f1Studioz: Resolving Complex Product UX Challenges Leveraging Ample Enterprise Experience

(R - L) Santosh Shukla &  D. Dhayan Kumar,Co-FounderIn the world of digital experience design, Enterprise UX is a majestic beast in itself. As opposed to consumer apps, enterprise users use these applications all day long and have high expectations from their applications, but become deeply resentful as these applications don’t allow them to perform their job effectively. Thus, designing any enterprise UX requires great attention of workflows and deep knowledge of the relevant business domain or ecosystem and should meet the needs of each user-role (worker, manager and leader). Hyderabad-based f1Studioz is one such company that strives to deliver extraordinary user enterprise experiences with its abundant understanding of diverse domains, language and technology. The company has helped many businesses to solve their complex Product UX challenges and made the experience joyful for their users. “We clearly understand how Enterprise UX is different from Consumer UX. We invest ample effort to understand client’s unique needs to build B2B solutions that solve and simplify their workflow, making streams better and visually appealing,” proclaims Santosh Shukla, Co-Founder, f1Studioz.

The success of any business application depends on two stacks: product & business and user who utilize the application; f1Studioz closely works with the product managers and VP of the product to understand their business goals & emotions and accordingly craft the application. Its constant interaction and collaboration with customers aid them to modify the application and come up with desirable solutions faster. Each solution delivered by the company is unique and developed considering the changing product strategy across the industry.

Delivering Top-notch Enterprise UX
Besides designing Enterprise UX, f1Studioz endeavors to solve all of client's UX problems by understanding their product strategy and even render
UI development (except back-end)for better user experience. The company’s time tested process enables it to ship predictable business outcomes and results in award winning experiences. The company has worked directly with organizations like The Home Depot, HDFC Life, Carnegie Mellon University and Dr Reddy's etc to solve their UX problems and also partnered with big independent software vendors like Capgemini, Sonata Software and Evoke Software (these companies in turn work for Fortune 50 customers and solve their end-to-end technology business and back-end issues) to provide them with specialized UX experiences.

We invest ample effort to understand client’s unique needs to build B2B solutions that solve and simplify their workflow, making streams better and visually appealing

“I come from a product management background and led a lot of product portfolios and my co-founder comes from a core UX background. This uniquely positions us to recognize our clients’ UX problems and solve them,” utters Santosh.

f1Studioz takes a different approach that seems very advantageous for both the client and vendor side, wherein the company develops interfaces (UI) and fabricates designs alive (for web or mobile) by coding them with the latest front end technologies like JavaScript, Angular, React or Meteor, which further makes applications fast, robust and the experiences very smooth. The entire work is performed and shared on cloud, whereas Sketch and InVision aid customers to collaborate and review the workflow on a day-to-day basis. From past two years, f1Studioz’s every product has become a big winner in its own space. “We aim to give the highest possible RoI by applying our design expertise to increase engagement, improve conversions, enhance user experience, and elevate brand presence,” remarks D. Dhayan Kumar, Co-Founder & Chief Designer, f1Studioz.

Comprehensive Capabilities
Though f1Studioz often works with representational data, it shields clients' business information by signing NDA, following various data privacy policies, utilizing cross-checkers (each customer’s data is kept in
separate folders),and tendering accessibility to only authorized person.

Since inception, it has solved complex UX Problems for industries like AI, Marketing Tech, FinTech and many more and have customers from across the world (India, US, UAE and Australia). f1Studioz employs full-time UX designers and UI engineers, with the background of IIT Bombay Design school, & JNTU college who are from enterprise background and trained rigorously as per f1Studioz standards to understand & solve designs issues. Every week, the firm conducts funda sessions to discuss either ongoing project or any new application (app store or web) and encourages employees to shares their perspective.

Future Roadmap
Simplicity (comes with a lot of experience and expertise), empathy (not only towards the user but also towards the businesses and macro environment) and agility (always works collaboratively in an incremental and iterative way to build solutions in lesser time) are the three mantras that set f1Studioz apart from the crowd. This self-funded company has achieved 200 percent revenue growth year-on-year and aims to expand its sales operations in U.S. (with full-fledge team working beyond sales). Persistently evolving apace with clients, the company is already working on iOS11, and innovating in the areas of Analytics & Data Visualization to achieve faster turnaround time. Furthermore, the firm is trying to create CoE within the team for the booming BFSI segment and desires to be a pioneer in designing UX for evolving interfaces like voice-based applications and conversational experiences.

Key Management:
Santosh Shukla, Co-Founder
Santosh helps clients identify new product and service opportunities that people love using. He is responsible for building Professional Relationships of the organization with Employees, Partners, Customers and the Ecosystem.

D.Dhayan Kumar, Co-Founder
Dhayan have extensive experience in designing and has served companies like InsideView,Inc, Oracle and many in the past.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarters), Bangalore, Austin(U.S.)
Award: Best UX agency silver award in UX India, 2017