GAVS Technologies: Sharpening Skills & Ensuring Contribution towards Futuristic Technologies

Sumit Ganguli,CEOIn today’s information age, employees fancy an ideal company which endeavors to engender a fun work culture, career enhancement and a sound work-life balance. But unfortunately, a perfect blend of these ingredients is scant, where many-a-time, tight schedules and long working hours become an inconvenient mandate in the journey towards the company's success. Presently, even large IT Enterprises fall short of providing these facilities to their employees in order to make the workplace better. However, New Jersey-based GAVS Technologies N.A.,Inc.– one of the fastest growing global IT services & solutions provider has been instrumental in redefining and breaking paradigms..

This award-winning company indulges in a combination of services & solutions aligned with strategic & latest technologies, which utilizes the company’s experience and global resources to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its clients. This significantly helps GAVSians, as they are able to work and contribute towards futuristic technologies and are pushed to learn new skills every day that is relevant to the Industry.

GAVS’ culture, policies & programs are built on RITE values, which forms the company’s DNA, both internally (R: Respect, I:Integrity, T: Teamwork and E: Empathy), and reflects in client-relationships (R: Responsive, I: Innovative, T: Trustworthy and E: Engaging). It’s happily inherited by all its employees.

Core Expertise
GAVS stands out in the crowd with its unique hiring concept,‘SWAT Quotient’ (Smart, Hardworking, Articulate, & Technologically Curious). The dynamic technology-requirement posted on various portals and its solutions- Zero Incident Framework that enables an IT Enterprise trend towards zero outages - have attracted many experienced resources from top organizations to explore opportunities in this company seeing it as an opportunity to work with the upcoming and futuristic technologies. It also has a nearly 50 percent of the recruitment
completed via employee referrals, which is a direct implication of its employee-sat. In addition, the company’s frequent Alumni meets have been highly successful in bringing some of the resources back home.

“Via SWAT, we appoint candidates based on job description, competencies, experience and clinical analytics irrespective of fresher and experienced candidates,” adds Ruth, Head - HR, GAVS Technologies. At GAVS, each & every team has a blend of fresher and experienced employees in a ratio of 1:10.

Newbees joining the team are trained rigorously via classroom & virtual sessions by partnership networks that live and breathe IT

New bees joining the team are trained rigorously via classroom & virtual sessions by partnership networks that live and breathe IT. On the functional side, the company’s in-house Learning Academy fulfills all the internal & external learning needs by educating employees on different streams of IT solutions & services, the training and courses are customized and tailored according to the client’s requirement.

The firm encourages employees to reinvigorate themselves thru fun-filled activities where each participant is honored with G-points (through its gamification program), which they can redeem to buy merchandize from the company’s online gift store.

GAVS has been quite successful in understanding its employees’ emotions and substantiating it with various benefits. For instance, it has an in-house antenatal program called ‘The Bloom’, which provides expectant mothers with various medical facilities, additional breaks, comfortable furniture, and surprise gifts that brighten up their days.

One Big Family
GAVSian families are invited for the annual award ceremony as the company believes that the ardent family-support is of paramount importance, and their applause alongside colleagues’ appreciation is priceless. Several competitions are conducted for families and an appreciation note is sent thanking them for all their support that they extended to employees working towards the growth of the organization.

“When we think 'one big family',we are constantly reaching out to our
extended families who are families
of GAVSians –

When an employee gets a Star award or when a team is awarded a Star Team award, we send out personalized letters to the family members at their residence thus celebrating the accomplishment along with them,” says Ruth

The Leadership at GAVS makes it a point to be part of employee induction, this is a big hit at GAVS as the newcomers start interacting with the Leadership from the very beginning,and get to realize for themselves how flat an organization GAVS is. Following this, the Leadership has lunch with the new inductees to continue the connect.

Every quarter the Leadership rolls up their sleeves and gets behind the lunch and dinner counters to serve lunch to the employees. It is fun time for the Leaders and they see this as particularly pleasurable when they serve lunch/dinner and thank each employee for their contribution and choosing GAVS as their preferred place of employment.

When a GAVSian is ill or hospitalized, the HR visit their residence or hospital to spend time with them, the huge bouquet of fruits and flowers and the endearing ‘get-well’ card usually brings a big warm smile to their faces!

GAVS commitment to Innovation
In its quest to enable automationled digital transformation, GAVS is committed to evolve as a key innovation and IP led company and believes that the linchpin to this aspiration is a strong and vibrant Industry and Academia collaboration. GAVS has partnered with IIT Madras’ Robert Bosch Innovation Center to work on Reinforced Machine Learning Algorithms for AI. They also have strategic partnership with Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM) & KCG College of Technology with the purpose and objective to be able to build a world-leading technology solutions. GAVS intends to promote a culture of Management mentorship, the collaboration works to go beyond formal academic boundaries, it breaks the traditional and have students more job ready and their skills more industry relevant.

“Being a GAVSian, you would represent our cutting edge in technological advancement while we help you hone yourself into the person you aspire to be. That’s the level of personal interest we invest in you,” says Rao Haridasu, Head – Solutions & Strategy.

Key Management
Sumit Ganguli, CEO