Fast Track Solutions: Go-to Partner for High-profile & Niche-profile Medical Staffing in the Middle East

Seema Zaidi,   Director

Seema Zaidi


Exceptional talent in healthcare is a coveted treasure, and identifying qualified specialty doctors is as elusive as it’s essential. Medical staffing cannot be approached as usual hiring because the critical and distinct importance of healthcare demands a strategic approach. However, hospitals often lack the time to dedicate extensively to hiring the right candidates. Aware of the constraints and demands of hospitals, Fast Track Solutions is committed to providing a strategic medical staffing approach that not only identifies top-tier professionals but also saves valuable time and effort for their clients.

With a laser-focused recruitment process, the agency operates as a beacon in the healthcare segment of the GCC regions; diligently crafting a stable and long-term workforce for its healthcare partners. At Fast Track Solutions, staffing is not just a job, it's a commitment to ensure that hospitals discover not just good, but exceptional and perfect talent.

A Niche Player

For over a decade, Fast Track Solutions has been assisting hospitals and healthcare institutions to fill their job vacancies with skillful, talented, and niche high profile doctors. Approaching recruitment while being in the shoes of both hospitals and people, is not merely filling positions, but nurturing the healthcare sector of the UAE and Saudi Arabia with exceptional talent. Founded in 2013, its core competency is catering to these healthcare facilities' unique needs by identifying and securing top-tier medical talent, especially in the super-specialized domains where the demand often surpasses availability.

In recent years, as the UAE witnessed expansive growth, healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on recruitment consultancies for their staffing needs. Among many staffing companies, Fast Track Solutions stands out for its knack for finding that rare specialty of doctors that others struggle to locate. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for both hospitals and doctors. For hospitals, it provides end-to-end recruitment solutions, including organizing recruitment drives. The drives whether conducted in-person or virtually are meticulously crafted to ensure the best matches between hospitals and candidates.

On the other side, for doctors seeking placements, Fast Track Solutions offers assistance in obtaining the necessary medical licenses be it DHA, DOH, MOH or SCFHS, which are mandatory for healthcare professionals in the UAE. Additionally, it aids
in refining and formatting their CVs to meet the stringent criteria set by hospitals, ensuring a seamless and professional representation of their skills and qualifications. Ultimately, making the entry and placements journey smoother, Seema Zaidi, the Director, highlighted, “It’s not just about finding the right person, it’s about customizing our approach to fit our client's needs based on the Doctors’ qualifi-cations and expertise. Throughout the entire process, we manage every thing, right from sharing CVs to arranging interviews and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience".

In a competitive market, Fast Track Solutions' ability to continuously meet high standards & deliver exceptional candidates has solidified its position as a trusted recruitment partner

Fast Track Solutions' mission is crystal clear, curate the best talent pool of Western-trained doctors, robotic surgeons, oncologists, fetal medicine, pediatric sub specialists, and other specialists from across the globe to meet the burgeoning demands of the UAE and Saudi Arabian healthcare sectors, in line with the region's medical tourism ambitions and the vision for 2030.

However, it's not without its challenges. Shifting governmental regulations and the intricate relocation process for doctors, often while moving along with families, create complexities. Ensuring timely decisions from candidates, meeting expectations, and not failing the promises become crucial. Zaidi adds, “We know the local rules inside out and monitor how things change. Our secret sauce is our ability to find those tough-to-spot talents and give each client a unique, end-to-end, and customized solution. This is what makes us stand out from the rest”.

The Secret Sauce to Success

What distinguishes Fast Track Solutions is its commitment to nurturing long-term relationships with clients. With over a decade of operation, the company has cultivated strong connections with hospitals across the region. This enduring partnership is nurtured through regular communi-cation, understanding evolving requirements, and providing consistent quality service. With this strong network built over the years, the company can build a huge database and can close difficult-to-close vacancies too with appropriate candidates. Most of the specialists are sourced from the UK, the USA, Europe, Canada, the Middle East, and India.

Speaking of quality, Fast Track Solutions' success is evident through sustained collaborations with major hospitals. In a competitive market, its ability to continuously meet high standards and deliver exceptional candidates has solidified its position as a trusted recruitment partner. The numerous placements and extended partnerships serve as proof of its excellence.

Starting from a single location in Dubai, the company has expanded its operations across the UAE & GCC region, catering to the staffing needs of hospitals in multiple countries. “Working with private and semi-government hospitals, we've established ourselves as a significant player in reshaping and redefining healthcare recruitment in the Middle East. Our expansion plans are in line to work with the government sector while curating the biggest database of global super-specialists”, she continues. Looking into the future, Fast Track Solutions aims to consolidate its strengths further by giving its 100 percent for both hospitals and professionals.