FALCO PEREGRINUS TECHNOLOGIES: Everyday Technology Simplified

Falco Peregrinus,Co - Founder

It is the nature of a falcon to investigate the prey and take the right opportunity to strike and earn the prize. An idea that was in process for eight years was finally executed in the year of 2018 with a vision to simplify the concept of Technology as the world knows it to be.“We just need to know what your goal is and we will work to make you achieve it. We might have to do cross corrections. We might have to re-do things. Everything will be part of work for us because we believe in the end result and the relationships gained”, says the founding team emphatically.

The Founder’s Belief
Everyday technology is the foundation of small machines and consumer goods that become objects of everyday use in our daily life. If we turn back human civilization has experienced the monumental innovation in terms of big technologies and small day-to-day uses technologies like the bicycle,the typewriter, the sewing machine and othersto the modern day revolutionizing gadget like a smartphone. The Falco team believes they have a vision which is distant and far and if one client comes to them and throws an idea, they can create the entire infrastructure around that area.

As a B2B provider of technological solutions Falco's motto is to facilitate its clients with clean build technology solutions. It examines to build appropriate insight and paves the way towards growth for its customers. The aim is always to provide simplified complex technological solutions,the potential of which will not be restricted to one output in particular, but even rectify even the smallest of the small issues in order to gain more clarity.

The USP of Falco Peregrinus Technologies lies in detecting the problem statement in the client’s need. It wants them to understand the motto of the company and not the founders. “Everybody wants to know who the founders are while dealing with identity. Founders can come and founders can go. You
are not doing business with the founders; you are doing business
with the company. You are doing business with the mission, the story and commitment that the company is providing”, asserts the founding team at Falco.

"The USP of Falco Peregrinus Technologies lies in detecting the problem statement in the client’s need"

Falco's Array of Services
The company takes pride in its highly experienced learning and content team. The team has hands on working experience in a variety of web enabled content, web portals, LMS and content management systems, SharePoint and Joomla based portal. The team also exhibits the experience of having worked in rapid e-learning mode, developing and running virtual classrooms, pure online learning, and mobile learning.

Falco's product development and engineering value propositions deliver end-to-end solutions to the clients ensuring right quality,stability and has lowtime to market.It adopts a sustainable design approach that follows an industry standard approach to ensure that quality products are reaching out to the valuable end-users.

Brand Management is an art rather than an ability to build up a perception of an organization’s products and services in the market. Any organization across any sector whether a start-up or SME needs to build and manage a reputation with people in the market. At Falco Peregrinus, the delivery statement has the hallmark of full proof brand management strategy which furthermore provides the services in order to make the products and services make a sound presence at global platforms. The team says, “It can be how the marketing strategy can be or even planning a digital campaign. So, right from high value consulting to daily basis campaigning, everything is handled by Falco.”

The Project management as a Service (PMaaS) offering of Falco helps organizations and agencies by reducing the capital-cost thus providing cost flexibility. It helps the client with the resources, tools and services required to build, manage and monitor the various activities required all throughout the project building process right from the scope of the project to the
deployment. “Some body comes and keeps in front of us the proposition of building a shopping complex, which requires project management because it is constructing something. We cater services in turn-key projects like shopping complexes or we even turn-key assignments which asks us to set up a program management office for their respective organisation”, says the senior management of the company.

The Importance of Falco's Services
Being a technology services provider in varied domains, Falco has the ability to penetrate into different industry hazards. Providing an example team Falco mentions, “This was around technology consulting domain with a renowned university had a student strength of more than one lakh. The university wanted to focus on distance learning. They wanted to be able to arrive at actionable intelligence that can be used so that the learning process could be improved. Learning is not just about providing instructions. Learning is the experience for which they wanted a lot of dashboards to be created. Now if I give you a long excel sheet, you probably won't look at it but if I convert that excel sheet into visual graphs, you will be more interested in looking at it. So they wanted an engine to be built which can paint the raw data and give them some actionable intelligence.”

The Way Ahead
Ashok having a huge experience in technology consulting domain through one of his other enterprises named as the Utopian Sunrise,the customer base gives out a good impact to the growth of the business. “Most of the customers who are there have been there for more than 10 years. I think that speaks for itself”, asserts the co-founder. Fore seeing the path ahead of Falco Peregrinus Technologies, the team concludes,“I want to get it to million dollar revenue by the next financial year and perhaps target for 500 and above in the next 10 years.”

Falco Perigrinus Technologies Services at a Glance:
• Quality And Process Outsourcing
• Learning And Content
• Human Resource Management
• Project Management As A Service (Pmaas)
• Product Engineering And Development
• Brand Management
• Technology