Gaia Trade: A Unique Pharmaceutical Trade and Export of End Formulation Pharmaceuticals

Sanjay Salgaonker , Director & CEO

Sanjay Salgaonker

Director & CEO

The value of the global pharmaceutical market in 2017 stood at $934.8 billion and the industry is set to grow at an increased rate of 5.2 percent and reach a whopping $1170 billion in 2021. With the ever increasing scope and opportunities in the sector this increase in growth percentage has stirred interests in various individuals and companies to shift their focus towards the pharmaceutical industry.

Gaia Trade Pvt. Ltd. a pharmaceutical end formulation trade and export company was founded in 2013 and operating since. Further, with the introduction of New Dynamic Director/CEO Sanjay Salgaonker, the company has been growing exponentially from its main office near Goa airport.

Evolving Above
Gaia Trade was incepted to offer quality pharmaceutical products with a smoother than ever export process. The firms' mission is to provide quality healthcare to all strata of society across the globe. The firm has its strong roots in the domestic Indian pharmaceutical market, and the company caters to various wholesalers, distributors, exporters hospitals, and clinical organizations.

The company Director/CEO Sanjay Salgaonker who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, took the challenges of maintaining a quality supply chain with reasonable pricing to the next level. Now the company offers an unparallel quality of products supply chain speed of delivery at extremely reasonable prices.

A big part of the Gaia's success is due to its staff. The support efficient and sincere staff
members of Gaia Trade manages to strengths the company from the ground level up adding value on a daily base.

Gaia Trade has now developed an impressive portfolio of services and products. Some of the services offered by the company include whole sale supply of pharmaceutical products, temperature control facility and supply solutions end formulation contract and EU GDP practice services.

Gaining strengths from their failures the company has grown stronger and stronger and by using their vast market experience Gaia Trade has now developed an impressive portfolio of services and products

One of the most recognized and praise worthy services offered by Gaia Trade is the global drop ship of orphan medicine. The firm has also grown into one of the top verified sellers offering supreme quality pharmaceutical products, including cancer drugs, apart from supplying conventional medicines and drugs.

Team Gaia Trade

Striving to Evolve as a Global Tycoon
Gaia Trade only offers high quality products and top notch customer services to its chosen clients, and that has been the company's core value since the beginning. This approach has helped the company to become an established pharmaceutical trading company when it comes to exporting pharmaceutical products. Recently the company operation and facility moved near Goa airport to increase the efficiency of their services.

Sanjay Salgaonker has a proven track record of achieving success and recognition in many other organizations. He is an expert in multiple fields, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, natural medicines, and food. With his forward looking approach, he is planning to scale even higher heights with Gaia Trade

Office Location: Goa

Offerings: Global supplier of medicines and worldwide sourcing of orphan medications, wholesale supply of pharmaceutical products, and temperature control facility and supply solutions.