Gamma Agro-Medical Processing: A One-Stop-Shop for Sterilisation & Hygienisation Needs

 Parameshwar Kaginalli , Managing Director

Parameshwar Kaginalli

Managing Director

Over the past few years,the increasing concerns of the food-borne diseases and high food losses from infestation contamination and spoilage has raised the demand for food irradiation processes world wide. Subsequently the global food irradiation market is growing in a rapid state where the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9 per cent over the forecast period to reach $269.139 million by 2023 from $213.998 million in 2017. The Indian market also poses a positive outlook following the on-going Government initiatives such as new regulations in India on food irradiation, enhancement of financial assistance to entrepreneurs and more. Leveraging this opportunity, Gamma Agro Medical Processing Pvt. Ltd. (GAMPPL) a recognized & empanelled Hyderabad based sterilisation specialist, is leading the edge in the food and medical product sterilisation industry with its dedicated gamma radiation based solutions.

Differential Factor
GAMPPL was founded by Parameshwar Kaginalli (Managing Director) an expert who is reckoned for his 40+ years of experience in peaceful uses of atomic energy. It was his brainchild and a dream to offer the best sterilization service to society using the most suitable technology in the industry. Hence, he came up with an idea to start a venture offering Gamma based sterilization services, and incorporated GAMPPL in 2003. In this method, Gamma-rays from Cobal-60 serve as the radiation source and undergo decomposition to release high energy gamma rays. The produced electromagnetic radiation is highly penetrating and can kill spoil age pests & contaminating microorganisms. This facility offers flexibility thus enabling processing of a wide spectrum of products covering various sectors such as Healthcare,Pharma Raw Materials, Neutraceuticals, Herbal, Spices & Condiments and other Agro Produce.

But what makes this method so widely suitable? Indeed, sterilization can be achieved using various other techniques such as Heat Plasma Chemical treatment, and more but there are also some disadvantages to these methods. For instance the heat method that comprises of dry heat and moist heat sterilization technique consumes time because of its slow rate of heat penetration and microbial killing. Also the high temperature is not suitable for most materials(plastic & rubber). The Plasma method is inefficient for liquids,
powders, and strong absorbers and requires specific synthetic packaging of the load. Similarly the main disadvantages associated with chemical treatment (ETO method) are its potential hazards to patients and staff and environment. It leaves toxic residue in the product which can cause haemolysis and subsequent morbidity to an individual while coming into its contact.

GAMPPL has a leading edge in the food and medical product sterilisation industry with its dedicated gamma radiation-based solutions

Here is where the Gamma irradiation method excels over the other sterilization methods. "This is the only ecofriendly method available today unlike heat, Ethylene oxide(ETO) fumigates. The process does not alter the freshness like character & leaves no remnantresidues in the product," states Parameshwar. In this method, products of any shape & size in pre-packed condition can be processed due to its high penetrating nature, which ensures a bill of clean health in the product being processed. It does not require power to generate radiation it is required to move the products. Hence, it is a versatile tool to ensure food safety and security and to ensure health and hygiene.

Currently the array of services offered by GAMPPL includes food products sterilization medical & healthcare products sterilization, research in radiation processing technology and any other special purpose irradiation services. Some of the medical & healthcare products that the company deals with are isopropyl alcohol prep pads, oral & polio droppers, plastic based vaccine containers, closure & caps, flip off seals & rubber bungs, cotton bandages, surgical preparation & delivery kits, vacuum suckers for blood examinations rubber gloves, and more. In the food segment the firm deals with products like chilli powder herbal powders naturally ready to consume products lab animal feeds and more.

Quality as-well-as Safety
When it comes to safety the word compromise is ruled out. With nothing less than ideal as the goal GAMPPL maintains impeccable quality control with impregnable safety standards. From the point the material arrives in its facility to dispatching the goods from our facility post irradiation the firm keeps a controlled check on the proceedings. Moreover to ensure the safety of the employees the unit is designed & built focusing on inherent safety. The source while in operating condition is shielded with the six feet thick concrete shell.

Being approved by AERB(Atomic Energy Regulatory Board), TSPCB(Telangana State Pollution Control Board), and Drug control Authority, as well as holding the certification of ISO 9001:2015, GAMPPL strives to achieve excellence in providing sterilisation services in the industry.

Future Roadmap
Witnessing a substantial growth while achieving Rs.5.5 crore as revenue for the last year, GAMPPL is well focused to develop as an organization by excelling in what it is doing. Alongside the firm has attained strong customer loyalty leading to repeat business and long term growth. "We have plans for expanding our presence in the coming future. For that, we have entered into an MOU to establish a plant in Bangalore as we are getting a large volume of products from that region,"concludes Parameshwar.

An expert with 30+ years of experience in atomic energy applications, Parameshwar is a sole entrepreneur in Telangana who is leading the sterilization industry with a dedicated aim.

Offices: Hyderabad

Offerings: Sterilization of food, medical & healthcare products and more