G069 Pizza: Desi Pizzas with Superior Quality Taste & Price

Dr. Amit Srivastava,Founder & CEO

Dr. Amit Srivastava

Founder & CEO

Despite the presence of variegated international cuisines, we Indians always hold a strong inclination for Indian spices and flavours that excite our taste buds and satiate our souls. We also greatly fall for Italian cuisines, especially pizza, while the thought of pizzas with authentic Indian spices and flavours is a dream come true moment! Well, Indian pizzas are no more a thought, but a revolution in India. From just a type of pizza in the menu, Indian pizzas have entered into the mainstream wherein pizzerias not just present diverse desi pizza varieties, but have redesigned their outlets accordingly.

One such pizza brand is Go69 Pizza that has been creating authentic Indian pizzas since its inception in 2015. Breathing the tagline ‘India ka Pizza’, this home-grown brand perfectly blends the best of Indian spices with other spices in the market across all its pizzas. Not just in terms of spices, the company ensures that right from the pizza base to every single ingredient that goes into the making of pizza impart quality on par with MNCs in the industry. No wonder, Go69’s pizzas stand as true exemplars of pizzas with desi style of flavours today.

Distinctive Features
Dr. Amit Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Go69 Pizza, articulates, “Our foremost focus is to maintain pocket friendly pricing in accordance with high standards of quality across all our products”. Go69 Pizza not only serves a spectrum of pizzas to its customers, but a range of exquisite foods and beverages like burgers, garlic bread, sandwiches, pasta, noodles, fries, fried chicken, choco lava cake, mocktails, shakes and many more. Among Go69’s mouth watering roster of pizzas, 'Spicy Delight’, which is fused with onion, capsicum, red paprika, jalapeno, green chilli and Go69 spice, standsout as its best selling product.

Right from diverse spices to pizzas, Go69 creates them all across its own manufacturing unit in accordance with one fixed process and later supplies them to all its outlets. It offers dining delivery and take away services, wherein delivery is executed through tie-ups with aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, and others.

Business Model Par Excellence
Effective from 2016, Go69’s franchise model is extremely simple, unique and specially designed to empower individuals. Unlike other firms in the market, Go69 doesn’t charge any royalty fee, but just for machinery,
kitchen tools and raw material only. In turn, the company provides them requisite raw materials, machinery, well trained staff and training on process setup & hospitality on a monthly basis to maintain uniformity across all outlets. It also conducts stringent audits and quality control checks every month to keep-up its quality standards. Post finalizing the franchise units, Go69 delivers them essential layouts & designs and also advisory on creating the perfect ambience for its customers.

Not just in terms of spices, GO69 Pizza ensures that right from the pizza base to every single ingredient that goes into the making of pizza impart quality on par with MNCs in the industry

Recently, the company has come up with a new franchise model with EMI option to youth who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Thus, by investing a small amount of money across GO69’s outlet, these entrepreneurs can start earning profits and repay the franchise fee back to the company.

Inspirational Journey
Wondering how Go69 was born? When working for an MNC, Dr. Amit was interested in relishing different kinds of pizzas across different MNC outlets. What startled him each time was that despite paying hefty prices for pizzas and other foods there he was never satisfied in terms of taste or flavours. Besides none of them offered the true essence of Indian style of spices and flavours. That’s exactly what triggered Dr. Amit to start Go69 Pizza.

The biggest challenge Go69 faced during the inception was in acquiring manpower as most people preferred joining the MNCs. Well, this is no more a challenge. Thanks to its central training centre at Lucknow comprised of well experienced trainers from MNCs like Pizza Hut Dominos, KFC and others. Every new employee at the company is trained rigorously for 15 days at this centre, while the old employees are also given the best-in-class training. Besides, all of them are bestowed with a wonderful work culture and environment along with bonuses, increments and promotions(every six months). Currently, the prime challenge that Go69 is posed with is the huge competition in the market wherein online portals like Swiggy and Zomato are offering huge discounts to customers. To stay ahead of this race and not fall back, the company has increased its volumes and decreased its margins and profits.

Even for the years to come, Go69 aspires to stay true to its ‘India ka Pizza’ tagline, while constantly striving to recreate Italian foods in Indian style across all its outlets. Having unveiled around 55 outlets across two countries India & Nepal in just four years, the company plans to reach 200 by the end of 2020, besides employing 5000 people. Dr. Amit concludes,“We are relentlessly endeavouring to tap the South Indian market by establishing more outlets across this area”.

An MBA & PhD graduate, Dr. Amit is a successful entrepreneur currently taking Go69 Pizza to newer heights with his keen understanding of the demand for affordable desi pizzas.

Office: Lucknow

Products: Pizzas, Burgers, Garlic Bread, Sandwiches, Pasta, Fries, Fried Chicken, Choco Lava Cake, Mocktails, Shakes & many more

•Fastest growing Indian pizza chain by Franchise apply-2018
•Best Pizza Chain of India by Hope awards - 2018
•Fastest growing Indian pizza chain by blindwink-2019
•Fastest growing Indian Pizza brand by BrandVoltz-2019
•Fastest emerging Indian Pizza company by International Glory awards-2019

Recognition: Certified by RedFM as RedFM ka Thappa Selected among Top 20 Most Promising Fast Food Chain by siliconindia magazine in 2018