GETINZ: Innovative, Suitable & Result-Oriented Services In Leadership Hiring

Sri Krishna, Surya Narayanan & Mrithyunjai Prakash,Co-Founders

Sri Krishna,Surya Narayananv & Mrithyunjai Prakash


The idea behind Getinz was conceptualized in a summer evening at the roof top with six people while discussing generally general entrepreneurship. It was a sheer coincidence that the discussion eventually turned out to be a business plan - to support fresher and to provide them with a unique solution. Surya Narayanan was from a HR background working in a technologically innovative company. He came up with an interesting mobile app concept like Uber for jobs. “We all were working on the idea every day and at the same time focusing on our full-time jobs. More over, we were new to the domain and investors were not quite convinced with our idea. But we did our best to catch the market. We continued guiding the fresher via Facebook, WhatsApp groups and other mediums,” speaks SK(Sri Krishna).

Soon, they quit their jobs to pursue dreams and within few days acquired an exciting proposal from a Ukraine recruitment firm to hire a Director of Engg for their Indian client. The budget was about 100K $. “After working with them and other clients of senior levels, we understood the core value of this market and about this opportunity. This marked the beginning of our journey,” says Surya.

Started by a group of highly zealous and experienced engineers who wanted to change the way businesses look at Recruitment, Getinz mostly engages with clients and
stakeholders to discuss their needs and expectations. The company strives to offer top-notch executive search service solutions to businesses. Mrithyunjai explicates, “Our mission as a successful executive search consulting company is to offer clients with the most innovative, suitable, and result-oriented services. We have supported many businesses in establishing a full-fledged environment to streamline their business operations and customer relations all using one simple platform.”

" Getinz strives to offer top-notch executive search service solutions to businesses"

What’s Unique?
Team Getinz has always emphasized adding value to their clients’ businesses by providing them exceeding service solutions that enhance work-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall business growth. Our 2 mantra's Fail asap, learn asap, earn asap Eat Sleep Recruit. They provide tailor-made coaching programs for the recruiters. “We use reverse BRAIN DRAIN methodology. We invest time in understanding our clients’ unique business needs to come up with personalized solutions for business success,” surya avers.

At present, Getinz provides Leadership (CXO)hiring and permanent staffing to their clients. “We have different types of people handling capacities accordingly. We build a smooth business relationship and a strong network for active job seekers' mid and senior levels. Getinz is able to deliver any level of candidature in less turn-around time.

The company is further building software in Robotic Process Automation to make its day to day work automatic – in order to conserve time. “Also, we are planning to build software to take up interview using virtual reality /augmented reality platform to increase the candidate engagement and cut off the fake candidates and duplicates,”.
Since inception, team Getinz has evolved with self-learning. This year the company has been flourished with well-reputed clients giving it key positions. Hiring right people is important for any organization, we are assigned to provide right people for our clients by keeping their business goals in our minds. Hiring any leaders for any organization is not going to change his/ her own life, it will change organization and each and every employee depends with the organization “We are expecting our revenue crossing two cr this financial year. With the expected revenue, in the coming years, Getinz will begin new operations in Singapore and UAE.

Industry it Serves
Information Technology
SAAS, Cloud Technologies, Hardware Offerings, Development, R&D, Analytics, E-commerce

Engineering & Industrial
Industrial Automation, Robotics, Internet of Things, power, process /discrete manufacturing

Oil & Energy
Wind/solar, thermal – oil/gas, generation & distribution

Mobility Services, Land Telephony, Internet Service Providers, Equipment and Infrastructure Providers

Medical & Clinical Research
Pharmaceuticals, R&D, Biotechnology, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Consumer Healthcare Products and Services

Mechanical & Automobile
Passenger/Commercial Vehicles, Automotive Components, Proprietary Components

Financial Services
Banks, Insurance Companies, NBFC, PE Funds, Corporate Finance

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management,Fleet Management, Logistic Operations Management