professional and personal skill sets. It's quite easy for Execelledians, since the company always has plenty of training programmes and consulting projects to choose from. Moreover, Execelledia follows international best practices akin to ISO 29990 for informal learning, which is implemented for better identification of learning requirements of its clients and employees.

Excelledia wishes to expand its services to the most remote villages of India, since a major portion of our potential workforce lives there. The company also intends to extend all these programmes to other growing economies through its international network."We still have a long way to go. We at Excelledia count on every one of you to support us to reach the mass youth India, as this is a Social Responsibility of every Indian to support the growth of the nation through such Employability programs, Creating Entrepreneurs Programmes to address the industrial zones and commercial business lines," concludes Muhamed.