Geosolution: Go-To Destination For Accurate Geo Analysis & Investigation

Indrajit Batabyal, DirectorSince the time of the cholera outbreak in 1832 when the first geospatial application was coined to present the COVID pandemic after 200 years, the advancement in the construction segment is humungous. Geological Engineering as a sector is brimming with a scope and welcoming corporate players. Among plentiful players in the market, it is crucial to choose a brand that gives you precise analysis and helps to make the perfect decision on urban planning, agriculture, infrastructure development, construction, transportation, and more. The right choice for the end-to-end survey, analysis, and details on geological data is the leading Surveys Consultant and Solution Provider is Geosolution Proservices.

High Quality And Timely Services
GeoSolution offers geological engineering services such as pre-project surveys & investigations. It is a knowledge-based, action-oriented, and value-driven organization poised to act as a solution provider in the niche. Since its inception in February 2000, the company has been guided by real-world requirements in the field of Topographical Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology and Geophysics, Geohydrology, and Hydrology.

peaking of the company's services the Director, Indrajit Batabyal says, "All major construction activities require survey and investigation; however, the type of survey depends on construction requirement.Broadly there is topographical &contour survey, geotechnical & geological survey, hydrological & bathymetric survey, and groundwater survey.All above surveys could be clubbed under Geological Engineering Service, which deals with surface and subsurface activities on the earth.

We are a company delivering above services for more than last twenty years, we are having all equipment/instruments backed up by latest technology, our own laboratory facilities and above all we are having a great
technical team."The company emphasizes quality & delivery, - technically sound service in the minimum possible time. Standing ahead of the curve, the company provides highly customized solutions based on proven reliability in order to respond promptly and efficiently to the customers' needs. "Our tagline goes as `WE UNDERSTAND THE EARTH BETTER' ­ this is our USP.

We have been successful in catering to our client's needs seamlessly for the last twenty years. Our clientele is industry & infrastructure, and we operate in the 'private sector', and surviving in the private sector needs quality and commitment. Our projects are generally short-lived and we work in very tough site conditions.

Geosolution is currently operating at a PAN INDIA level and looks forward to focusing on the global market including Africa, Asia, and other parts of the developing world

Our field staffs are very dedicated and committed and moreover, we do the pre-project study very minutely to understand the need of the client," Indrajit highlights the USP of the brand.Sharing about some of the challenges face during the journey Indrajit says, "Our technical challenges are tremendous, because we are the first technical team at the project site and we face rugged and tough site conditions and sometimes people outrage (mainly due to land accusation problems). We generate design data for the Engineering consultant.Technical challenges increase due remoteness of site and inaccessibility.

"Adding to the long list of its milestones, Geosolution has successfully mitigated drinking water/irrigation problems in a few states and played a major role in setting up a primary source-based Steel Plant in Ethiopia by locating suitable iron ore deposits. It has also designed a non-metallic boring cum sampling equipment required for research work done by IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research), Kolkata. The company was associated with setting up of numerous new industries in Eastern India, during the industrial boom period (2002-2010) where there is an industrial venture in steel & power sector, Geosolution is the surveyor & investigator.

More Milestones
• Geosolution is a geotechnical and geological explorer for 19 Tunnels in Silchar ­ Aizawl railway line project linking the furthest capital of India to Railway network.

• Geotechnical and geological explorer for various Tunnels and bridges in Guwahati ­ Shillong railway line.

• Surveyor for Final Location Survey of Pasighat ­ ParasRamKund new Railway line project, it's a strategic line through dense and inaccessible forests of Arunachal Pradesh crossing numerous very big rivers many elephant corridors ­ real life adventure.

• Pre-feasibility stage survey and investigator for the upcoming Tajpur Deep Sea Draft Port project, the current flagship project of West Bengal Govt.

• Associated with setting up a primary source-based Steel Plant in Ethiopia by locating suitable iron ore deposit.