Fortune Cookie UX Design: The Next Gen UX Design Company Changing the Dynamics of the Industry

Shashank Shwet,Founder & CEO

Shashank Shwet

Founder & CEO

With the old blind consumerism model gone for a toss, companies across segments such as BFSI, retail, FMCG, manufacturing, telecom, media, pharma and more are adopting to digitalization. A Google survey suggests that 48 percent of the millennial are less likely to engage with a company with poor UX, which can invariably cost retail companies a loss of close to $2.6 billion each year. Such make or break situation calls for a professional backing and Pune-based Fortune Cookie UX Design perfectly fits the bill. From helping leading fashion brands design distinct, fresh, trendy and highly user centric e-Commerce platform to executing design strategy & delivering for leading national news daily, Fortune Cookie UX Design (FCUX) is a global digital consulting & UX design company that is bringing digital process to business through mobile apps, web portals and wearables.

A Global Organisation
FCUX has been successful in helping organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies, bridge the digital gap since 2008 and introducing UX design to new industry segments through its research + consulting + execution model. Leveraging this model, the firm provides end-to-end customized services right from the inception to the execution for any digital product /platform as partners across digital transformation, new product conceptualization, process digitalization, design strategy, UX design delivery and user research. Being one of the first UX design agencies built for scale with global presence, FCUX stands apart with one of the largest global teams of digital consultants, UX designers and researchers, who breathe life into designs and add a human touch to business that helps clients ranging from IT companies, startups & product
companies to articulate their strategies to be more (end) customer oriented.

With keen emphasis on defining the right design strategy, FCUX mandates intensive user research and with the help of its inhouse tool, ‘Digital by DNA’ which finds gaps in the client market and fills it with relevant solutions, surpassing the notion of ‘mere design offering’. The main feature under research would be selected based on hypothesis where users will test the service, paving way for multiple prototypes and analysis for a quick corrective action or major preventive changes in design, if required. FCUX provides full stack UX services right from defining journeys, task flows and IA to wireframing, visual design and final delivery. Having accomplished over 200 projects in UX design, the company provides strong design execution capabilities to its customers.

FCUX provides full stack UX services right from defining journeys, task flows and IA to wire framing, visual design and final delivery

“To create successful products, it is important to really empathize with your users and understand their needs, behaviours and pain points,” highlights Shashank Shwet, Founder & CEO, FCUX. The team at FCUX conducts user research and usability testing studies to help customers identify key user insights that can be converted into valuable experiences, features or products. The Imagin 6D framework- the UX process followed at the company - helps it to understand the client’s business objectives and technology ecosystem in which an organization exists, making the end result compliant to the client’s revenue strategies & market opportunities.

FCUX helps organizations spanning across BFSI, healthcare, retail and many more, define & transform their digital strategies using its copyright studies and tools such as Design Thinking, Innovation Management (a framework to institute a culture of the organizational innovation) and UX practice setup. It also
handholds its clients and moulds their internal team into a robust and mature UX experts, thus transmuting clients into digitally advanced conglomerates. For instance, it is currently helping a U.S.-based global retail giant form a customer innovation team that works on quick prototyping projects to test new features & products in the market. Likewise, it is also working with a leading Indian NBFC to digitalize their entire sales and agent network and digitalize processes such as KYC,on boarding, verifications, issuance and disbursement.“We align client requirements with our in-house techniques to bring in efficiency, productivity or engagement,” adds Shashank.

Creativity is of the Essence
Being digital pioneers, it is essential for the team to engage in constant learning and development. It is not uncommon to walk into a break-out session of a TED Talk or demo videos at the FCUX office, helping them develop their professional & interpersonal skills. With so many different industry segments under its belt, the firm facilitates its employees to leverage their collective experience and hold weekly peer learning sessions that introduces them to the diversity of their work & industry. A proud bootstrapped company, FCUX has already achieved over 200 percent of organic revenue growth over the last year. “We are in a high growth phase and would not be averse to the right partnership which will help us boost business,” concludes Shashank.

Key Management:
Shashank Shwet, CEO & Founder
Shashank is the driving force behind FCUX, bringing in his experience and expertise to align the company services with the industrial trends. A board member of ImaginXP - a curriculum company in UX design, he mentors various startups in enterprise and consumer spaces as well.

Offices: Pune(Headquarters), Singapore, Dubai and Mexico
Offerings: UX Design, User Research and Digital Consulting
Industries: BFSI, Retail, Healthcare, Media and many more