Gagan Arora: Hands on Experience & Expertise in IT Services & Consulting

Gagan Arora ,  Founder & President

Gagan Arora

Founder & President

With the constant technological advancements, Vertex Group under the stewardship of Gagan Arora has emerged amongst the top 50 most innovative companies with 19th rank and is an end-to-end IT solutions & services provider.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have become the primary technology tools for large corporations looking to leverage their vast customer bases and data warehouses to drive efficiencies and insights. It has now become very important for the service providers to stay updated and implement the latest technologies in their projects that gives a competitive edge to the business of the clients. That is why, in order to stay ahead of the competition, Gagan Arora with his Vertex Group is leveraging AI as an essential tool to unlock a competitive edge in today's accelerating small business landscape. He is ensuring that clients are completely satisfied by communicating with them on a regular basis and listening to their needs and suggestions.

"We feel that employee experience is equivalent to customer experience at Vertex. Because our employees are our face value and represent our company, client satisfaction will naturally follow if they are happy and motivated. To reach the highest level of client happiness, we first ensure that our personnel are entirely satisfied. We have
an internal operation management system that tracks the process work flow and projects the customer satisfaction rate as a result", mentions Gagan Arora, Founder & President, Vertex Group.

Growth Story
Gagan Arora began his career as a Support Executive and at present, he is the Founder & President of Vertex Group with 4000+ employees globally. He always had the zeal to do something of his own from scratch and lead it to a global level. He started his entrepreneurial journey with two people in a small garage in Florida. Gagan Arora has a talent for detecting possibilities and anticipating trends in technology, innovation and advancements. He aimed at how he could facilitate automation businesses with his innovative approach. Starting from Vertex Global Services, he has successfully launched five more verticals in seven locations including the United States, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Nepal, Middle East, and Africa. With a 'never say never' attitude and a strong entrepreneurial heart, he has risen to the prominence of the industry while wearing numerous hats. He follows his four word approach to be Responsible,Responsive, Resilient, and Ethical. He has had a major impact as a Leader/Founder as he has been awarded the Best CEO 7 times and has been instrumental in doing two company acquisitions.

Vertex Group is known to be the best place to work because of its diverse and inclusive culture

Standing Out
The three words that most describe Gagan Arora's entrepreneurial journey are upward, learning, and changing. He was very focused on starting a technological and innovative trend by applying the best of his daily business abilities. He knew the weak points of the industry and made sure to address them directly through his modern approach & skillset. As time goes by, the Founder's responsibilities evolve. Gagan Arora's duties as Founder & President encompass a wide range of duties in addition to overseeing the company's growth and profitability.

Gagan Arora stands out among the leaders due to his wide range of skills and depth of knowledge. He adopted the strategy of Learn & Evolve from anybody at any time. "At Vertex, we have strategies to innovate, something that most companies in the market have overlooked. As a result Vertex Group is known to be the best place to work because of its diverse and inclusive culture. At Vertex each employee is valued for their opinion", states Gagan.