FlipperCode: The Master in Creating All-in-one Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has been around for over a decade and has transformed from being the most popular blogging software in the market to becoming the content management software of choice for non-blogging websites.

The past experience of its employees in WordPress gives FlipperCode a unique insight about how it can leverage marketing more effectively

Around 24.2 percent of all websites globally use WordPress Content Management Solutions (CMS) and that figure continues to grow; all credit to its ease of use and fully scalable traits. There are thousands of plugins and themes available for WordPress to help users create new websites in a matter of hours - a task that used to take many days or weeks before. But only a few of them are able to provide a complete all-in-one solution including excellent integration support, and that is where FlipperCode outshines among the competition.

"To our surprise, there were no reputable Indian companies developing plugins in the WordPress environment, especially any that were recognized within the WordPress community. We therefore focused our attention on creating feature rich WordPress plugins and combining them with a high level support," says a proud Sandeep Kumar, CEO, FlipperCode.

Leveraging Experience & Killing Defies
In a short span of four years, FlipperCode has emerged as an expert WordPress Development Company accomplishing its projects with great precision and excellence; thanks to their team of experts who come with years of experience working on a number of custom projects that used the WordPress environment and different CMS. But the road wasn't so rosy for Sandeep. "At that time, our only experience was in development. We had never written any documentation, developed content materials, created promotional imagery or run any digital marketing. We could develop great plugins but had no idea how to sell them in the market," reminisces Sandeep. The company also needed to provide dedicated support to its global audience, but shortage of funds played the spoilsports. The little fund that they had in their personal bank accounts were spent on developing their first product, and by the time they launched their product in 2013, they went cash dry.
Sandeep Kumar ,CEOWith time, users are demanding new plugins, new features, video tutorials, and 24x7 support. But FlipperCode's limited access to resources (content writers, WordPress developers and digital marketing experts) in the small city added to the existing defies. "As a solution, we opened a new office in a big IT park in Mohali. I have spent four months setting up and training some new developers and hopefully we will be able to expand this team over the coming months," asserts Sandeep.

Being in the initial phase, the nine people team of FlipperCode experiences a crossover of responsibilities. However, the past experience of its employees in WordPress gives the company a unique insight into the demands and challenges faced by the community, especially how it can leverage marketing more effectively. Over the years, it has worked with hundreds of 3rd party plugins. This has helped FlipperCode clearly understand that if a system is easy to use, it will stand out. Hence, most of its collaborative time at work is spent focused on how to improve the user experience (UX) with its products. Consequently, its products are easy to use and provide an all-in-one solution within their specific niche.

For instance, FlipperCode's Google Map plugin is an all-in-one product for those who want to create unlimited locations, maps and display Google Maps. It's responsive, multi-lingual and multisite supported. Filters by categories, multiple kml/kmz layers, routes, directions, categories, clickable shapes, posts on Google maps, marker clustering and export/import support make it the most advanced WordPress Google Maps plugin.

Loaded with Amenities
The outstanding technical support and the willingness to improve the products based on customer feedback has built a rock star image of FlipperCode among its customers who are recommending the company like a wildfire, while maintaining a 4.37 average from 230 ratings. It also provides Plug & Play products combined with
exceptional support at a very reasonable price to small companies, freelancers and website owners. The knock-on effect is many of them are now using FlipperCode's WordPress customization services, which provide the company with an additional revenue stream alongside the core product offering.

FlipperCode's WordPress plugins are multi-lingual, buddypress, bbpress and multi-site supported. The company provides six months support on every purchase, which can be extended for an additional year at a reasonable price. It also provides customization services should any client require it to modify its plugins specifically for their needs. Not only does it open a stream of additional revenues but also allows the company to evolve the plugins features for future releases, if agreed with the client.

This bootstrapped company has been growing organically over the last four years which has helped it better understand the market and shape its business model accordingly without giving up any equity. But now they are confident about their proposition and therefore are looking for some first round investment to help them scale the business to the next level. "We had some initial conversations with an Indian Technology Incubator fund that has shown some very positive interest and we continue to work with some mentors who have helped us with our strategy," says Sandeep.

The company envisions every WordPress setup using atleast one FlipperCode plugins. Currently it has over 300,000 active users on WordPress and very soon it is going to cover one million milestones. In order to achieve this, the company has developed a more focused offering that is looking at more innovative ways of both reaching the market and retaining customers. Alongside this, it is researching investment opportunities to scale this offering more effectively and more rapidly.

Key Management:
Sandeep Kumar, CEO
Sandeep is responsible for managing all of the operations, overseeing development, content writing, technical support and digital marketing activities of the organization.
Office: Mohali & Bikaner
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