Express KCS: Streamlining Cross-Channel Creative Production for Global Brands

Tariq Husain,CEOBusinesses need their stories to be told in more than just words and that too across multiple channels in this digital era. This is where creative production plays a significant role. Production houses may be masters of their art, but only handfuls understand businesses like Express KCS does. Express KCS is a leading provider of cross-channel creative production solutions to global brands, agencies and publishers.

A global creative production hub
Express KCS was established in 2002 by Tariq Husain, together with Robert Berkeley, with an objective to deliver high-value creative production solutions to global brands, agencies and publishers. Together the duo has led Express KCS from the ground up to be the cross-platform creative production powerhouse it is today.

Express KCS believes in maintaining a strong relationship with their clients and working with them as partners and not as vendors. These partnerships, and the firm's ability to deliver on brand, on budget and on time, position Express KCS ahead of the curve. While being comprehensive in their services, Express KCS regularly enhances its operational efficiency using continually improved working practices and applying new technologies in thoughtful and intelligent ways.
Express KCS' creative production is supported by MediaFerry, their award-winning, cloud-based workflow management system that allows users to order, track, mark-up, proof, approve and deliver creatives 24*7 across geographies. Express KCS' vision is to narrow the gap from campaign sign-off to execution using a combination of always-on skilled human resources and machine automation, regardless of media. The firm's plans include continuing to increase the automation within MediaFerry and to enhance the creative support for its clients. Most of the clients that use Express KCS as their creative production partner also use MediaFerry as their creative workflow management tool.

Local workforce supporting global clients
Express KCS' workforce comprises around 450 talented individuals, working out of their homes from different parts of India, delivering thousands of creative assets everyday across video, digital and print channels. Working for brands and corporations from North America, Europe, South-East Asia and Australia including JPIMedia, Archant, Penna, Vocento etc., client servicing and account managers bring constant value to their clients' production needs. Express KCS teams serve as an extension of the client's staff, working with the client according to the work needs and requirements.

We collaborate with and assist marketing teams that require 24/7 advertising and creative production support across digital video, print and packaging

The company's unique combination of first-hand industry knowledge, decades of prepress experience, and established, robust, effective, and process-driven offshore facility in Gurugram, outside New Delhi, are the reins of Express KCS' market leadership. Much before the COVID-19 pandemic, Express KCS' employees have adapted to the Work From Home environment. This has helped the company to continuously run its operations, 24*7 during the pandemic. This has also helped the company to tap into the workforce virtually from all over India.

Speaking of the future, Express KCS CEO Tariq Husain says, "People, Processes and Technology have always remained at the core of our creative production solutions. Everything we do allow others to perform at their very best is it our clients, employees or partners, and we will continue to do so."